Have a crush on a girl lets call her "A"

>have a crush on a girl lets call her "A"
>"A" has a boyfriend
>"A" sets me up with her sister lets call her "B"
>i go with "B" for a week while at the same time i develop feelings for "A"
>almsot sleep with "A"
>break up with "B"
>tell "A" i have feelings for her at party after she bangs her boyfriend
>tell her i need to take my distance because this is making me feel bad
>"A" tells me she has feelings but they are not that strong, she's jealous when i talk to other women but we can't be together
>go out for drinks with "B" just to relax
>end up sleeping with "B"
>"A" sends me a message mad saying that i shouldn't play with her sisters emotions like that etc..

I don't know what to do, what the fuck should i do?

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You should have focused on fucking her sister so that they would gossip about how great you are in bed, plus if she got jealous when you talk to other women, just think how jealous she’d get when you’re giving her sister the good dick

Either cut contact or date B while you look for other options

>i shouldn't play with her sisters emotions like that
typical asshole man using women

How did i use her exactly?

For you to even ask this proves your lack of empathy. You fucked B knowing its not going anywhere and out of spite since A is fucking her bf and rejected you. You used B.

Pfffttt. B's a little whore who just wants her sister's crush insider her. She's a dirty little whore that deserves to be "used" (the funny thing is, in 10 years when B comes knocking on your door, you wouldn't dare call her "used goods," and will instead pat yourself on the back and say, "she picked me over all the other guys :^D"

>that deserves to be "used"
you're a fucking dickhead and A knows it

I'm not op but A knows her sister is a slut.

>you're a fucking dickhead and A knows it
I think A is the fucking dickhead here knowingly flirting with someone while being in a relationship.

how about you fuck off

Toasty roastie kek

you sound like a real white knight


Go with B
If you go with A both B and A's boyfriend (let's call him C) will hate you
But if you go with B atleast A will dissapoint abit in you

I already spoke with B, we both said that what happened between was was fine, but we can't be together, she is still sad about her last breakup and is moving to another city so anyways nothing will happen.
Girl A is in a relationship and already told me she doesn't want to leave it, and even if she should she wouldn't get into another one.
I think i'll just take my distance from girl A while staying friends, it sucks because she was my bestfriend and we could share a lot of things together, but life is life.

>she was my bestfriend
No she wasn't. She was a girl you pretended to be friends in the hope you could fuck her and she said no.

Not really, we started school together when i met her, i had no feelings what so ever, i was here when she was depressed, she helped me when i was down, we both started developing feeling when we started cuddling together while watching movies.
She confessed that if she weren't with her BF something could happen between us.

There's no way anyone involved in this high school drama is over the age of 18

We all are in our early 20's.

Some people have other sex friends you know.

Cant you be attracted to multiple people thats a decent way of looking at it bit now you need to do A and the mom and you will have conquered that family.

That phrase makes no sense

You're stoopid

What the fuck are you on about

This is like those math word problems. You could make a text book om social interactions with exercises like this. As an autistic man, I would greatly appreciate this.

Not sure if you're fucking with me or not


You'd be surprised

user, if a girl is taken and has been fucked she isnt worth it. live by that rule. ok? if she was a virgin then you kill her bf but if shes a thot then shes lost her princess card. shes just a fleshlight.

i love you brother. i know these feels ok. she just isnt worth it. find a fresh girl.

fucking white knight. dont listen to this beta son of a bitch user. hes likely a fat virgin.

Probably a woman

>Why is she mad that I fucked her sister after I broke her heart?

How did i break her heart?

are you serious? lmao

nope, I know how guys are, one played me and my sister and when my parents found out and forbid either of us talking with him he had sex with our whore cousin.

Well he was a piece of shit, i never meant to play with neither of them, i was just in a weird situation