Ive met two shorter girls with a huge complex about their height. Why do girls even care?

Ive met two shorter girls with a huge complex about their height. Why do girls even care?

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We point it out cause being short is cute. Girls aren't actually insecure about height unless they're like 4'5 or something.

Depends on what kind of aeshtetic they're going for.
I like very tall, skinny and petite girls with no tits and being 5'3", bit thicc (>inb4 fat I'm like 125 lbs) with huge tits isn't my thing.
My boyfriend loves it, other guys like it, but I hate it.

Because, believe it or not, sometimes women feel like shit about themselves for odd reasons too. The big shocker of the day is that women have self-esteem problems just like men and, just like men, sometimes those self-esteem problems are irrational. Everyone understands the concept perfectly well that just because we look at someone and don't see anything wrong with them doesn't mean they look in the mirror and see the same thing. The way people feel about themselves frequently has absolutely nothing to do with other people's opinion of them.

yeah I find it odd too. Just yesterday day this girl next to me said something like "oh my gawd I wish I was taller wahh". Shes like 5'5
5'5 is right around perfect height for a girl imo

Short girls are treated less respectfully in the workforce and they get passed over for taller women's opinions. When a girls younger sister or brother is taller and they assume they're the "leader" it's disheartening. Nobody listened to my ex at work because she was shorter even though she had more experience. Dating doesn't matter.

They don't, they WANT to be short because it's "cute", they just act like they don't like it so they can humble brag about being tiny while not looking like they're flexing.

Like most liberated sluts they act like bad copies of men. Kind of like manlets so it's quite ironic

I don't know.
I tease them mercilessly for it, but deep down I really adore shorter women. I like feeling needed, so when she needs help reaching the top of something, or when she needs someone to save her because she tried to pick up too much and a stack of shit is getting ready to topple, it kind of makes my day and pulls me to her.

I'm probably just a freak, though.

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They want to be taken seriously but they are so tiny, you can't even help but patronize them.

My manager is a woman who's like 5' 2" or something, she literally commands more respect than anyone else in my workplace except when even higher-up folks walk in.

Not because of her height, but in spite of it.
Fact is, tiny people fight an uphill battle when it comes to being taken seriously.

Honestly the only people I know who care this much about height are guys who are average and below. I'll admit I'm like 5' 6", but the only guys who have mentioned it are in the 5' 7"-5' 9" range, as if they need to compare themselves to an even shorter dude to feel better.

This is one of the best "advices" I`ve seen on here in years.

I love you.

Tiny people are literally inferior, no offense shorty. Tall men make 20% more get 1000% more pussy
Short men make 20% less and get used up and leftovers.

Mark Zuckerberg, Jeph Bezos, Vladimit Putin. All 5' 7" and below, all exponentially more rich and powerful than Tyler who is 6' 1" and works at McDonalds. Suck a dick

Hitler was 5'9"

Shorter men are more physically attractive and get more girls, this has been proven over and over again. Virgin men are taller than average. Think about it, you are 6'3", a NEET, and have never kissed a girl.

And he had premarital sex.

>A survey of Fortune 500 CEO height revealed that they were on average 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m) tall

>A survey of Badoo heights revealed 5'8" to be the most attractive male height, with no height above 6' being in the top ranked buckets of attractiveness

How does that disprove my point? Most rich/ successful people are tall, short men make less money.

You were just proven wrong, what are you talking about? Tall men do not get 1000% more pussy. In fact they get less.

I'm not the same person. I only posted the fact that tall people make more money.

Then it's pretty well known fact that taller people are more attractive. Serious research shows how taller men are more likely to reproduce, have more children, get married, etc.
I know you read the badoo survey, but there's really extensive research on the topic that all agrees on the fact that in the western world being (reasonably) tall = being hot for a man.

>Tall men make 20% more get 1000% more pussy
Shut the fuck up, being tall does not compensate for being ugly or a lanklet. I’m 6’3” and two of my friends are 5’10, another 5”9 and they got more pussy than me because they have better bodies and work out

Source: your ass. You're acting like one of those bitter virgin lanklets in denial.

There's a ton of scientific research about it, literally just google it.
If you're too lazy to do it, I'll give you two examples:

Here about how dutch people grew 20 cm in 150 years because their women didn't fuck short people:

Here about how short men need to have a higher income to be as attractive as a taller guy:
>Using regression-based labor analysis, Ariely discovered that the most attractive quality in men was height. In fact, for a 5’ 9” man to be equally attractive to a 5’ 10” man, he would have to make $40,000 more in salary per year.

I‘m 5‘1 and it is often a disadvantage.
I‘m 30 and i still get mistaken for a teenager. Sure, sometimes that‘s ok but often it is pretty degrading.
I also feel like i‘ll never be taken as seriously as a woman who‘s 5‘5 and more. It feels like only being half an adult, which sometimes just isn't what you need.
You see, being seen as „cute“ is not always what one wants. Maybe i’d rather be seen as capable and competent. Ofc people see that i am not only cute but also someone they can take serious after they get to know me. But some days i just rather not deal with people‘s prejudice about me just being tiny, cute, adorable, anything but someone who isn‘t a real life loli. And the older you get the more you tend to not want to get reduced to some sexual fantasy.

First source has nothing to do with the subject, second is pure garbage in, garbage out stats. Why are you so afraid and angry? You're 6'3" and have never kissed a girl. Shouldn't you be getting mad pussy?

It literally is the subject. Dutch people grew taller because women went for taller men, who reproduced more and had more children. Hence the population who is a lot taller than average.

>second is pure garbage in, garbage out stats.
I'm sure that duke researchers are worse at stats than badoo.

>Why are you so afraid and angry?
I'm neither afraid or angry. I'm a 5'7" girl. I just like stats.
I also think that the whole "height doesn't matter at all! No one cares" is intellectually dishonest.

This guy again. He trolls height threads on Jow Forums and always has the same shtick. He pretends to be a girl and keeps saying how height is the one and only important trait in males and that only tall males are attractive.

I am saying that being tall as a guy makes you more attractive. Which is undeniable.
It's not the only important trait, and being short doesn't mean you can't get laid ever. I never said that.

Again, if you can't make an argument you don't need to call me a troll.

It gets boring looking people in the crotch all the time

because they can't pull off sick moves like this to destroy manlets

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