Advice on how to stop hating women? This is a genuine question...

Advice on how to stop hating women? This is a genuine question, I don't really enjoy getting angry at women but whenever I have to be near them I get pissed off

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Tell me a little about your background. Did you grow up without a father or were you abused in any way? A lot of feelings that we have as adults stem from experiences we had in our formative years, so if you want to begin changing your additude it would help to work through some of your issues from the past.

Why do you get pissed off around women?

The underlying issue is that you don‘t get your needs met and that you‘ve been taught an easy way out of feeling responsible to get them met - blaming women.
It‘s very tempting, yet it is not going to solve anything.

Modern women are all horribly broken repulsive creatures with no feminine qualities. The fact you realize this means you are mentally healthy. Embrace it.

A) i know just as many broken, repulsive men with zero masculine qualities.
B) i know a fair share of very decent females irl

The issue with this mindset is that you don‘t give people a chance anymore. You have very strict ideas with zero wiggle room and thus are very likely dismissing a lot of pretty decent women. I don‘t get how so many guys today feel entitled to a perfect woman when they are not more than a spineless waste of breath. You need to bring something to the table to deserve the girls on top, what a surprise!
And mind you, with that i don‘t mean „having a good job, having a career, having money, a house, a car, good looks, yadda yadda“.
With that i mean that you need to be mentally healthy. The good jobs, friends and doing good in life naturally comes with being mentally sane. Most guys simply don‘t get that. They think that girls are superficial and materialistic, yet the only reason why girls would ever care about those things is because it is one of the only signs of someone not being a complete mental case upon meeting them. And you better find out pretty fast or you‘ll get accused of „leading men on“, „sending mixed signals“, „friendzoning/keeping beta orbiters“ and a huge pile of other shit.

My dad was a deadbeat till I was 16 at which point he came back and basically pulled the whole fresh prince of bel aire pappas got a brand new excuse thing. He didn't try to contact me again until after I graduated and now he feels guilty about never being there and keeps tryig to contact me to "make it up" but really his desire is self serving and all he wants is me to absolve him of his guilt. He cares little for me. I was never abused, and I never really tried to get a gf.
It’s hard to explain but I often over hear them having conversations about shit that seems mundane and I don't know why but it really just gets on my nerves. I realize that's not logical but that's usually just how I end up feeling. And a lot of odd things can really just prick me the wrong way and get very irritated. I'm very good at restraining my emotions though, and almost everyone that knows me seems to think I'm ambivalent to most people. I should probably mention whenever I hear women discussing sex or relationships my skin usually bristles. I have a massive insecurity around lesbians, which often have the opposite effect of angering me and instead I feel a hit to my self esteem and quite a bit of inadequacy. I think it stems from this unconscious feeling that I'm never going to be someone that person desires. I have a feeling part of it is due to me just being hyperaware and good at imagining what other people think of me, which probably isn't that high, and I internally respond in the same way.
Again I acknowledge it’s not healthy and I would like to change for the better

>hear them having conversations about shit that seems mundane

Gee, i wonder how many times you have deep, meaningful and personal conversations in front of complete strangers. Those soul baring talks are reserved for privacy, but you wouldn't know that since your social skills seem nonexistent.

Also, stop feeling sorry for having such a „mean dad“. Get the fuck out of your victim mentality.

have sex

I’m sad to hear that. Boys need astrong father figure in their life to show them how to interact with the world and with women. It’s not unusual for someone in your situation to have anger issues. I would advise you to go to a therapist and discuss the abandonement by your father. There are psychotherapeutic techniques that can teach you to control your anger and relate to women in a much healthier way.

>And you better find out pretty fast or you‘ll get accused of „leading men on“, „sending mixed signals“, „friendzoning/keeping beta orbiters“ and a huge pile of other shit.

I don't know about this. Sometimes I think they just enjoy fucking with men's minds when they do that. I don't hate women but I had that happen to me a lot of times and I doubt they simply out of nowhere thought that I was not mentally sane and that's why they decided to ghost. I think, a big part of women are just cruel like that.

