Sex Advice with taller GF

>me. 172cm (5'7'')
>her. 180cm (5'11")
Have been dating my current GF for a while, and the sex has been very good.
But I've been noticing that experimenting with different positions has been quite tricky due to her long legs and height difference and my smallish penis and angle (11cm).
Old reliables like missionary, the leg-on-shoulder, cowgirl, using wedge pillows, do work. But although we've gotten doggie to work for example, it's quite a strain as our genitals don't align most of the time.
I have a hard time lifting her up and shower sex seems like a pipe dream.

>Any advice or experiences to share?

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Do doggy style on the edge of the bed. If she can spread her legs like you see splits in sports, she can adjust height with angling her knees. If you are that short for that, you lay her down on the bed and let her legs float You could also try and get a semi hard cushion if you wanna do doggy on the bed, that should do the trick. Generally you don't necessarily need to do all these fancy positions, stick to whatever works for you best and is enjoyable for both of you. If you aren't super insecure about your height you can get a hard cushion pillow that doesn't look as out of place like a small step would

Thanks user.
>Using bed's edge
Have tried it, yet unfortunately my bed seems at an unfortunate angle and has sharpish corner to bang against. But I'll definitely try it again and again.

>Generally you don't necessarily need to do all these fancy positions, stick to whatever works for you best and is enjoyable for both of you.
I agree, but I must say (more than her) I like experimenting and see what works and doesn't...gaining experience as it were.
I know she likes to be manhandled through experience (which I do naturally), but it bums me out that I have a hard time picking her up like she'd probably like to.

>If you aren't super insecure about your height you can get a hard cushion pillow that doesn't look as out of place like a small step would help.
I've actually been thinking of that, because I do own one (the rubber-based IKEA ones for children, have had it since I can remember). But I'm not sure she'd be happy with that considering the connotations.

Femanon input would be extremely welcome.

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Femanon speaking
First, as a tall girl it pleases me to read you (same height as your girl) because i never attracted smaller guys - like there was some invisible wall. It really narrows dating options, which is a bummer when i find some of said smaller guys attractive.

Why don't you ask her ? If you are both standing, she can slightly flex her legs (nice workout, and she will be able to take a bit more control of the movement of penetration). In doggystyle, i don't see what trouble you have - she can spread her knees, or just lean lower (chest closer to her knees).
(Sorry not native english speaker so i may have used the wrong words about movements, hope you understood)

Standing? Or are you out of reach?

Sex is for procreation, not recreation. I hope you heathens burn in holy light.

>another manlet with a tol girl gf
My nigga.
>me 5'6" (167cm)
>her 5'10" (178cm)
Lifting is possible, but you need to get swole. As for for shower sex, you have to get swole af for that. I don't mean visible, but functional lifting muscle. You pin her back to the wall, make sure your tub has grip (good grip) for your feet, and have her wrap her legs around you. It's tough but the only way.

Using the bed as a point of balance for doggy is what I do, also next time you get a couch or a chair when she's not looking at you walk up to it, see how it levels out to your dick. She has a desk chair that I can sit her on, gives me a chance to play "doctor" and bang.

Also, my cock has a bend, not sure if you have something like that, so I use a position like pictured. Since my dick has a leftward bend I grab her right leg and prop that on my shoulder, so my cock hits her g spot as I thrust.

You really have to get creative.

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bro you have just given this manlet so much hope and optimism. I'm lucky that I'm more attractive than the average but have always viewed taller girls as out of the question. I'm gonna go for the next hot amazonian I run into thanks to you. Godspeed brother

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not all lottery tickets are winners. hot amazonians don't like manlets for the most part until they are at the age where they can't get chad

anything's possible user. I don't need to fuck the entire amazon just a few limber trees ;)

Wrong. Typical Jow Forums kissless virgin who has never asked a girl out thinking he knows all there is to know about women.

>wrong, typical hole with no experience

>It really narrows dating options, which is a bummer when i find some of said smaller guys attractive.
I am afraid I will be able to elaborate on this too much as (you can choose to believe this or not), before I dated my current GF I wasn't even actively aware of this social convention. I just talked to girls and if it didn't go anywhere, moved on. I genuinely don't understand it either. I would be even happier if she wore heels, which she hasn't done yet.

>Doggie style
This we've actually begun to figure out, although it took some adjustment also because she has wide hips/large butt. So it is sometimes hard to say what you're doing.

>Flex legs
Assuming you mean squatting, we've tried this and she is capable of it as she has strong legs from sports. But that in turn often is made harder by her sliding or me getting tired of the mechanics and angle. It is possible when against a wall though.

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Everybody i had sex were taller than me. One quite more than 8cm, it was like 18cm iirc. And literally have a dick of 10 cm so i know how you feel OP.

One position that worked with the tallest girl was sth like doggy-reverse cowgirl, so essentially i was on my knees sitting on my feet and the women bounces on me sort of.

This allowed me to get it going somewhat good i guess so i was happy with it. And i am quite a short dude 160cm(5'3") so except for missionary and cowgirl this was surprisingly a nice discovery for me.

Man i love tall ladies..

My experience with girls is that I'm not a manlet so I don't need to worry about this.

Cool to be talking to someone in my situation. >Just as a matter of interest, do you get looks (positive or negative) when out and about with your GF?
>Can you get her to wear heels?

Now back in topic...
>Being ripped
Must admit I'm not a very buff guy and don't have a lot of lift power. Being s climber/martial artists I'm not adapt at lifting stuff other than myself.
Do you manage endurance when under the shower, because often the more 'unintuitive' positions tire me out after a few strokes and thus are hardly worth it.

