I want to become a Stay-at-home Dad/Husband

I want to become a Stay-at-home Dad/Husband.

>How does one achieve this?
>How likely is it for a woman to accept this?
>How bad could it possibly be?

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Marry a man.

But I'm straight.

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If you want your wife‘s pussy to be dry like the sahara for you, proceed.

Do you have a girlfriend?

I'm a 28 year old kissless virgin. I know, not the best candidate for this at all.

This, she might go along at first but she will lose respect and divorce you which she would do anyway. Then you have no job but will owe child support even tho you haven't worked in 5 years
>t. Been there done that

>t. Been there done that
How did it go for you, user?

Do you have a mental disability? He just explained how it went for him.

Basically unless you win the lottery, it won't happen. By win the lottery, I mean you find a woman who's so into you thay she wants to and can support that.

The answer you need is; find something else to accomplish. Yeah maybe keep the stay at home dad thing on the back burner, but depression comes from having a goal you never accomplish. So set goals you can accomplish, get a hobby, make friends with women till you know what kind of personality you like.

That's what I had figured. I wonder how difficult it would be to find someone like that.

I think you need to find a mommy type of woman. The one that likes to take care of you ooor the one that is so independent they like to have a maid-husband. I am more of the caring type, supported my husband when he was unemployed for more than a year. I never made him feel bad for being unemployed or think that he was a loser. I tried to help him find a career or a path in his life he could follow though. He hast found it yet and asks me if I would be okay with him being a stay-at-home husband. Perfectly fine, I can pay everything on my own and he helps with the chores as well, why should I complain?

But yeah, something in between dependent/independent or someone that likes to have a "husband with a successful career and money" will be a disaster.

I hope you anime niggas realize there are no women that act like your pic and would want a house husband right?

Mommy type seems like a dream. Do those types even exist? What I had in mind was the Independent type that wants a maid-husband.

I dated a girls who had a masters for awhile. She wasn't that type perse, but I think she could have been.
So maybe intellectual, over-achiever types?

They don't exist, that post is bait.

I think we're on the right track. Maybe someone that works all day, light a doctor?


I am a woman, living with a man for the last two years. I work, he doesn't (got back at school). I pay for everything. Since he used all the money he saved before and is completely dependant on me, it became a real turn off. I promised myself that i will dump him by the end of this week.
Understand me well, i love my job and i would not switch places. But in his case, this situation turned him into a real manchild. Lets me do all the chores and is playing on his computer all day.

If you want to be a house husband, find a job before finding a girl (an independant-loving her job) - keep this job until you live with her and make sure to demonstrate your ability to maitaining the house clean, take all the everyday burdens, cook good meals, make her life easy and comfortable. But keep your job to put some money aside and demonstrate that you are capable of holding all there responsabilities. Make it clear that it is the life you want - have a baby with her. At this point only, leave jour job and focus completely on the well-being of your family.

Short version : what a good wife is expected to do, do it. But don't be a lazy fuck who wakes up at noon and does nothing of his days.

I'm talking about my experince. I did get tired a lot though so the chores were mainly on him of course. Sometimes he would be lazy and I'd be slightly upset just for a while. Not a big deal, my job is stressful sometimes.

I think it's cute to see my husband cook and clean, he gets upset with sweeping but I don't think it's pathetic to have a husband that takes care of the house (and mostly our two dogs, they need sooooo much attention).

If you don't mind answering, what attracted you to him originally? How did he change?

male here, but from what I’ve seen this is a huge factor

there are super driven career women out there a lot of whom would actually really love a dedicated house husband (my gf is actually super driven; I like to work and contribute but she makes way more than me)

the issue I often see is that the dudes in these roles don’t actually become real house-husbands at all. they become deadbeat layabouts who contribute nothing

I’m good at decorating, good cook, love to clean, super organized, AND I have a massive social circle and wide interests and can organize fun things for us to do

you want to be an ideal house husband? Find an introvert woman who does nothing but work her ass of and then bring to her life all the things she can’t. Make an amazing home. Way too many house husbands think “house husband” means “play vidya”. Think about all the shit the wives from Mad Men had to do to be good at their shit

>demonstrate your ability to maitaining the house clean, take all the everyday burdens, cook good meals, make her life easy and comfortable

That's a gay man and no woman wants that

>How bad could it possibly be?
Let me put it this way: the moment a man can do your househusbanding, and all the shit you do but, also, can work a job and keep a career?

You're gonna be househusbanding to a bachelor pad after that.

If nothing else, at least generate fat passive income somehow, or generate income at home.
Even stay at home wives are losing out. The social exposure, the constant changing of an environment... Jobs and even school are very conducive to a person's success if they're not otherwise strongly opposed or unable. Being able to hold them is an implicit sign of character. Moreover, being able to handle the idea that you might not get the things you want in life also comes from that exposure and that also helps.

Look, I'll be straight with you chief.
I've never heard of a man who wants to be a househusband, and isn't a complete fucking non-seller. Every guy I hear who wants to be a houseboy has nothing to offer, doesn't want anything to offer, and doesn't make long-term plans. They want a glorified mommy who fucks them.

I Can't Understand What My Husband Is Saying is fucking adorable, but let's be real: anime and truth are practically opposites by this stage.
Househusbands are low, low demand and if there is a demand, it's going to come with exacting specifications like being within a height range and having certain hair or eye colours.

So if you're gonna do that angle, have something more than a pulse to offer... Yeah?

I'd be interested to hear more about your situation - not OP

That much goes without saying, I suppose. Having house skills is necessary for becoming a house keeper.

