Please Help Me

Hi adv/
I'm a 30 year old lady and my life is not worth living.
I'm not trying to whine here ; but just to give some backstory I am severely mentally ill. I've had one 30 jobs and cant hold them. I applied for disability but was denied because I haven't had insurance (impossible to get Medicaid in my state almost) in a year so they said not enough info despite being under a doctor's care since 2007. They said none of that matters, only the past year which I dont have because no insurance.
I have a 9 year old son (who's father left because he decided he wanted to be a fucking tranny) that my parents (who I live with) took custody of when I went on vacation. No investigation, nothing. CPS just gave him away to my parents on an absurd abandonment charge. All my communication for going out of town was verbal so I had no proof. The youth court here was closed due to corruption but cases were transferred and they wont give me my child back until I hold a job and have my own place to live. They wouldn't give me any kind of defense attorney either.
To top all that off this guy I've known for 15 years and finally got into a dedicated relationship with moved in with me about a year ago but is now leaving in 3 days because he cant handle my toxic parents and not being able to do anything to help me.
Hes getting a job when he goes back and will send me money to help out , so I can at least get a place maybe.. hell come back if I'm able to do that...sorry for the long ass post but I'm at the end of my rope. I feel like anything that could go wrong WILL go wrong and the universe / God is punishing me. I've lived a really sheltered life and my parents are insanely controlling. I want to die but I have my son to fight for.
Is there anything I can do? Any advice to cope with any of this?!
Anything would be appreciated
> inb4 "kys" I already went over that

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I should also probably add the one time I lived away for about 4 months my mental health greatly improved. When it's my son and I and we are away from my parents I'm perfectly fine. I am literally trapped with them since I use their car (cant afford my own because I cant keep a job)
CPS and the court gave my kid to some of the worst people they could have. My vacation was actually to a place I was considering moving to to finally get away from them since I could get help there, but as soon as I told them on the way back that it was nice and I wanted to move was when they called the police and took my child. I dont understand how people can get away with corruption like this?? I just want to be a housewife who takes care of their child and their husband.
My parents have ruined both of those things for me.
Even when I try to get jobs recently nobody calls me back.
Its tough having to fight my parents to parent my own child every day, even though I do everything with/ for him I'm not even allowed to speak to his teacher.
Having my man leave I will have no support at all.. I'll be alone in this fucking misery box.

You need to stop having a victim mentality. You are 30 year old, alone, jobless and still depending on your parents. What upbringing could you provide for a child? The most important thing should be to secure a source of income. What is the reason that you can't keep a job?

I dont have a victim mentality. I get up and fight every day believing tomorrow will be better despite everything. Shit always comes my way though no matter what I do.
I certainly wouldn't call myself a victim.
I cannot hold a job because either my back goes out on me (there are a few things wrong with it), and if it isnt a physically demanding job my hours always get cut or I'm completely removed from the schedule. I keep getting told my "attitude isnt good enough" or genuine enough. I have concentration issues, severe depression and a personality disorder. I have no idea how to interact with people, the only jobs around here are restaurants or retail. My social skills suck as my parents homeschooled me.
I had an opportunity with the guy I'm with to get several assistance programs which I intended to use a springboard. Myself and my child would have been taken care of fine by state benefits and there was public transportation there, unlike here. I have access to a car, but if my parents feel the job is too far or I will "get fired anyway", they wont let me use it.
I dont want to be on welfare for the rest of my life, but it was a chance to get myself and my child out of my parents place (they're also borderline hoarders) so I could have access to more jobs with better accommodation (I live in an At-Will state, where I wanted to was not.) I wanted to build myself up so that I could eventually support myself and my child.
I thought I had a pretty good plan to get freedom and get myself out in the world and making a life.
But there is a roadblock in everything I try to do.

CNA is the job for you.

Maybe if you calmed the fuck down and meditated a bit you could think straight.

Forget your son, you were too much of a mentally challenged mess to help him and hr got taken away. At least you don’t owe money, lwt him be in peace and stop inflicting fucked up life on the ppoor kid.

Get a fucking job, stick with it, no more drugs and drink, and start to eat a healthy diet.

