Got dumped today by my gf of 8 months.
Any advice on what I should do from here? Kind of want to die

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Go watch some porn not soft shit i mean intense stuff put those head phones on for immersion maybe some pov stuff and beat your meat bust a load. Now realize that didnt cost you much time or money and you can do it pretty much when ever you want. Then watch a good tv series or rewatch something you liked way back and enjoy life for a bit. Handle your responsibilities but also have some fun with it smile. If you got some boys go shoot pool with the boys. Go to karaoke and tear it up user. Ya got so much to do stop being sad and be awesome instead.

Take a bubble bath, get a haircut, brush and floss, start working out

Is that your carpet? It's gross. I would dump you also.

Quit being a loser

Thanks user

Kind of want to die? Over some bitch?

Watch some TV series, learn Hindi do yoga.

I also got dumped and want to die.
I'm sorry user. I know it hurts. I want to tell you it will get better... hell, it will, I'm just also sad. If you have friends.. hang out with them

Im sorry user i know what its like

You're gonna have to just ride this out. I'm not a licensed pyschologist but when i've gone through heartbreak it's definitely helped me to surround myself with friends or to make sure im just reaching out to people.

the phrase time heals pain really does ring true in this instance. there was a guy who i liked back in august of last year and the pain i felt when he rejected me felt like someone slammed a hammer on my thumb. now fastforward 8 months later and I struggle to remember why or how i liked him so much that i considered giving up on dating completely.

you're gonna be okay. one day you'll meet an even more awesome girl. just dont give up.

i dont know if it'd help to hear this but i've looked back on all the heartbreaks i've had and i actually feel proud i got through them maybe you will feel that way too. you are growing and you are experiencing life and building wisdom. its like a battle scar or like a right of passage

maybe im full of crap i dunno thats just how i feel

Same i was with a girl for 8 months and she beoke my hearr, it does get better with time, also friends are really important and going to the gym helps

Just remember all the shit you copped and put up with is now being unleashed on the the next poor bastard. Yes it's painful but use this time to heal up from the hurt and be open to another.

Just remember the one who wants to be with you has been around all the time, but you haven't notice them because you have been blinded by the other. Look now and you will see them, but only if you look!

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Sorry man. I me going through something similar.

I have/had a girl that we had liked each other from afar forever. Then we saw each other for 2 weeks and had an amazing time and even wanted to get engaged. But now she's kind of ghosting me little by little.

I have a feeling after she posted pics of us together online some doods she really wanted to be with messaged her and offered. Really the worse thing is just the uncertainty. For a while we had been super in love. Maybe I messed everything up by talking to her too much or sharing thoughts with her, I dunno. I just know this last week she puts off a very don't bother me vibe and just talks to other doods and turns her status off to avoid me.

Maybe it would be ok if she just said this isn't working out and bye. But the occasional I love you or sweet talk keeps me hanging in hoping its a phase. Such a terrible spot.

>8 months
I’m considering leaving my gf of 8 years. I’ll let you know what true despair feels like.

Do something with your time.
The thing I've been noticing since I'm recovering from a breakup is that I feel like another girl can fill this void, but it's wrong. My ex used me to fill her void/depresssion, and I got this disease. Just recently I'm noticing, and I'm slowly trying to get back to do things that I used to enjoy, it seems to be the best way and sincere with yourself. Use this time for yourself and not to pursue a person to provide a meaning for you

install gentoo

Why is that bad? Just get a newer model

>Got dumped today by my gf of 8 months.
i bet you have a smol pee pee dont you. i know that feel, mine is just 5" and i had a gf leave me over it.

>Kind of want to die
sorry dude, it hurts

eventually the feeling will pass.
doing physical things like running or lifting will help

eventually finding another girl will make the feeling go away completely

what really helps me is thinking about how much she is enjoying that chad's dick right now and how she giggles thinking back about your silly willy

OP here

Got all of my stuff from her house today. She cried and felt bad but said she couldn't do it anymore. I blame my autism

I hit the gym today but kept feeling weak and sad.