He really is the perfect guy for me and we're a really good looks match too imo

He really is the perfect guy for me and we're a really good looks match too imo.

I'm still on the fence about what to do but I'm leaning more to the side of giving up on this. Looking at the situation from a logical view point that would be the smart thing to do, but I am dying on the inside. I have to see him almost everyday and it kills me!

I either need to get over it or learn to handle humiliation and rejection. Is rejection really worth ending the what if feeling?

So here the stitch

>I'm always the initiator in the few conversations we had
>He might be possibly leaving the area after graduation (not sure desu)
>We didn't match on tinder.
>Not the same race (neither of us are white though)
>I avoid him and make awkward eye contact
>Share multiple classes together
>Semester is almost over (5 weeks)
>His friends seem mean
>I don't know him at all

Okay heres what is keeping me on the fence, it's not a lot by I'm clinging on to it
>Was really nice to me when we talked (probably just a nice person though)
>Use to stare at me in class before I started avoiding him
>Seemed sort of nervous and smiled when I complimented him (not on looks though)

I know, if you want to know if someone likes you then ask them. I'm aware but If everything is saying don't bother what should I do? I can't live like this anymore. When the semester is over I will be plagued by the what if feeling, I just know it. Should I ask him out on the very last day of finals?

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Just realized how dumb I sound saying he's perfect for me and that I don't know him at all. I'm extremely infatuated I should say, and my impression of him makes me think we'd be a good match

Okay i assume you are a girl, so first off it is nice to know girls wprry about this stuff. Second if is very plausible if you are atleast average he has thought about you in a romantic way. If he isnt a big time stud who gets grils all the time then it is more likely he has. As a guy in my experence when girls talk to us they become more interesting because they are more attainable. What you need to do is make it easy for him but dont be easy by this i mean dont avoid his ass. His friends will tease him i do this to all my friends who interact with girls infront of me it is normal, if you cant handle it avoid talk to him when they are around bit try to approach him. If a gril is around us as guys we will almost always consider what it would be like to date them or if we have a shot with them. You smile and laugh enough you have a shot. Also helps if you are not fat if you are you are going to be the bull in the china shop and his friends will rip on him hard and it will suck. Also keep in mind if you are going to be going to college you will meet hory smart guys there. College is the time for girls to slut around so you have that option. Anyways avoiding him isnt good be a bit aggressive phyically contact is good just dont come on too strong too soon. Btw not try to be an ass but if you are a bloated betty you need to think about your chances okay not try to be an ass just trying to be honest.

>If he isnt a big time stud
Heres the thing He's not chad or anything and I seen him interact with other and he's kind of nerdy/awkward. But If i'm this crazy about him why wouldn't other girls be?

>His friends will tease him
They really intimidate me bc I feel like they would think i'm weird. I'm deff not approaching him when they're around. I usually dress like a tom boy but stopped once I started liking him. Dropped my ugly glasses, got contacts. They still remember how I was before that though.

> Also helps if you are not fat
I'm actually underweight now, I dropped 20 pounds since January. 5'6" 110 atm. I have a super flat ass though and I feel like nice asses is something he's into. Other than that, I'm built pretty well. I did have a bigger ass when I was 130lbs but I felt really gross. Would it be worth it to get fat again? Do guys like thin girls?
>College is the time for girls to slut around so you have that option

I want a relationship :/ I might settle for a hookup with him just bc I like him so much but it would make me feel bad in the end.

Okay good answers and questions. First off your weight is ideal and you seem to be making an effort on appearance i can advise you if you are sure he isnt with anyone you have a shot. Young men want girlfriends what you need to do first is be a friend ease into it. The ass is something over exaggerated in media. So long as a girl has a good face and figure she is cute a bit underweight is good we typically see porn with petite cute women or curved seductive women those are the two big types. You are 56 so i think cute works for you your ethnic group does matter so do your values. Look at him and smile sometimes when we see that we dont know what it means we think about it for a while it will make him think about you for a while so do it when you know you will be caught dont avert your eyes immediately but look away eventually. If you are making an effort to pass cauaslly by him in hallways it will remind him of your presence and he will think about you. Finish sentances vaguely and we say up for hours attempting to deciper it. If you are vague but drop subtle hints he may become infatuated with you. A go between is usally good to have but the more people involved the more problems arise. Brief ineractions smile and laugh. Also i reccomend if he doesnt make a move say after hint tell him that he doesnt pick up on hints very well leave it at that. If all else fails be honest tell him you are attracted to him and you wanna know more about him. Not directly asking him oit but it is like an 80% confession of your love. okay good luck Miss user i have an exam tommrow enjoy everyting before university you want have time after you get it a uni or collage.

