I’m 22 (F) and my 21 year old boyfriend masterbates to girls he knows on Facebook all the time but won’t do...

I’m 22 (F) and my 21 year old boyfriend masterbates to girls he knows on Facebook all the time but won’t do anything sexual with me. We haven’t done anything for months. We have been dating over 2 years.

What should I do?

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just leave him. you're only 22

this. Like are you physically dependent on him or something?

>boyfriend masterbates to girls he knows on Facebook all the time
How do you know about this?
>but won’t do anything sexual with me.
Have you done anything to make sure you yourself are sexual desirable?
>We haven’t done anything for months.
Have you made any advances yourself or are you just sitting back expecting him to just walk up to you and sick his dick in?

Have you talked to him about it? How do you know he does this? Does he reject your sexual advances with excuses, or does he just not make any advances by himself?

You should first talk to him and attempt to find a solution. If you can't work anything out, suggest psychotherapy to him. Preferring masturbation over sexual contact with another person is not an uncommon issue these days. If he denies, or it doesn't work, or you don't want to wait for him, you should consider breaking up with him. You deserve to have a relationship with a person who finds you sexually desirable and acts on that.

go on tinder and find a FWB. your man obviously isn't giving you any of the benefits you need/deserve

I haven’t. I don’t know how to bring it up. Do you have any suggestions on how I can?
Unfortunately, and I’m not proud of this but I know from snooping. His Facebook searches are only full of girls. In his computer history it will have porn > Facebook pictures > porn etc. All within the same time. - Not an excuse but I only started snooping because I’d notice he was doing it to me, he looks at my phone when I’m a sleep and pc when I’m out. After a while I started to think he might be hiding something as he would always look into my stuff.

I always make sexual advances, I will flat out offer, always a no. I will dress up to try too attract him but it all gets ignored.

This is an awkward thing to bring up. Any advice on how too?

I can’t bring myself to do that.
People pretty much offer every time I post a picture but I’m not going to cheat.

He is very controlling on the types of pictures I’m allowed to post online. Now thinking about it, it’s funny since he will jerk off to everyone else’s pictures but I can’t post ‘showy’ pictures.

Then talk to him about your sex drive, you needs etc. How come he can masturbate to other girls on fb but can't have sex directly with you? You guys need to talk.

To me it sounds like you're in a very bad relationship right now. There should be a space in your relationship to discuss this type of thing. You should not be proud of yourself that you snooped after him, but it sounds like he's been snooping in the first place.
It sounds like your bf is not happy with you for some reason, and can't bring it up openly either. You guys need to talk to each other and find a way.

leave him and get a new one

You've been with him for over 2 years don't feel ashamed foe talking about this.
As to how to start a talk try initiating the sexy time and when he rejects you start talking

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Lose 200 pounds, start bathing, stop laying there like a big fat pig.act like a woman instead of a female

Would it be too petty if I posted a picture, just with a small amount of cleavage, as I know he will get mad at me (like clock work), then tell him to masterbate too it?

Yes. Don't fucking fuel his shitty habbits and just talk to him instead of being a retard

He’s at his parents how right now, until Saturday. Shall I text him?

Hes toxic if you cant even speak to him about his masturbation habit, you need to grow some balls before going into your next relationship. He doesn't give 2 shits about you. Hes just waiting on you to leave, because he cant bring himself to break up with you.

This Do you really need to talk to him about this now? I wouldn't recommend texting

You sound fat. Are you fat?

I’m very worried this is the case.
He’s an angry guy and I prefer to tread carefully around everything. He hasn’t done much to make me this upset before so I’ve never had to confront him.

127 pounds, I’m 5ft 2.

You’re not ever going to stop him from jacking off to other women, you can ask him to respect your feelings but we all know when he’s alone it’s going to happen at some point.
If you can’t get over his compulsive habit then leave him, and move on to someone who’s sex drive matches yours better. You’re not married or have kids with this guy right? So nothing but your emotions are stopping you from getting a man that’ll treat you how you want.

He’s made his choice sister, just do right by yourself and be strong.