Ro you teally blame that guy for bailing on your crazy ass? Surprised he stuck around that long.

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I dont do drugs
Did you not read that when I am away from my parents I am almost a million times better?!
Who do you think fucked me up in the first place, certainly not my parents who controlled every aspect of my life
Sure, let's give them another kid to fuck up
I came here because I was desperate and I needed some kind of help. I didnt want pity but I didnt want someone to barely read anything I said and tell me stop giving a shit about my own child.
Seems like you have some issues of your own especially with your reading comprehension

Your parents are wonderful people that know how to properly and safely raise a child.

Your dream is to be a housewife and raise a child? You aren’t mentally or physically fit to do either!

You thunk that you can keep a house perfectly clean, prepare three meals a day, go shipping, run errands and empty your husbands balls proficiently? Lwt along be stable enough to raise a child?! NO

You cant even take care of yourself!

Become stable and show your abuluty to keep a plant alive longer than a month, and your abulity to save up aome money and then we can talk about getting you a pet.

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Can’t hold a basic job, wants to play house.

Request denied.

Housework? Babysitting? Sex? All those things you listed are easy stuff.

Having to deal with bosses who abuse you and write you up for every little shit that is always somehow -your- fault, having to get punished by the store manager for something that the customer-profiling assistant manager asked you to do, having to deal with the weird smelly bush-ape looking manager who makes you do all the work because he is -sensitive- and got angry that you didn't flirt back with his serial-killer vibes ass, getting lectured for "not serving the food in a respectful manner", having your arm suddenly grabbed and pulled by the psychotic director lady who threatens to send you home for "goofing off" in a deadly voice (when you were actually waiting on standby)...that's hard.

Having to deal with your abusive father scream in an incredibly loud voice and throw things in the house just because you got a B instead of an A while growing up, doing everything you were told and getting the grade out of fear of being beaten and called worthless in a repetitive loop for an entire week of him not shutting the fuck up, earning a Bachelor's from a prestigious school...only to find out after graduating that you're only worth low-wage/entry level that only requires high school/unstable grunt-work temp jobs, because ohidontknow YOU HAVE NO CONNECTIONS, because everybody thought you were weird and YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS WHO CAN HELP YOU and also your parents are dysfunctional low-class dirtbags with UNREALISTIC they can't schmooze with local businesses to get you a career that ACTUALLY MATCHES YOUR DEGREE...that kills me.

Tl;dr: You suck and are stupid. Don't you ever compare easy things like cleaning, cooking, playing with kids and having sex to the SOUL-CRUSHING TORTURE of slaving long and hard for people who beat the shit out of you and tell you that it is -you- who sucks and are stupid for not making aaaaaaall their entitled dreams come true.

I'll help you, OP. Today's man in America is going to be a financially-worthless (be it cheapskate and/or broke), crybaby and entitled fuckboi, unless you live around lots of rich people in a good neighborhood. You don't have to be super-model hot, because surprisingly...that's actually not a guarantee that you won't end up witb either a total loser or an abusive person or both. But being in the rich peoples' social circle/socially popular with the rich people is a MUST.

If you can't find Prince Charming, then stop waiting for him. He doesn't have to look around anymore (the women will come to HIM) and your whining just makes you look spoiled, when in reality, you are actually stuck. Consider being a stripper or a cam girl; anything for GOOD AND DEPENDABLE MONEY.

Good luck and bless you, girl.

>helping females who aren't swallowing my glob

Maube if you could serve the food with a smile on your face you could have kept your job at Dennys. It’s a shame that you let your anger ruin your job opportunities.

Tell me, when was the last time that you showered or even vacuumed the house? Is your kitchen clean, tidy, sanitized? I highly doubt it. I bet it’s fucking filithy, like the dirty lazy person you are.

You and both know your real motive; you want to sit around alllll day watching the tele and posting about how hard your life is looking for handouts and sympathies while some dumbass man who you cant even land anyway slaves away to suppoet you, a fully grown overgrown childwoman.

Top kek, are you even the same person I was replying to? Also, I'm not your "formerly-hot-but-now-shes-fat" Baby Mama Nambah 3, so don't blame me for what she did/is doing to you rn.

i feel very sorry for you. All i can do is to give you a virtual hug for now.

