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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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My boyfriend is picture perfect, but I'm thinking it's a guise. How can catch him out of character?

Girls, how long do you usually date before you have sex, I know it depends on the guy and the circumstances, but generally speaking, how many dates do you usually take?
I don't want to put pressure at all, but I would feel kinda awkward inviting her to my place after/before every single date and her declining like 3 times in a row.

Guys, when dating someone, how do I make sure the girl is sexually attracted to me?
I went for the kiss on the first date and got another date lined up, but we text some in between and she doesn't really react much to my more sexually charged comments and doesn't get sexual from her side at all despite me throwing her some easy balls.
I am not being creepy about it, I keep it playful and light on the innuendo. She just carries on the convo though, without much if any reaction.

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I think I fucked up.

>Coworker I have a crush on at work tells me about a shitty work situation with another coworker being a dick/unhelpful.
>Said coworker is part of my team.
>Offhandedly mention it to my boss a few days later, not in any detail, just that said person had a complaint.
>Tell crush over snap that I plan to bring it up in our weekly meeting.
>She gets pissed at me.

Is this a situation where she just wanted to vent and didn't want action?

Why do girls on dating sites stop talking, but don't unmatch/block? Am I the plan B (more like plan Z)?

Yea I made a thread too but this board is kind of dead besides the main generals

I'm still on the fence about what to do but I'm leaning more to the side of giving up on this. Looking at the situation from a logical view point that would be the smart thing to do, but I am dying on the inside. I have to see him almost everyday and it kills me!

I either need to get over it or learn to handle humiliation and rejection. Is rejection really worth ending the what if feeling?

So here the stitch

>I'm always the initiator in the few conversations we had
>He might be possibly leaving the area after graduation (not sure desu)
>We didn't match on tinder.
>Not the same race (neither of us are white though)
>I avoid him and make awkward eye contact
>Share multiple classes together
>Semester is almost over (5 weeks)
>His friends seem mean
>I don't know him at all

Okay heres what is keeping me on the fence, it's not a lot by I'm clinging on to it
>Was really nice to me when we talked (probably just a nice person though)
>Use to stare at me in class before I started avoiding him
>Seemed sort of nervous and smiled when I complimented him (not on looks though)

I know, if you want to know if someone likes you then ask them. I'm aware but If everything is saying don't bother what should I do? I can't live like this anymore. When the semester is over I will be plagued by the what if feeling, I just know it. Should I ask him out on the very last day of finals?

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Ask him for coffee the very next time you see him
No buts no excuses just do it or always regret and wonder

Why does my male friend want to sleep in my bed?

To explain

>me and this guy are almost best friends for nearly 2 years now
>After a few months of when we first started hanging out I got a crush on him
>crush became bigger when he kissed me once
>eventually he rejected me, much later he said the kiss didn't feel right
>surprisingly got over him very quick, we remained friends no problem
>this was like a year ago or even more btw, since then dated other men
>fastforward to last Friday, go out with friends, we got drunk
>me and flatmate have people over, he comes too, we're all in my room
>at the end he exclaims he's too tired to go home, and asks if he can sleep in my bed since other people were going to stay too and they took over the couch
>ok fine, I trust him
>indeed nothing weird happens
>Yesterday friends go out and get fucked up, they all come back to ours again so I hang out with them a bit
>friend begs to sleep in my bed again, this time he sleeps in only his underwear even, but I accept it and sleep next to him

I don't get it, what's up with him? He didn't do anything inappropriate either times and I have zero feelings for him and feel like I'm sharing a bed with my brother, but I recognise how weird this is. Is it really out of convenience or is he trying something?

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What do you do when you get to the point in a relationship where you run out of date ideas? Honestly I kind of want to get her into sports and exercise but idk if she'll go for it.

I did something really embarrassing around this girl I like. I feel really embarrassed right now. How do I get over this feeling of humiliation?

Just hang out normally like you would with your fri ends. You dont have to reinvent the wheel every time.

