Third job i got turned down from for not being "enthusiastic" enough

what the fuck can i do? how can i force myself, or pretend to be more "enthusiastic" about working?

i have been NEET almost a year and applied >1000 places. i have a degree and 5 years work experience. i have gotten 0 jobs. i've asked why i didn't get the jobs, and the most common response was i wasn't "enthusiastic" enough

wtf? how can i fake this? is there a drug i can take?

obviously i don't want to work, but i need to work for money.

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Develop an interest in people

Maybe start a new career? I was neet, granted I broke free from that with 5 years at the same company. Probably why I got job offers, but like almost every single in person interview I went on I was offered the job. Ironically, the jobs more interested in me were fields I had no experience in like a plumbing apprenticeship or lube tech. I ended up taking the entry level auto tech job.

Fake interest for people or try to relate their lives with yours, I’m in sales, I’m introvert as fuck, so my morning ritual consists on prepare and concentrate into the thought of me talking with people, when it time for action I talk about them, about me, about how fantastic everything with the product is, and i get home depleted of energy and i sleep about an hour or so, I eat, I go for a run and do other stuff and by that time it’s already 10:00-11:00 ish so I sleep again. The thing is you need to basically create this persona who is a super friendly guy who’s interested in others, it’s draining yes, but well it has served for people to think I’m that way

To be honest with you I'm way to distracted by that arse in those tights to pay any attention to your problem.

Fixed. All women are uggo without makeup.

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Fake it as hard as you can for the interview then return to normal.

They are all ugly on the inside

True. Wish we had never given them rights.

Employers need to think that you're still in the matrix and will swallow all their bullshit; pay them lip service and play along with their shit.

Depends on what degree and position you are in but generally enthusiasm is "I'm eager to make this company hold a personal stake in my life".
Think about it as if you were the picker for a club team. Skills are a definite plus but you also want people who look like they're willing to dedicate themselves to your team. They may be there for other reasons but you want someone you can rely on to pull more than their own weight when it comes down to it.

The Reality is OP

Boomers who still control 60-80% of hiring decisions are narcissistic.
I make a company between mid 6 and low 7 figures of money per year.

They pay me 25% lower than the industry average.

Boomers are human shit.


I've been a NEET for many years and it's harder to figure out what to do given my anxiety issues , not thinking I can handle a ton of hours (maybe 4-6 to get started to try to get used to working def not 6+) or being around people much but still feeling that social pressure because (muh bootstraps america) that people just think I'm lazy and maybe I am slightly but who isn't. I'm trying my best to figure things out and to try to fix my problems without being overwhelmed about it.

1. Consider yourself an actor playing the role of an enthusiastic applicant.


2. Do some research on the company. Google news about them and read the annual report ot shareholders. Score points by being abl;e to say "I know you're about to make a big push into the consumer sector and I think it would be exciting to be in at the beginning of that" or whatever

most baby boomers are retired now, it's time to stop blaming them.

If you've ever seen Jordan Peterson in a relaxed conversation, I unironically got my first job by doing that.
Most people rehearse their answers. When you pause on a question about your past experiences and really think of your answer, it makes an impression. That's a part of charisma.

I think maturity and seriousness is a better way to show enthusiasm than some hyper happy kindergarten teacher crap. Don't talk to them like they're 5.

What degree? STEM here. The job market's pretty tight right now and people seem to only be hiring internally. Everyone in my major had an internship in a place that had open positions and took them. I was one of the only ones that couldn't count on internships so here I am 7 months later working at Wendy's. Have had 10 interviews, only 2 went bad. Everytime I ask for feedback it's "oh you did great we just had an internal hire or some contracts fell through and we can't hire anybody rn". Either that or I'm a creep and no one wants to tell me. But I doubt it since I've done a mock interview with my friends dad who said I was fine if not good.

Develop an interest in cocaine.

Fake it, I'm an introvert and I can't stand people but I've nailed every job interview I've ever had because I'm good at showing and telling exactly what they want to hear. The best thing if you only have to fake it for the interview/assessment day, once you get the job you can just go back to your quiet self because you already have the job.

Sorry m8

my degree is economics (but from the top ranked uni in the state) and my work experience is web dev

I don't think people much care where you went to school if it's accredited. What does econ even qualify you for? Accounting? Stock Broker? You could probably get your start at a tax place near you.