>To top all that off this guy I've known for 15 years and finally got into a dedicated relationship with moved in with me about a year ago but is now leaving in 3 days because he cant handle my toxic parents and not being able to do anything to help me.
>Hes getting a job when he goes back and will send me money to help out , so I can at least get a place maybe.. hell come back if I'm able to do that...
Take care to not let your parents get a hold of that. Or really find out about it at all.

I'm curious though, you couldn't move with him?

I don't think of you at all so unless you got something useful leave my thread

Screams the dirty lazy woman.
Clean your fucking house!

You think... this guy that ran away from “ your parents” is really goong to just send you money? Yeah fuckin right. He bailed on you because you were killing him mentally and he respected himself enough to get the fuck away feom you.
How delusional can you be. Suck it up and hold down a job.

Try stripping and or prostitution. Makes great money in little time.

Yay, soneone else who suggested this! :)

You are unfit to be a mother.

I like the thought of paying some crazy bitch 20$ to root out her holes with my cock. Id love to listen to her fucked moans.

Your son is better off not being exposed to your mental illness.
Please let him go, its for his own good.

He has a new mother now, respect the decision.

>30 year old lady
An old maid except old maids hadn't taken 100 cocks

Nita? Is that you?

Hi user, what kind of advice are you looking for? You have a bunch of issues, here is a quick take:
1 you’re obviously leaving out a bunch of stuff with your parents and kid, but be there to help raise your son. Your son sees you with all this stress, it’s very frightening. Comfort him, put on a brave face, stuff down your problems when you are with him. Do your best to raise him as a happy boy.
2 need to find a job. Maybe something you can work from home, I don’t know your people skills. Do you have skills? Graphic design, etc? Even if not you will be able to find something where it can do some work.
3 save enough to live on your own. You need to be self sufficient to have custody of your son.
4 be patient with yourself. God doesn’t have any ill will to you, we are all trying to live this life but it can be confusing and dark at times.

I’m sure you remember happy times in your life, you can have that again if you learn to calm your mind. It sounds dipshit but try yoga or meditation. It won’t cure your mental illness, it’s just a little bit better mood during the day.

If you are in Florida, I love crazy women....o_o


Florida Man Strikes Again!

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I am 24, and like older women.

Nothing wrong with that.

Just wanted to wish you the best. I'm really sorry you're going through this. I know of people who went through very similar.

You should sit down and think about what you really want to do, then pursue it with all your strength. Don't let anyone tell you you can't do stuff or are incapable, you're not.
Try to find a job in another field that isn't so demanding psychologically.

I hope you get to see your child more, never give up on him! He needs you.

I don't know why you still believe that lie, that you improved while you were away. Your health deteroriated to the point where you were not eating or sleeping. Remember?

I remember this clearly, and if it wasn't for the child protective services your child would be dead.

The child is mine now and you won't have the chance to harm him anymore. I thank the lord everyday that you are out of the picture.

Severely Mentally ill woman claims she wants to be mother and house wife.

Cant hold any job

Too lazy and weak if mind yo deal with the world

Wants to mold and raise a child

The fuck is wrong ymwith you!?

You should've had an abortion, given the kid up for adoption, or just let your parents keep him.

You are not fit to be a parent. You aren't fit to care for yourself. You aren't fit to watch an animal.
>"I can't hold a job"
You are stating issues that the majority of people have. Theu do what they must regardless of of they want to or not because they have to.
> I'm not a victim
Then stop bitching and moaning. If you know what is wrong with you do some research into coping with it so that you aren't another worthless leech.
>boyfriend leaving
He thought he could fix you amd that was his fuck up for trying to be Capt. Save A Hoe. I doubt your parents are actually toxic..they are probably tired of dragging around your mistakes *your son, your failed jobs, your mentality* as well as their own.
>God is punishing me
Do you reaaalllyy think that some omnipotent being cares so much about a little no body like you that he is taking the time to make you miserable? TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.
Stop blaming your problems on some illness, your parents, your baby daddy, and your imaginary god.

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