>like you would with your fri ends
>beer, vidya and going to Chinatown and eating weird shit
Problem here is she doesn't drink, play vidya or like trying new foods. Our latest hangouts have mostly been getting fast food and then cuddling/fucking for hours while watching sitcoms.

Clearly there must be a reason you think this. Your instincts are telling you not to trust him. Look deeper and ask yourself why this is. Is it something he said or did before? Reflecting on this will help you figure out why you feel this way and whether you should stay with him or leave.

You'll be fine. She already forgot about it.

Not worth the effort if you're already scrolled by other matches.

> only in his underwear
This should've been the tip off. He knows exactly what he's doing. I can't tell you *exactly* what he was thinking. Maybe sex, maybe just cuddling/intimacy in general. Maybe he wanted to see if you were still attracted to him and if you would make a move. But no dude gets into bed with a girl in just his underwear if he doesn't have some kind of feelings for her.

sometimes girls just want you to listen and not act.

Thanks. I just really like her and I want her to think I’m cool.

What does it mean if a girl asked to reschedule our second date, then left me completely hanging for a week, and is now just texting me about what the fuck ever?

I'm super annoyed. I don't know if I should ask her back out or even bother.

Is she still texting you first? If she is then she probably isn't trying to ghost you.

Ask her out one final time. If she ignores you or cancels again, drop her.
Some women willfully do this to keep orbiters around. Do not fall for it.

dance with girl at party
>she’s sober, I’ve had a few beers
>she starts making very unsubtle sexual innuendos to do with getting wet
>we make out and she gives me a blowjob
>make out some more, put hands down her panties, start moving towards fingering her
>tells me to stop
>I do
>rejoins her friends at bus stop
>I sit next to her on bus back from party to uni
>trying to reignite the spark, maybe have sex
>she complements my hair, strokes it
>we make out some more
>get off at same bus stop
>says she should be heading back
>go in for more making out
>she doesn’t protest, kisses me back, we make out and touch each other up some more
>she’s walking to get her bike
>talking about movies and sexuality and stuff, conversation is light and humorous
>as she’s leaving I go in for another make out session, she reciprocates again
>eventually says she should go again
>tells me she’ll be breaking up with her gf in about a week
> I’m getting desperate at this point, not in an angry way though, just kind of pathetic, not raising my voice or being imposing or anything, just prolonging the conversation
>ask to have a go on her bike cause I haven’t cycled in ages, cycle it around the car park a few times
>ask again if she could smuggle me into her dorm
>says she can’t
>ask again if it’s something I’ve done
>says it isn’t, flirtatiously says she may see me again when I ask her
>leave her to go

This happened six months ago. I see her around on campus, and we don’t acknowledge each other. I just feel awful about it, and I worry she views me as a creepy rapist/sexual assaulter. I’m literallly depriving myself of sleep because of the stress every time I see her on campus, it’s killing me. I want to go up to her and apologise for being so weird that night. What do I do? Can I move on with my life? Am I likely to have a reputation as a sex offender on campus?

Maybe it means she is fucking busy of stressed out right now and you should let her reschedule it when she's damn good and ready. You can inform her that's what you are doing in case she wants you to make a move. Remind her that the ball is in her court.

Thanks, I hope he doesn't try this again another time... I don't understand him a lot of the times. He'll make comments and talk to me about his love life but get visibly uncomfortable if I talk about other men and even acts a bit jealous when I'm with a guy.

Not gonna lie, he's quite annoying and immature sometimes so I'm glad nothing happened between us further than a kiss so I'd rather keep it that way too.

sigh bump

> acts a bit jealous when I'm with a guy
This seals it. He 100% likes you. If he flirts with you again, be up front with him and say you aren't interested or attracted to him. It sounds like he's "testing the waters" to see if you like him but he's afraid to ask you straight up. Just put him out of misery so he doesn't have to wonder anymore.

I mean, after I said "let me know about rescheduling" she bailed, but yeah, she's been texting first the past days that we texted. I don't think I'm being ghosted anymore, but at the time I wasn't going to text her back with a "plz respond" when I was trying to make myself available to her around our schedules like an adult.