>Using furniture
I've found a similar strat using an IKEA sofa I have which is the exact height for her to sit on. But standing sex is neigh impossible. Just don't reach. How do you do it?

>Dick curvature
My dick is just straight up when full hard. It makes positions when it has to point downward impossible, meaning I always have to come from down under (which I've to do anyway)

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Good to hear that user.
I personally (you can choose to believe it or not) didn't know about this height related social convention until I dated my current GF. She told me that when we meet in class, she was instantly smitten, so it's a luck game as well.
Just be a chill about it and don't let the social pressure get to you. It didn't influence me (because I was oblivious) which helped, I'm sure.

In bed, I can give you the personal advice to me dominant. Tall girls are not used to it and apparently find it refreshing to be manhandled a bit. Choking, dirty her that you're the man and you own her.

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Huh. You lucky bastard.
Since 13 years old people told me, as i was taller than everyone else "it is gonna be so hard to find you a boyfriend" or "whoa look a guy taller than you, you should date him even if he is an ugly cunt, he is your only option".
Also noticed that people had a strange inferiority complex around me. All of them thought i was so snob and behaved like a superior being although i always lacked confidence. And although i was fit an taking care of how i look, only taller guys would hit on me - like i was invisible to all others.
I even learned to arch my back because my friends (those bitches - but at 13 every girl is a bitch) didn't like to walk at the side of a taller girl.

Hahaha this is funny to tell now. At least men don't harrass me in the subway on in the steets late at night, i am grateful for that.

Sorry i couldn't find any solution to your problem - never had a smaller guy.

How do you get a taller gf?

Tall girl approving on being dominant. Always been my kink.

Read here.

This is very interesting to me, femanon. Although I don't know too much about her backstory and previous guys in that regard, there are some insecurities I've observed in her as well:
>slouching: she does this mostly in public, but always in photos. It has gotten better with time.
>putting weight on one leg: probably to seem shorter.
>avoiding heels: i like the idea of her wearing heels, but she only wears flats or boots.
>enjoying being manhandled during sex: I am aware that this is not unique to taller girls, but I have a hunch it might be that she is not to used to guys being a bit more dominant around her, esp. in bed.
>likes being called 'little ___': enjoys the idea of being 'cute'
I would be extremely interested to hear your opinions on some of these points.

From where I stand (and apparently guys have different views), I do not see any point to feel 'less of a man' for walking around with my personal model. Even the opposite. She recently told me she felt safe in my arms and likes lying on my chest which (I must admit) makes me proud. I'm not a great looking guy by any means, but just getting a girl like her (half-Russian, ex-ballet dancer) has gotten me some compliments. It is beyond me why guys would want to miss out on such opportunities.

What I would do if I were you is to try to jump over your own shadow and approach guys yourself. At some point you'll meet someone who, like me, doesn't know or care about the height difference. We are out there.

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I want a tall gf to hug me like this and let me rest on her lap.
Fucking hell bros I feel so lonely and I really dont want to become an alcoholic

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OP, I'm going to type a word - one word - that's going to change you and your gf's life forever:


Not just for you, but for both of you. Just make sure your stilts are at least five inches longer than her stilts. You can thank me by naming your firstborn after me, Wilt.

You're a lucky bastard, OP.

I wish so much to flirt with the cute, tall white girls at my campus but I'm just an average height mexican dude. They're so beautiful and angelic with long lovely legs, but I feel like it's so far-fetched of an idea and I'd have no chance.

Bro, I'm not OP but just go for it. At the end of the day people are going to talk shot no matter what so live it up. YOLO

>a girl that will break the rules


Ask her to pick ya up and cradle ya like a baby, manlet boi

Funny picture, user. Showed it to my GF, she too found it accurate.

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Exactly, you will never need to worry about this because you will never have a girlfriend.

Unless she is something like a power lifter, the guy will be heavier and stronger than her. You clearly don't understand how large the difference in strength between men and women is. If you had had intimate contact with a girl ever, you would have known this.

Women's heigh is the same when they laid down.

She was fully hesitant before, she still kinda is but the way I put it was pretty much "you're already taller, a few sexy extra inches won't kill me. Take the heels, let them see what they can't have and what I get love every night"

Yeah endurance counts for a lot, which kinda sucks since you are tired fast. Try to up what you can lift, if even just a little. I doubt she's much heavier.
Standing is something that is really hard to go, so I don't often get to. I'm still working on that one. If it curves up, her on her back would actually be the best. You seem to be doing what you can, and I think you do the thing where you place the pillow at the small of her back which helps them take the D.
They are out there. Really there actually more than we even know, a lot of them don't actually mind the height difference but are deal with their insecurities about what others will think of her. If you radiate confidence, basically saying "baby, fuck what they think, I got you", they will give you shot. Sure some are just height queens, fuck them, not all of tall women are. As says be dominant, don't let their height bother you. Treat them like you any other person, sure make a few jabs at your own height but not too much and they won't care. They love it, make them feel like the little girl. (Not ageplay, but you get what I mean.)
Yeah, my gf used to slouch as well. When ever she slips into it. I go up to her and physically correct her back. I want her to stand tall, I love her height and she should never had to hide it. Sometimes she even teases me about the difference, but I take it well enough and just laugh.
Gf did that to me at the mall when I was looking at stuff. Good God, it was probably the best hug I had ever gotten. I love her.

Tall girls are fucking wonderful. So much leg to run my hands on. I love it.

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