What’s the relationship between fatherly abandonment and attitudes towards women?

A, this is about women, slut
B. you don't know how many dicks they suck or what other horrible things they have done. No one says they deserve a decent woman just that we want one. I would rather be alone than with a whore or any modern woman who has negative value. Yes they are all like that

You have to understand that women are just people and not all that different from men. Some are shitty and some could be the greatest thing that ever happened to you. Try engaging with women in actual conversation. Not romantically just casually to try and get to know them.

Stay away from cult shit like r9k or youll end up like this
You are still self reflective enough to make this thread. Life will be miserable for you when you end up hating literally half the human population.

>simply out of nowhere thought that I was not mentally sane
Yes, user. In fact that was exactly what happened. Something you said or did or are was too much and they could no longer see you fit to breed with. Some girls have a high tolerance for those kind of things, others have low tolerance. Depends on how much dignity she has.
Then there‘s also the issue that girls are trained to never throw anyone off from a very early age, so they try to stay empathic, non judgmental and understanding for a lot longer than they would have if they would have learned to be honest with themselves. They also often don't dare to call is quits because soibois today are so weak they feel the urge to shoot up schools if the girl they fancy doesn‘t drop their panties the instant they feel entitled to it. And believe me, the meme about guys being surprised about girls not kneeling in front of them and sucking their cock for holding the door open for them is a lot more realistic than you might ever realize. Most men don‘t do „nice things“ because they are good humans. They do them and keep score. They think that some actions make them entitled to pussy, which is definitely not how this works.
You better be thankful that girls don‘t breed with such weak faggots, otherwise humans would have gone extinct thousands of years ago.

Just to explain further than I already did, children learn how to interact by watching their parents interact. If there is no father, a young boy simply has no one to model their (male) behavior after. And since male behavior is charactarized by agression, not having a dad produces a man who doesn’t know how to contain his agression.

A) No it‘s about humans. Neither men nor women live in a vacuum, it‘s correlated. And the guys who „hate women“ are exactly those subhuman golems.

B) yes i do. Do you? No you don‘t. You just assume it. Which is pathetic and you know it. But it‘s nowhere as pathetic as feeling threatened by a girl having had sexual experiences before you.

Or you know, just using men for validation until they get bored of them. I doubt they go that far with their thinking.

And i get that you want one. But you can‘t blame women if one doesn‘t magically appear in your bed when you turn 18. you actually need to be of equal value if you want one of the good ones. That‘s why i know you‘re an entitled prick. Because clearly you don’t deserve a good girl, yet you feel like it‘s the woman's fault you can‘t find one.

I agree, there are women out there who do that. But just because some are sour grapes doesn‘t mean you can condemn every female and blame her of doing that.
Just like not every man is a rapist because some are fucking idiots who have zero decency.

Single moms are crime factories

That‘s true. But i wonder why nobody ever blames all the dads not taking their responsibilities serious in those cases.
Ofc a singe human will get overwhelmed by the task to raise a kid all on it‘s own. But you know what? Those single women at least still get up every day to look after their kids, unlike the dads of them who are now free to keep knocking up other girls and then leave them and continue being a selfish asshole.
And no, it‘s not the woman‘s fault alone if a relationship doesn't work out. The guys are just as responsible to work things out instead of running away. Sadly, the concept of taking responsibility is a very foreign one to most modern males.

Christ stop getting into this shit flinging match. All I want is some advice on how to improve my attitude towards women. One of the only things I think that’s helped me is reading sylvia plath's bell jar. I actually felt sympathetic to esther, and I want to feel like a more positive person

The underlying issue of hating women is that you are not mentally sane. So work on that. It‘s all there is to it.
You know how to do that and you know where you have work to do. Find resources to learn about how to fix the things that need fixing and just start. The rest will fall into place all alone.