I mean, I'd rather be the dropper than the dropee, and asking her to go hang out again pretty much opens me up to get dropped again... I wish it were easier to tell if she really wanted to.

Then tell me, "I'm busy or stressed out." Not "I forgot I made plans with my neighbor."

I dunno, I guess why I'm asking in here is because I feel like maybe she had some shitty friend tell her she needed to play games with me to keep me interested, and all it's doing is making me like her less.

>I mean, I'd rather be the dropper than the dropee, and asking her to go hang out again pretty much opens me up to get dropped again... I wish it were easier to tell if she really wanted to.

The only way to tell is to ask again. Gauge he response, and don't get your hopes up, even if a plan is made. If she doesn't see you as a priority, drop her and stop texting her. Don't get depressed over one bitch.

What the fugg? I mean yes I agree to do with what you suggested but why did he reject me if he actually likes me?

Guys or girls, how can a man flirt with a girl he likes ? I know I have to flirt but I have no idea what it means concretely. What would be real life examples ? Things that worked for you preferably

I'm not depressed over her but this would kinda be girl #4 that I somehow fucked up with, and that's just starting to wear on me. Having her at least come back out of the woodwork and get in touch salvaged my confidence, which had been at rock bottom.

Question for the girls here.

Do you think that the world would be a better place if both hostile and benevolent sexism didn't exist?

Personally I've been raised in a household where women are successful. Them being in successful careers making over 100k a year. This contrasts to other women that I've talked to who always expect me to be their knight in shining armour. I don't think it should be expected a man help out a woman just because she's perceived less capable.

On that note women tend to get frustrated at me when they believe that I should fix their problems and I decide to let them figure themselves out. Is independence for a women only valued when it isn't to their detriment?

Feelings change. Maybe at the time he had his eye on another girl but that didn't pan out and now he wants to be with you again.

I sympathize with you, don't worry. As someone who has been on and off dating apps, it does start to jade you and hurt your confidence. But keep your head up, bro. The next one is always better than the last. Especially if you learn something from each woman you date

Don't overthink it. Flirting can be something as simple as a compliment or as complex as playful teasing

Yeah, I appreciate it I guess. I just don't meet a lot of girls that are someone I'd even want to date, then I meet three/four and they mostly all disappear. Not sure what to do besides just start dating girls I'm completely not attracted to and have 100% of the interest of without trying.

I already compliment her when I notice something about her I like, like haircuts and stuff like that. We're friends and I'd like to ask her out before the end of the month so I want to show that I'm interested before I ask her out. Do you know how I could do that ? thanks btw

Girls, why would you want to be friends with the ex you dumped?

I'm not a girl, but my ex was the one to suggest our final breakup (I had dumped her once earlier). But we were able to maintain a solid friendship because she and I had pretty much just fallen out of "love" with each other and were clearly more focused on other priorities and people in life.

I'm really happy we did, life's better now that I'm dating someone more like me and we still care about each other as people.

eh he'll calm down after awhile (so will you) just be patient and enjoy the perfect while it happens

I wouldn't but they'll likely be at my best bud's wedding since he's a friend clinger, so I pray my liberal memes appease their autism and they don't shoot me or off themselves in the bathroom.

Honestly the best way to ask a woman out is to just go for it. That's how she'll know you're interested.

Yeah that makes sense. I guess I want to escalate things so I can be sure she likes me before I ask her out. We're in the same friend group so I don't want to alienate myself from the others by fucking up with her


The problem with escalating things is that you're building yourself up, developing feelings before you've even gotten an answer. You're gonna get hurt doing that. Just ask her out to lunch or dinner. If she says yes, go from there. If she says no or some wishy washy answer like"I'll have to see", then just move on and maintain her friendship

Oh I don't worry about that, I've lived certain things that make it very hard for me to get hurt emotionally. I have very good control over my feelings so if she says no I'll just say ok and move on.

I've already eaten with her a few times but it's always grabbing some food between classes. I was thinking about asking her if she wants to be more than friends, then if she says yes arrange a date, but I want to be a bit more intimate with her before I do that.

