If you knew nothing about a man other than the fact that he was a 26 year old virgin, would you think he's a loser...

If you knew nothing about a man other than the fact that he was a 26 year old virgin, would you think he's a loser? Why or why not?

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id think no.
if he existed in 2019, probably
if he didnt care about anything aside from the fact hes a virgin, yes

I know he's a loser. Either a religious fag or can't get laid. Unforgivable in 2019 with tinder and whores everywhere.

If I were attracted to him, I'd try to touch his butt.

Nah, mans 26. He has time to fuck up and shit before he is 30.

I wouldn't give a shit if they were 90 year old virgin but I'm a guy so my answer is probably invalid.

Yeah, guys' and girls' standards are worlds apart. Shut the fuck up, incel

Well I'm real, and I exist in 2019. Trust me, I'm not proud of it. It's not all I care about, but I'd like to not die a virgin that nobody wants to be with.

Male virgins are disgusting. Full stop. If you haven't lost it by 19, you're a fucking failure. Do everyone a favor and off yourself.

Not exactly, but I'd be able to sense his insecurity and run away.

Oh okay.

(I guess this post means I should stop visiting this website, lol)

Yeah, please do.

Why so hostile? Honest question.

Shit bait virgin.

Because you people are genetic failures and a waste of space. There's no room for you in the future

Why a genetic failure? Couldn't something else contribute to male virginity, you think?

Nobody actually gives a fuck if your benis has been in a vageen. If it is that important to you just go and fuck a whore or just lie and say you fucked a whore at some point.
26 is still young, btw.

Dunno man, somebody warned me about this girl who ghosted a guy because he was a virgin before they hooked up.

Not really, no. A person's purpose is to breed, which involves sex. If you can get sex, you can breed, and are therefore useless. Fuck off

If he has his ducks in a row, it doesn’t matter if he’s a virgin.

If it really matters I will just kill myself.

This kind of mentality is exactly why deadbeats have kids before leaving the wife to take care of them, and they grow up basically bastards with no strong male role models, causing the girls to seek shitty men as partners and boys to feel lost and end up virgins with intimacy issues or worse, school shooters/homicidal maniacs.

I don't know any of my girl friends (as a girl) who would willingly fuck a virgin over 20 years old. We all usually have a good laugh when someone tells us a guy is a virgin. You have to be a real sad sack of shit to be a virgin today. Please, kill yourself

How do you get them in a row?

You're trying too hard.

No, unless he's black, cuz muh dik

Fuck off, incel. Grown ups are talking

Job, stable living environment, vehicle in an area where that is required, good health

I know you are joking but I can't help but wonder if you are right.

I have all these, but I'm short. I know that's not a problem tho, I probably just need to meet more women.


I'm not joking. You really need to die, and it's unfortunate but true. Sorry you failed to mature

That's kinda superficial and she is probably not worth dating anyway

Maybe, I mean people are allowed to have preferences. But this sounds like such a strange standard to have, is it implies n=1 where n is the number of times sex was had, is automatically going to transform any man into a sex deviant. Her reasoning was that she didn't have time to 'teach someone', as if you wouldn't begin the relationship learning what the other person likes and trying to please one another. So yeah when you put it that way, probably not worth someone who won't make the effort.

Does he make a huge deal out of it like a religionfag or incel?
If not, then no. He’s just a dude who hasn’t put his duck in a vagina yet for whatever reason. So what?

You will be chasing these losers in 10 years roast

Sex isn't the end all be all. I'm not virgin, I've been with a few women. I choose these days to mostly pursue other interests. If I find a girl who isn't a vapid slut I'll consider but most in my area are shit or obese.

I work more on my writing and personal projects and get more satisfaction from them.

I do creative stuff on the side, mainly photography, and desu I don't know if I would be as interested in a woman for something other than sex, as I would be in my passions. Like, what are the chances I just bust a nut and then just want to be alone? And I don't wanna be a heartbreaker, so even women who seem interested I act pretty carefully around. I just don't know anymore.

Most realistic answer is that most will not really see much in that in itself, but are probably uninterrested in a hookup with someone who will probably not be good the first time and may dislike a lot of the reasons why someone may be a virgin.
Of course that's not a death sentence especially if the underlying reasons are fixed. (Like becoming less shy, getting your shit together.etc...)

If western yes.
30 virgin in turkey is not unusual but they are normal.
..those dudes can smash here but culture plays a role

I only think you're a loser if you base your personality around your virginity and refuse to do anything to try and improve your self image and your social behavior

do you still masturbate?

Many PhD students in stem fields are 25 and over and are virgins. Are they losers?

I wish I was still a Virgin.
It’s all about the individuals perception and the way they carry themselves / view themselves.

After my first experience at 14 all I really cared about since than when around a girl that sincerely likes me is busting a nut. I don’t try to connect or have meaningful relationships with girls because all I care about is how I’m going to use them.

This would not of happened if I waited until I had my own house / money / and resources.

The opposite of my situation though is dead ass falling in love with the first woman who gets my dick wet hypothetically at 26.

It all depends on who you are you’ll get a lot of different answers but in this society you will be mocked and made fun of if you let others know you haven’t fucked despite any reasoning logic or statistics you say to them because that’s just the way it goes bud.