What does kissing feel like?

what does kissing feel like?

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It's soft and pleasant. Really, kinda hard to describe beyond that. It's not the physical bit that matters, so much as the emotional bit.

It really depends on the person your kissing. If your kissing some girl with crusty ass lips it feels like kissing the sand, however if its a girl with soft and juicy lips it feels soft and plushy

Hugely depends on the emotional investment in the kiss.
It can range from „eww wtf“ to „i‘m addicted to you“.

It feels like almost nothing, it's just a fun thing to do. You might as well ask what playing catch with a baseball feels like, it's more of a a shared experience than a physical feeling.

There was a girl that used to blow air in my mouth, kinda weird


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Warm and sticky

why do people use tounge but more importantly how do people use tounge


whoa i got cool number am i cool now

You're gonna get kissed by hot girl who teaches you how to use tongue now user

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Soft and warm mostly. Very enjoyable if she's a good kisser.

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It's fun and you get to taste people.

I’ve only had two people who I really enjoyed kissing. When it’s good, it’s like sex... I swear.

Septuple sevens!!

I agree.
Love a good make out with a good kisser.

We will find a way out, user...

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I'm a passionate kisser because I love it. It's an amazing feeling, even better when you're attracted to her. I can't wait to see my girl tomorrow cuz I'm gonna give her so many fucking kisses. I'm just gonna grab her by the face and take the deepest kiss.

Please tell me what i need to do to get what you have

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I've kissed 3 girls before I met my now ex. Felt the same for me with random girls as with my ex. Maybe I was really never in love but it felt like I was.

Kiss a thin skin part of your body like underside or arm and it will be like kissing on lips because lips is same as your skin, its just very thin. For kissing with tongue you'd have to actually do it with another tongue to feel it. Unless someone else knows a trick how to do it on yourself.

it's nothing, I remember when I thought a gf would be the cure for my depression, now I have a gf but I still feel like shit

Kissing girls is a lot easier than fucking them. Especially, if you have a decent looking face. If you're talking to a girl, and she seems interested, just kiss her... or ask.

> if I kissed you would you kiss me back

If you're really into them, it feels pretty incredible. If you're not, then it's like whatever.

How do I know if a girl seems interested?

Don't kiss random girls lmao. Date someone and kiss her when you get to that point in the relation

What's wrong with kissing random girls? I've kissed more girls than I can count, no relationships nor even knowing their name.

That’s a meme or only used before sex if you’re not a filthy fucking person. If you’re asking about it pre sex tho, just kinda twirl it around if the chicks into it, think of it like thumb war just more sensual and with your mouth

Don’t be such a priss if other user wants to suck face what’s the problem as long as he’s not contracting herpes.

One step means no two steps means yes

user you made me kiss my arm!

It's very nice. Unless she has like crusty chapped lips or something it's very soft and a little warm. It will be a little wet too if you're kissing particularly hard. You can feel her breath on you since her nose is close to your face. If you have an emotional connection to the person you're kissing it is strangely addictive, you just want to keep doing it.

Like an ashtray

Like first true love and a new world

like lust and hot sex for the sake of it

like the piercing on her tongue just for you

like receiving the confidence boost you always needed from that perfect 10/10 girl in an alleyway one night when you were just two young punks

like the kiss of death that shook the world

like a siren's song and acceptance for home

like regret and sin

like the golden moonlight shining on you and god built the perfect evening in a farm field just for you

like the chapstick you put on in a desert of isolation for years until the next one comes along and the only thing you want to here before it is

I do

I got my first kiss 2 weeks ago. Didn't live up to the hype. Frankly hugs are better.

user I promise you your patience will be rewarded, as long as you are actively improving yourself. Girls find that really attractive. Dont give up.

Depends what the other person ate or if they buy toothbrushes regularly.

I get it everyone has to do it once so they get it out of the system. But having some actually somewhat understand what is in your brain and trying to help is like sex/kssing/whatever turned to 9000.

It doesnt matter how much you improve yourself if, like me, you are too scared of rejection and so every opportunity with a girl passes you by...

Bags of sand


Feels nice and warm desu...

I get big erection and precum just from kissing. Its so amazing to kiss especially if you use tongue and hold hands

Its one of the softest feelings in the world, like falling into a bed of pillows, but its pretty arousing too (especially your first time). something about it thats comforting and exciting at the same time