It bugs me cause a friend of mine just had a friend tell him ''hey [random girl] is interested in you''. He barely knew her but she went for it directly and now they're together. Made it seem so easy

>I was thinking about asking her if she wants to be more than friends, then if she says yes arrange a date, but I want to be a bit more intimate with her before I do that.
Do not confess your feelings. It's ok to say I'd like to take you out on a date, or however you wish to word it. But most women won't be intimate with a guy if they haven't been romantic first.

Question for women

I'm getting a vasectomy this week. What do you think of men that have gotten vasectomies? (if you've even met any)

How is 1 small easter egg better than 5 chocolate bars? State your gender.

Male. It's healthier than eating 5 chocolate bars.

Bump But what if I send you another message? And another?
How do I get you to either talk to me again or unmatch me?

Health reasons and less is more mentality.
>How do I get you to either talk to me again or unmatch me?
You don't because my inbox continuously fills.
Seems like a nail in the coffin for relationship and fertility potential. Would you rather adopt, or do you have some genetic disease?

>Seems like a nail in the coffin for relationship and fertility potential. Would you rather adopt, or do you have some genetic disease?
I froze my sperm actually... in case I decide I want kids later.

Ah would rather do it the ol scientific method? That's great.

Right, so this girl I know keeps sending me snaps of her legs.

Like earlier I got one of her just laying in bed, just a shirt on as far as I can tell, saying something about the day. Like I have no idea of these are being sent to other people. Are sending leg snaps normal?

She is indeed sending that to multiple people. Don't respond. Just enjoy the show or unfollow her if it's not your thing

I have a garbage tinder profile I just use for the lols. I have one shitty picture of me and I get no matches.

Anyways last week in class I’m partnered with a cute girl. We just kinda do the worksheet barely even small talk.

Like two days ago we match on tinder. She definitely knows it’s me because the only way you’d swipe is if you knew me.

Tomorrow I have class with her. What’s the move? I shouldn’t mention tinder right? I’m thinking I’ll just try to get her number and go from there.

I'm dating a guy I met off soc. How do I tell people we met? We're long distance so tinder wouldnt work

Any other girls feel like their stomach gets fucked up after having rough sex? Itll literally feel like my organs are flipping around inside and I'll be pretty much incapacitated the next day due to severe abdominal pain

That's never happened to me but I don't have rough sex really.

I would talk to a doctor about it.
It could be a medical problem, it could be what you ate before, it could be unrelated but shows symptoms later.

How difficult is it actually for girls to orgasm from intercourse alone?

No, I don't think there are many that enjoy being in pain from intercourse.
I hate it and will deck them if they do it.
Also, you can die if you push your uteral organs into your ribcage. Internal bleeding your fetish?
This varies too much, reserve this as a personal question for whoever you desire to relate to.

I never asked if girls liked the pain. Nice job tripfag

Nice try, larper.

How do I start conversations with girls in my class. I'm socially retarded and I also get nervous and dont know what to say with any girl other than my sisters and my mom.

>chat on tinder
>get eachothers snapchat
>joke around
>she invites me to party
>I show up
>endure all bullshit tests her insanely hot friend puts me through
>sleep in same bed but no fuckin just mad cuddling both happy
next day I get
>user, I got in touch with my feelings and I'm not over my ex. I'm sorry

Now... such bullshit is more the rule than the exception, but what do I make of this?

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"online, on a forum about [common interest]".

Would never date unless he was a 11/10 perfect boi.

At least when you're black they fuck you before dropping the ex bomb.

White women. Whew.

If I told a girl I'd be busy for a brief while(couple weeks) and she left it on seen, should I assume she doesn't give a fuck about seeing me again?

She's giving you space because you told you're busy. Nothing about what you said indicateed that you wanted a response.

This is crazy to me. I'm really lucky to have a decently above average watergun in my pocket and I've always been told by friends and colleagues to fuck girls rough. Just smash them.

I usually go steady and try to play with their clit as much as possible whilst keeping things passionate(kissing, lots of contact etc).