Thank you so much for the responses, this is really encouraging. I might sit near him tomorrow and try to exchange some glances.

I changed my mind, I'm ugly so im not going to approach. He could probably date someone way more attractive even if we are on the same attractiveness level. Sometimes I forget men always date up.

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Eh are you actually Op? Anyways what can it hurt to be a friend at least if ya ask b4 college if ya get shot down you can simply go off to college. Anyways why am i still here i have an exam at 9 am tomorrow. If you are Op give it a shot.

We are in college lol

Good luck on your exam, fuck I can't stop comparing my self to other girls. He has a plethora to pick from why would he settle for me?

Btw that idea that men date up is wrong it is women who date up and across never really down. Women date and marry men with more or equal paying jobs. Women also date men who are more or equally attractive to them. Girls need to realize there value is there youth men appreciate in value over time women are flowers that bloom but all flowers will wilt away seize your youth. If you are wondering how i know women tend to date up and men down it is because i just wrote a SOC 100 exam today and that something i studied.

You may have a shot worst case if your campus is big enough you can avoid him if it becomes akward. But dont push yourself anyways do what you are ready for no more but may have a shot just saying.

Real life evidence doesn't support it imo. 80% of the time I see a couple the woman is more attractive. Looks is what matters to men and thats how they date up. Women date up by going for men with good jobs, those men are usually average looking.

The more I think about it, the more I doubt it. He seems like someone with a lot of pride. He's really smart. I can't picture him with someone average looking, he seems like the kind to wait to get into relationship with attractive girls and just fuck average/ugly ones on the side. I don't want to say he's shallow but I think he has higher standards than me.

Fair point however i know this is a common phrase but looks arent everything i agree you make a point men value women on appearance however it isnt that alone. I have been unattracted to girls and have had friends who know these girls and also find them unattractive. However after working on a project with one getting to know her i became attracted to her and grew fond of her and was disheartened when i finished classes with her. She was not skinny she was not fair skined she had some acne but her personality was what clicked with me. Anyways you never know ask yourself what is the worst that may happen and the best that may happen and then see if you wanna risk it. Risk and reward live your life that way and you usally wont have many regrets anyways i am sorry if i sound pushy but wasted potential is a sad thing anyways do what you feel i wish you the best.

>the worst that can happen
my already damaged self esteem takes a huge blow and I ruminate over the rejection for months. He tells his friends and I get labeled as the weird thirsty girl next semester.
>best that can happen
he stays in the area and we get to know each other and date

hmmm this is a tough one, I really can't take another blow to my confidence. I prefer to live in ignorant bliss when it comes to my looks. I think this rejection would be the final straw for me to ever pursue men directly. I will spend my life waiting to get chosen by men like other girls that don't make moves.

I am going to die alone

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There there, many of us will

This almost reads like something my gf would write about me
How depressing.

Okay i am back did poorly on the exam and have another tommrow. So again my point was that you need to think about this from a perspective as if though you werent an insecure person. How would a normie deal with the situation. Then think that since a normal person handles it that way that is the normal way. Look i dont wanna spend time boost your confidence i am not here for that i am simply stating that OP you need to honestly confront the issue. If you exaggerate and play down your strengths you want get an accurate assessment of your chances. I incur no risk in this but i am not trying to give you bad advice. Be honest with yourself and be realistic about your chances. As a guy in uni seeing couples and not having anyone makes me feel a bit sad if a girl asjed be out her odds are good. If this guy is in the same boat you may have good odds. Take his circumstances into account with you calculations. Again good luck OP.

Do you not love her as much as she loves you?
Sorry to hear about your exam. Today I looked around campus and realized there’s a shit ton of guys that look very similar to him or better and it kind of put my mind at ease realizing there’s billions of people on this earth and not being with this one guy won’t kill me. I’m not really sure about my calculations anymore and need to send of more signals to asses them better

There's nothing wrong with that.