How does a friendless young man cope in modern America? It gets really lonely but at least I have my mom...

How does a friendless young man cope in modern America? It gets really lonely but at least I have my mom. Anyone live in Fort Lauderdale and want to be friends?

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Anons are your friends.

Do you live in Fort Lauderdale?

If you're desperate enough to move to Sweden I'll be your friend :^)

California... I cannot advise you. I love people but I don't like friends. I just know people. I enjoy solitude. When someone gets friendly, they usually give up because I don't want to play with them. I love hanging with guys at work but, idk, feels different. Funny. Grass is always greener on the other side. Get into something like fishing, karate, or go to gun shows or fly rc planes, golf. Step up whatever hobby you have. I don't know what im saying. I wish i knew how to not get friends.

I live in Sweden, wanna be friends?

What this guy said.
My brother is my best friend, but Jow Forums anons are second. I haven't had another extra-familiar friend since elementary school and don't really know or care to have another one

Had an afterthought. I'm not a young basement dweller or anything. At about nineteen, I noticed that my friends were dragging me down. Under it all, friends use eachother and often, one gets the short end of the stick. They need advice but cannot advise on my problem or money or entertainment or baby sitters or rides. Friends are for using. I've kept a few but rarely speak because we have no use for eachother. I guess, if you want to reverse this idea; be useful.

I'm not a basement dweller either, Florida doesn't even have basements. It's just hard to relate to normal people my age(18).

Ill be friend but i am in wisconsin

Get a girlfriend.

I live in Aventura, Miami
Might stop by after work

How old are you? If you're above 21, I dunno if we can be friends.

I’m 18

Bro, when do you wanna meet?

Idk OP but if you find out let me know.

Be my friend and we won't have to find out.

But I live in the midwest user :/

Any girls in Fort Launderdale that want to meet up?

How tall are you?

5'7, how about you?

I'm not interested. Sorry, short stuff

But height doesn't tell you anything about me.

it tells everything about you lmao

How can height possibly tell you what kind of person I am?

Because I would like to date a man(

How much do you weigh?

Are you a virgin?

Your understanding of greater than and less than signs is backwards

Anyone in Wyoming lmao

It's Wyoming. If lack of people is a problem then you don't belong there.

PROTIP: don't go to California, New York, Washington, or Florida. Always remind yourself, caged beasts shit in the corners.

Bitch how you gonna not know Maine exists