I do remember one girl wanting to be smashed and, when on top, literally making me go so deep it felt like I went through her cervix. Yet I read people saying I should be careful with my equipment.

Thanks user. Would you say I'm being overly paranoid.

If you have a really big dick, you really can't be super rough unless you want to literally cause internal damage.
My boyfriend isn't even huge (but still pretty big) and he gave me pains after having rough sex. My ovaries and uterus hurt for days.

Appreciate it.

Do you reckon it might be worth finishing rough then asking how she feels or is it something you could see yourself lying about?

I tell my boyfriend if he's too rough and he needs to stop. I think good sex is mostly communication. The times when I felt pain for days it just happened afterwards and I didn't feel anything during, but if I feel it right away I tell him "hey, bf, you need to stop now" with a serious tone.

I think the only thing you can do is finding a partner you can communicate with and don't go too rough anyway.

So it was a bullshit rejection..

my friend (who i’m in love with but not sure if that’s relevant) and i have been fighting a lot lately over small things (usually vidya related) and every time i try to work it out i just seem to make it worse. i decided to stop talking to him in the hopes that time and distance will help fix things, but now i’m afraid it was the wrong decision. does time apart ever work?

For girls

Is there a reason you wouldn't tell a guy that you like him back after he confesses to you?

Not really. It happened once to me and it was because I knew my crush was a temporary feeling and I was afraid that admitting it to the guy would have made his feelings strong and serious about me

for both genders: when do you consider a relationship to be long term? after a year? 2 years? 5 years? i’ve heard different things and would like to hear your opinions.

How can I get this girl to open up to me?
>meet girl on Tinder
>things go pretty well, small distance of about 45 minutes
>talk all the time, mostly flirting desu
>both extremely physically affectionate people so spend a lot of time doing that when I would see her
>comes to stay at my house for a weekend before her spring break
>some emotional bonding but mostly cuddling and TV. Talking about random shit
>some shit happens while shes home not too good, energy talking to me dies down
>starts pledging for sorority, decides she doesn't want to "talk" for the time being (still as friends), low energy when she talks to me
>finishes pledging, date planned for Sunday
>realize I didn't spend enough time with emotional bonding when I was with her when she was actually talking to me

How do I fix this? I plan on spending more time outdoors (the cold that hit the midwest this winter kinda confined us indoors during our time together) and I really like this girl alot. She's so sweet, beautiful, passionate, caring. The problem is she's been hurt a lot in the past so its kind of affected the whole thing. She's cautious about opening up to someone on an emotional level and didn't want to commit to a relationship too soon because of it. I feel this Sunday could make or break it so I wanted to know what kinds of things I could do to help kinda bring things back up to where they were and get back on the right track. Questions I should ask? Activites we could do? I don't feel like I've REALLY got to know her.

>>meet girl on Tinder
stop using fucking tinder you fucking idiot
god you people piss me off

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Lmfao ok buddy try living in a small town where you already met everyone in town at school and everyone has preconceptions about you because you've known each other since you were 5. Also, its a factory town. And when you work in a factory you don't meet anyone because you work with the same 4 African dudes/old lady every single day. If I could meet women through a local outlet I would but they don't exist. Not here. Tinder is even hard when everyone is 30 miles away and it's mostly country girls

"i met my wife on a hookup app"

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"I met my wife at a bar"
Wow the only other option sounds much better

You realise women aren't only on tinder and in bars, right?

I agree with the other user. Tinder is an awful place to meet women for anything other than casual sex. The best you'll get to the contrary is some unicorn tier autist girl who you can get codependent with.

>have a small crush on a friend and collegemate
>at a party he shows interest in me
>he's currently going through a bad breakup which I don't know much about

Which is the line not to cross here?
It's obvious there's something but we've done nothing besides a kiss on the head, hugging, chatting and texting.

Why do female tomboy artists usually draw animals? What's with their attachment to animal art? Only curious.

