How do I ask a girl on a date?

How do I ask a girl on a date?

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Everybody loves a compliment.

Well the thing is, so tu know any? I mean are you even close to a girl? Are any of these girls at least open to the idea of going out with you? If you say yes then just do it, just asking random girls out will make you look like a creep,

>Well the thing is, so tu know any?
Yeah, plenty.

>I mean are you even close to a girl?
I have friends who are girls but those aren't the girls I want to ask on a date.

>Are any of these girls at least open to the idea of going out with you?
How am I supposed to know?

Please help


Just ask random girls out. You will learn how to not care about rejection and will actually land one or two successes

>one post says asking out random girls is bad and makes you a creep
>the other says ask out randoms
Which one is right?

At one point you will need to learn to not give a fuck about others and do whatever the fuck you want. If you see a cute girl in the library or wherever, missing out on trying to get to know her because you're afraid of looking like a creep is retarded
is a retarded pussy

I've never asked out a random girl before because she probably already has a boyfriend.
Getting rejected is one thing, but asking out someone who's already in relationship makes me feel like a real slimeball.
That's why I always try to get to know girls first.
I've considered trying it with random girls, but I don't want to look like a sleaze by asking out a girl in a relationship.

Now anons I know you are all autistic so I went ahead and put this together in list format to make it easier on you. Literally walk up to girl say one of these. If you feel confident you could make up your own but let's not kid ourselves this is Jow Forums.

1. "Wanna go out sometime?"
2. "Do you like coffee?"
3. "Let me buy you a drink"
4. "We should hang out."
5. "Wanna catch a movie together?"

If she says yes you have a date. If she says no repeat with a different girl.

Was on a date and at the end as we walked by my dorm I instinctively said goodbye and went home instead of walking her to her dorm (about 5 mintues away). How bad did I fuck up? I mean in terms of gentlemanliness.

One of those 5 should be good, but my question is: Should I go up and ask any girl, or only one I already know?

It seems like your problem is that you care so much. Why are you so terrified of looking like a slimeball? So what if she's in a relationship? She will tell you, you say sorry and you both move on with your life.
I'll say again, learn to not give a fuck. Stop trying to please everyone around you and stop caring if they might get a bad impression on you. Nobody fucking cares about you. You are nothing, you are meaningless, you don't matter. And that's a good thing, because you can do a lot of fucking things people who actually matter can't do without being judged publicly. Like talking to girls and being rejected without it being a world-changing sensation

I just want to know if this is a common thing that happens a lot.
Is it normal for someone who's already in a relationship to still get asked out by lots of people who don't know her relationship status yet?

Not him but how do you talk to a girl you have no class with? I just always see her on her phone sitting in the halls.

Yes it is, I asked out girls who were in relationships because I didn't know. After they tell me that, I just say "Oh well". I still talk to two of them because I have class with them, but I'm not going out of my way to chase them and trying to win them over.

Don’t actually ask a random girl out as Your first interaction. That’s just dumb as hell. Talk to her for at least a few minutes and see if you actually connect, then ask her if she wants to go anywhere. Otherwise you’ll just be wasting time and potentially money.

>I'm going to go do x at the weekend, do you want to come with me?

Its not hard dude, the hard part comes after when you have to impress and broach intimacy.

Not that badly desu, unless she was clearly gagging for it. Girls nowadays seem to think 'I'll walk you home' means you expect to be banging. Even if she was in to that, denying her it isn't necessarily a bad move.

>"wanna fuk?"


If she’s a friend:
Just talk and ask about her interest, or if you know something she likes bring it up casually. Let her talk about something she likes. Then you have two options.
“Wow you know a lot about [insert] Think you could explain more to me lunch/coffe/park. I like seeing you get so happy.”
Or if it’s a hobby.
“That’s pretty interesting. Where do you go for that? Think you could show me it sometime?”

Option two is more for geekier chicks.

Is she isn’t a friend, just be brutally honest:
“Hey. Sorry for bothering you, but I couldn’t help noticing you recently. You’re bag/hair/clothing first caught my attention, and I was wondering if it would be alright to ask if we could talk some time.”