Thanks for the feedback.
>I think it's cute to see my husband cook and clean
Do your girlfriends get jealous of you having a maid husband?

I need to improve quite a bit to get to this.

Female here

For the last 2 years my spouse has been the house husband while I've worked. Now that I'm unable to do so he's gone back to work but ideally omce the current situation has passed he'll return to the household and I'll return to the workforce.
I suggested it in the first place, I prefer to have one person home at all times, and I hate just sitting around doing nothing.
I cook, clean, and do other household chores that I'm physically able to do but I find it so..lack luster. He ,on the other hand, loves the routine and the huge amount of free time he has.
Just make sure she is a workaholic, you jave a job when you start dating, and become mildly ocd about cleanliness.

It had nothing to do with his situation. We started by dating on weekends and it was great. We had great sex and shared the same opinion about mostly everything. We enjoyed the same things. I was a student - then i got a job and a place where i could live with him.

Well that's what I had figured. My situation is that I'm close to graduating university but I'm not really feeling up for having a 9-5 job. Lately I can only think about how much nicer it would be to dedicate myself to a home instead.

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any specific questions so i can focus my answer more?

Why did you feel it was important to have someone stay at home? Do you two have kids?

Yeah, bud, again you and everyone else. But the ability to do what's needed in life, whether or not you truly deeply want to, is also a skill a househusband needs.

If anything it sounds like you need a practice place, an apartment or maybe a basement suite, where you can get to work honing your house-husbandry.

The absolute state of feminism

Nope no children currently.
We weren't in a great neighborhood and both of our cars had been stolen, vandalized, or crashed into while we were at work.
Someone shot my dog through the fence while we were at work.
>we take one car since our former jobs were about 3 blocks from one another
>my dog is a sweet heart but is very talkative *woos, boofs, squeaks* people are afraid of him even though he is less than 40 lbs

my ex abs i both lived off my savings then she got a job and broke up with me because i was too lazy with no ambition even though i was making her food and breakfasts early.
you want to do it? go fail and try another method.

Mostly I'm wondering about your sense of accomplishment, how you get it.
Also, I'm imagining you as a person with a lot of self drive.. true? And if so, how do you cultivate it?
From your response I gather you're not a house husband, but could be. My questions are more for trying to develop those qualities in myself.

The real question is how do I pull a Tom Brady and marry a girl who's wealthier and more successful than I am, while still being independent of her?

thanks user, i take that as a great compliment

and yeah correct, not totally house husband, don't necessarily want to abandon career, but am very comfortable and useful in that role because of skills / bc my gf works like a terminator robot

i think most people i know would say that i have a lot of self-drive, yes. i think both that and my sense of accomplishment come from my deep and constant curiosity? sounds weird but hear me out

i'm an artsyfag, always been into creative stuff and into exploring. so i haven't made a ton of traditional career progress but i've had a very interesting life. and i haven't just fallen into it or fucked around; at various points i actually put a lot of effort into making my own life interesting. like i subjected myself to some pretty crazy stuff and worked so that i could do things that were interesting to me

so i think through this process and thru my hunger for knowledge and experiences i just wound up 1. making a lot of social connections 2. developing a sense of taste that i prize and 3. realizing that maintaining my own life effectively / being organized is crucial if i want to be able to continue having interesting experiences in my life

i think these are also the things that make me valuable to my gf; she can be extremely focused and so she relies on me to take her outside of her comfort zone and add variety to her days, on top of my skill at household things

also keep myself in good shape so i'm hot for her and work on bedroom skills / fun bedroom games etc. so i'm not lazy about that stuff either. but it's also an extension of the same curiosity thing

tripping bc i feel like it

all this to say that i think there are multiple ways people can fill the gaps in each others' lives. all that traditional gender stuff is kind of whatever to me; i enjoy aspects of it but it can also be restricting. from my experience really it's about just bringing something to the table that fits with the other person

not being the traditional provider whatever can generate a lot of feels for a lot of guys too, me included, and can make guys act super weird in relationships. so i also think an important skill in dating a career woman is just the ability to handle it and to actually place value on your own unique contributions to the relationship. i don't contribute as much in literal dollars but i contribute in other ways, and i think some guys have trouble understanding that there are a lot of different kinds of value. my social connections have gotten us free experiences nobody can buy

with all that, i'm actually focusing a lot on figuring out career stuff right now, mostly bc it feels like it's an important part of my own development. and i've got my own creative / social projects that are pretty ambitious. so that ambition is there, just in different ways

I greatly appreciate your sharing. We're this not a Tibetan basket weaving forum, I'd love to pick your brain.
I'm in the situation of feeling somewhat "lost" and as I said, you demonstrate traits I wish I had or could develop.
Thank you very much

>all that traditional gender stuff is kind of whatever to me

Everyone of your anscestors would find you repulsive and probably banish you from the tribe. Who told you that was ok? Teachers. Parents Hollywood? They turned you into a loser and that should bother you

>>turned you into a loser

whatever you say homie

sorry forgot pic

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glad if my story helped in any small way user; i wouldn't be here without people that inspired me in the same way

speaking of my role models, one of my big secrets has been to steal strategies from women. im actually a huge hairy dude but women friends and gf have inspired my approaches to life just as much as dude friends and male role models. so if i'd say anything it's just to never limit the kinds of people you crib strategies from, if it works for you it works

a lot of people here will tell you that's cuck bullshit but the results kind of speak for themselves

in fact it's kind of the whole premise of Queer Eye on netflix lol

Very large majority of women will not want you in that role, a small percent will be ok if you are a competent father. Small percent

You absolute fucking faggot