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>Get matched with some girl on okcupid
>No info on her profile, so I message and ask her about herself
>She has a fancy technical job, working towards further qualifications.
>I graduated college but due to numerous faults of mine am now working at a grocery store.
>Can already tell this isn't going to work, just decide to see what happens instead of giving up immediately.
>We chat about her work for a while, she asks if I'm still studying, I say "No, just working right now."
>"So why did you choose to work at [grocery store]?"
>Say that I like active work to sitting at a desk, which is true.
>No response since then.

Should I just remove "Attended College" from my profile? I feel like it makes people assume I'm some upper middle class "on the rise" sort of person when really I'm a directionless deadbeat.


Just throw him random questions with two levels. Like this

>If you were _____, would you ______?

Humans are not built to handle questions like that and he'll be forced to answer it naturally.

>Girls, how long do you usually date before you have sex
Not a girl but for me I almost always get laid on the first night, if not, the it's basically guaranteed the second night.

why would they? who cares?

I listen to her, find hints and clues, creative thinking. If she says she wishes she had a cat or something, just one randomly, then maybe I'd suggest going to a cat cafe.

Google is also a great option.

Remember just spend time with her. If you have no ideas just invite her over and watch netflix and put things inside her body. Just enjoy her company. What you do is less important than the quality of your relationship.

I always say I'd rather make a fool out of myself than to be a coward. You made a mistake, it's normal, learn whatever lesson you can and don't let it pass you in vain.

If you're annoyed then don't go out with her.

post of the day. Congrats

It obviously, fucking obviously means she's not really all that hyped about you. Like how stupid are you? I wouldn't be interested in your either, knowing how daft and damn stupid you are.

Don't overthink it, flirting just means talking to a girl you like. Hollywood might make you believe there's a game and rules -- there's not. Just vibe and talk about what you feel like.

Take a real interest in her. Listen to her, empathize, ask questions. Only talk about yourself when she directly asks something.

I read that post twice and I still am not sure what you were trying to say :/

>so I can be sure she likes me before I ask her out
You will be sure of that BY asking her out. She'll respect your courage. And if she says no, then nothing really changes.

Any advice?

Should I just apologise?

Apologise but even more explain you meant the best

the truth.

>I have a garbage tinder profile I just use for the lols.
No you don't.

Do whatever you want to do. Say whatever you want. Not really sure what you're asking here.

>i decided to stop talking to him in the hopes that time and distance will help fix things
Honestly that's where you messed up. Communication is better than no communication. Avoiding problems will only make them worse, never fix them.

Wow that is depressing. I'm legit so glad we live in a world with Tinder now, otherwise people like you would never be able to meet. It's helped a lot of people make connections that would otherwise be impossible.

In the future over 99% of relationships will start like this.

Just be a good friend. You can get what you want, but maybe not right now. The closer you are to him, the more answers you'll have

>just decide to see what happens instead of giving up immediately.
Lol i've done that before

>>Say that I like active work to sitting at a desk, which is true.
Which is not completely true. Don't lie to girls to get them to like you. Be yourself and be shameless. Think about it. What does it say about you when you're on a dating website, working at a grocery store, telling lies to girls hoping that the lie will trick them into liking you more?

So next time be absolutely breathtakingly shameless, put your life and neck out there, let whatever happens happen, and girls will actually respect that. They'll like a guy who made mistakes and is shameless about his place in life, than a successful guy who is insecure.

>Closed off from other people
>Find being intimate and showing feelings difficult in a relationship
>Have been told I push people away, I definitely do
How do I not be like this?

>Would never date unless he was a 11/10 perfect boi.
How come. I have a vasectomy but I also froze my sperm so I still have the option of starting a family. Except no accidental pregnancies and no worries about condoms or BC.

Nigga wtf were you thinking

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Do white women really do this? They'd rather fuck dogs and niggers than me, lmao. I feel like beating up one of you niggers for fun.

5+ years

Because I want to have a large family.
IVF is expensive as shit, and it's a pain in the ass to go through the whole process.
I would do if I had to, but if I have the option of getting fucked and getting pregnant it's much easier. Plus you can run out of frozen sperm before we have babies.
Now - If you were the love of my life I'd look over that. But it's still a pain in the ass and I'd wonder if you wanted kids as much as I do.