Love and shit

My crush got hooked up.

Now I'm fucked up.

Does it get better?

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one dude ive had a crush on and the other is a good friend

they announced they were together and my insides felt like they got put inside a sausage grinder

what do

How long have you known them for?

Accept your new reality.

I'm 27. I found out my crush had a boyfriend when I was 17. Saw her kiss him in the hall between classes. It doesn't get better, it just hurts differently.

OP here, does it get better if you get a gf that isn't your crush

It really depends on how much you liked the first person and for what reasons.
Chances are, they are irreplaceable and there will always be a hole in your heart from the unrequited love and the feeling of having missed out on something better than what you have, even if you find someone else. After all, you're settling for second place when you find someone else, even if they end up being better. Because if you had gotten what you wanted, you wouldn't be with someone else in the first place, right?

So no, it doesn't. But like with any kind of loss, you just learn to cope with it and try to let the positives outweigh those feelings. This is your life now, see

I have to spend 2 more years with my crush and the guy she's hooking up within the same college program. I try to avoid her like the plague, but we coincidentally keep bumping into each other because we were rather close friends at first.

My newly found ex girlfriend had 2 other boyfriends, shes been living with her plug for about a month, and didn't let me know until one of them found out about me after saying he fucked her last Sunday,

Sometimes u gotta let reality slap you in the face and let it burn man, that's all you can do.

Did you ever ask her out or where you assuming if you waited long enough without making a move she would randomly declare that she was in love with you?

There are 3.5 billion women on this planet

Even the harshest critic would find 10 million+ attractive and dateable

Move the fuck on

I didn't ask them out, but I planned to... Eventually. Yeah, generic faggot response, I get it.

Well at the very least you will (hopefully) learn from your mistake and grow as a person. Nothing you can really do about it other that start looking for a new girl.

It's not always about finding someone dateable or attractive. That's not the hard part.
Have you ever been in a meaningful relationship? You don't just move on from that or find a replacement. If you could, it wouldn't have been meaningful in the first place.

Could I still remain friends with them? Both parties here still enjoy my company as friends, even after I confessed having a crush for them. I don't want to throw away that relationship, but I don't know if I can handle the pain and suppressed jealousy.

We still communicate regularly. But it hurts.

Yea. I have been there. It hurt real bad for a while and then started hurting less. Then I moved on and got my own girlfriend and now it doesn't hurt at all and I am glad we are still friends.

That's easily the hardest question.
I'll tell you right now that the pain won't magically go away regardless of whether or not you stay. It'll even get worse; if them simply dating hurts you this badly, how do you think you'll feel when he proposes? When they get married? When they move in together and have a kid and grow old together and die?

If you can endure going through all that and watching your love live their life happily without you, then do it. But if the pain is too much and it's getting in the way of you living your own life and moving on, then you should cut them out before you get hurt even harder.

I didn't even know I had a crush on them until it was too late. Before this, I've never had any meaningful relationship with the person I was crushing on, just liked how they looked. This blindsided me. Didn't realize it until they posted their relationship status and I just felt dead.

Fuck, I hate human brain chemistry. I wish we could just be happy with a body pillow or some shit.

Don't worry about it and don't talk about it.

Your crush shouldn't be thought about because they are likely not the real reason why you are feeling down.

Crushes are exciting and fun, and among the most enticing distractions for anybody whose feeling upset about something else.

The mind thinks to itself, "If I just had this thing, then I wouldn't have to worry about that other thing that's been eating at me since before the crush even began."

Posed in the form of a question, would a more detailed explanation be, "Why should I forget about that good-feeling crush when the alternative is facing my own nasty issues?"

The answer is to advance beyond that behavior.
I hope this helps you.

How would I go about finding out what these issues are? Because I repress 90% of all of my problems and I don't know which specific one is causing this problem

Cleanse your mind of the crush.
It shouldn't take longer than about two weeks before you're laughing again and right back to normal, if not better than ever.

It is liberating to know that their life is not your concern anymore. It's liberating to know that this person does not have anything of interest to offer anymore.

Once you feel free of the crush, you won't be thinking about what's wrong anymore.

You'll know everything is alright when the day comes that you suddenly ask yourself, "You know what sounds like fun?..."

...and fun you shall have again

As great as that sounds, how do you do that when this person is your best friend of over a decade? Someone you literally grew up with, that shaped you and who you are as a person? Someone who, for all intents and purposes, has been the reason you've kept going for as long as you have?

Not the person you're responding to, but it's been two months and I can't move on or get over it. It might be because I'm still talking to him, but I can't bring myself to cut my best friend out of my life.

You're confusing a relationship with a crush, he said crush, not a gf of 5 years or something

OP, having a "crush" is a very childish approach to romance.

Quit getting hung up on people you're not in a relationship with.

If you were never with them, you're just shitting on yourself for no reason.

Besides, there are many more and better people available, I promise.