You are absolutely right, but unfortunately, the women who fall for those selfish assholes are themselves often the product of a fatherless childhood. They don’t have a dad to instill them with self worth, and so they end up looking for a guy who is abandoning or unavailable.

It's always the woman's fault,she chose the father, she chose not to abort or use birth control

Your current attitude is healthy

>girls grows up with a selfish asshole dad
>falls for selfish assholes

Explain to me again how this is women‘s fault?
How is it not „selfish asshole dad‘s“ fault?
Also, the selfish assholes those women fall for are exactly those guys that are not mentally stable. Yet somehow it‘s girl‘s fault for not being able to distinguish between a sane and an insane guy because they have never had a man in their life who actually was sane so they would have a reference point?
And they are taught that it is materialistic and superficial to care about stuff that indicates mental health (like being healthy, respecting themselves, not being a broke idiot, having social skills, having dignity,...). So when they go over all the warning signs because YOU GUYS have told them that caring about those things makes them shallow whores, then it‘s again somehow their fault for falling for that?

>it‘s the woman's fault for falling for a guy that‘s not 100% mentally sane, yet that‘s exactly what you expect from them, since you expect them to fall for you, who's definitely not mentally sane
>it‘s the woman‘s fault that bc is not 100% reliable and it‘s not also the guys fault who whines about how he can‘t keep it up with a condom and tries to guilt trip her for wanting to be cautious
>it‘s the woman‘s fault for not killing her loin goblin because guys like you have told her that she‘s a monster and a murderer if she does that and that she has to reap what she sow

Yes, i see, your arguments are waterproof user.

I think you’re confusing me with another poster. I am not saying it is their fault. I am saying that children, boy or girl, need a stable mother and a stable father in their life in order to be a healthy adult. A fatherless childhood affects girls differently than boys. Earlier I said that OP’s anger towards women is caused by his absent father. That’s not his fault. His mother, who was attracted to an unavailable guy, probably grew up without a father, and was similarly inclined to display predictable behavior, such as hooking up with an unavailable guy. Again, not her fault either.

Basically I’m saying it takes two screwed up people to create an unhealthy environment for a child to grow up in, and subsequently, that child, boy or girl, is likely to repeat the pattern as an adult.

i feel you man.women are shallow,not all of them,but most of them yes.
Women are considered deep - why? Because one can never discover any bottom to them. Women are not even shallow. Friedrich Nietzsche

It's always the girls fault for being a slut

I get what you wanted to say with that. But guys who hate women fail to see the long history of idiot males and females that made modern women and men unfit for healthy relationships. They think that women should just „get their shit together and be sane“, yet they fail to acknowledge how it is virtually impossible to grow up to be a sane adult when you've had idiots parents. If they demand that girls magically develop into women with perfect mental health, they better expect the same from themselves. Yet they never do that. They are allowed to have intimacy issues, anger issues, feel suicidal 24/7, are weak and entitled, have zero ambitions or at least can never follow trough with their goals, are physically underdeveloped, can only whine online about muh dick is too small, women are evil, i hate my parents, the jews dis this, society is to blame, do nothing but jack it to degenerate porn, play vidya every waking hour of the day, seriously have waifus, and so on, yet girls are supposed to just grow up sane with that kind of background? Seriously?

I agree with that 100%. That‘s why it pisses me off that men think that the issue are women and not their upbringing, which they have had no saying in. And if they expect women to work on their childhood traumas, they better lead by example. Yet i see very little of that in men. It‘s easier to just cry about women being worthless sluts.

Ask me how i know you‘ll never find a decent woman who won‘t run away sooner or later

Friedrich nietzsche was a soiboi who wanted to fuck his sister. Is that whom you get your „wisdom“ from?

Just get laid incel. It will go away after that

>i, a person who frequents a mongolian basket weaving forum,am better than one of the worlds biggest philosophers

Believe me, if nietzsche was alive today he‘d definitely frequent r9k. I‘m not on r9k, so yes.