Mfw speechless

Ever faced something that makes you contemplate "what the f..." for a few minutes?

What would you reply / would have replied?

because I ... can't compute

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communism is for literal brainlets
hard pass on this dumb bitch

What the fuck is this convo, both of you are utter retards

This, /thread

"How about I dress up as my main man Joey Stalin and we bone the night away?"

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Yep, OP has autism.

care to expand?

Alright let me explain

>you look straight out of assassins creed
Unless you have a big hoodie in profile pic idk what that's even supposed to mean, she's retarded

>reddit-tier pun about dog
Even a retard like her was disappointed by that pathetic ''joke''. Try actually sparking a discussion with her instead of spewing dad jokes you found on r/funny

>reddit-tier joke but in french this time
Pourquoi tu changes de langue en plein milieu d'une convo ? Décide toi frère. Encore une fois la blague est à chier d'ailleurs

>you totally brushed my call for help blabla...
This is where it goes from stupid to borderline surrealist. What the fuck did you try to say there ? Did you have a stroke ?

>What's wrong with communism
She is a commie thot. The norm for Tinder girls, which is why if you had an ounce of self-respect you wouldn't even talk to her

>The spelling
Correcting people's spelling in real life doesn't work and will only get you bullied and rejected

>You just went from cool to lame real fast
Here she starts showing some signs of intelligence, but she should have said that you were a lame retard from the beginning

it's udder you fucking moron

What's the point of I need your help? If it is serious why would you do it on what I'm assuming a dating app? If it is a setup for a joke, I would rather do this during an active conversation because it sounds weird.

I liked "what's wrong with comnunism, the spelling" part but for the joke leading to Chinese communist parade, it might be better to leave harder to follow jokes where the other party needs to know a bit more about your humor type to a later time when such intimacy is achieved.

In my opinion your conversation was okay, maybe she also meant the final comment jokingly. It's fun to be a retard sometimes.

However, these are not general rules. Some may like it, some may hate it and it's almost impossible to tell before getting feedback from the other side. If the goal is to find someone you're compatible with, in my opinion maintaining a separate dating app personality is not a very good way to go.

sincères remerciements

I realize I should have provided more context.

For example.. hoodie in 1st pic, archery in second pic. Etc. Anyways

Pas de problème frère. J'ai un peu abusé lmao mais sérieusement, essaye de pratiquer ta conversation parce que là c'est pas terrible. Et évite les puns

This is how young normies converse nowadays. Tinder is basically reducing your vocabulary and conversational skills to a level of a 10 year old and consistently try to outwit the other with cringy quips

that was pretty funny. did you respond with something funny after that? tease her, don't beg.

In case you aren't trolling, utter and udder are different words with completely different meanings and you are wrong.

I wrote something like
> are you a Stasi informer? if so, rest assured I'm all about one, two, three, four, frag the rich to feed the poor. Hey, let's sing l'internationale. you know the lyrics, right?

Unmatched so no screenshots

"The correct spelling is the name of your favorite restaurant."

You can't coy forever.

It goes without saying, back to square one (forever alone)

This, jesus at least find out what she does for fun.


>autistic jokes and cries for help
>randomly switches to French for some reason
>she gets defensive about communism

She’s retarded and you’re autistic. Seems pretty cut and dry

I would reply "nah, you still think I'm cool - actually you think I'm even cooler cause now you realize I'm a bad boy..."

>randomly switches to French for some reason

That's what really got me. I don't understand, what's the point OP?

That was a test. She wanted you to smash communism and you chickened out of it.

Ask if she is a debt free virgin with no tattoos


What did the French part mean?

Haha yeah Albert Einstein was such a fucking brainlet lmao

Should've said "the fact that we aren't living under it right now :(" or something.