Is murder justifiable if you’ve been wronged?

As the thread reads, is it? Before it’s asked no I haven’t murdered anyone yet but I’ve had thoughts, am I wrong for feeling this way?

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Only in cases of valid vengeance, when they have intentionally murdered/tortured/raped a relative or spouse. Other than that no, murder over honor is for blacks and Muslims. Otherwise just give them a solid bitch slap to reestablish dominance.

Back to Jow Forums you sheep

Context would probably help you and others before assuming I’m some loser whose mad a girl rejected them over a date.

Recently (maybe 4 months ago) discovered a relative molested another member of my family. At first it was manageable but now that he’s basically gotten off free for it the rage I’ve grown lately has been unbearable, I’m honestly contemplating just eating the life sentence but it would destroy my family

If someone touches my mother or anyone in my family I won't hesitate to murder them (or at least break a few bones), yes, but that's self-defense. Actually attacking someone is wrong and makes you a faggot

I’m an even tempered fellow and don’t just start fights as a meathead so that’s not my issue here.

pay pros to do it for you, never get your hands dirty yourself

Oh ok I understand your anger. I know it seems like a good idea to kill him, but remember you'll just hurt your family more by going to jail. However you can still make sure that his life becomes hell. Study the law and make sure everything you do is legal, but make sure he can't rest at night

I’ve unironically thought of doing that but it would cause a whole string of needless association. Plus from what I understand the majority of those are just fbi honeypots looking to arrest gullible idiots

kill your dad OP. And me.

My family is the only reason I haven’t done anything. The person who was molested didn’t want to press charges out of embarrassment and wants to forget it happened but regularly has night terror episodes. It does not help he still lives in the area. I know where and when he works in case I can’t deal with the anger anymore

oh dang, yeah it's probably harder to do in the us. eastern europe is easier, need some hitmen to keep noisy journalists in line.

Kek that’s not me nor was it my father who did it but I appreciate making me laff desu

Don't do anything stupid. Stay smart, stay cold-blooded, and you can win over him. Could you get the molested person to press charges ? Explain to her that no one will know about it and that it'll send him it to jail

I haven’t talked to her about it but I know family members who have who said that exact same thing to her. At the very least he should have to register.

I just don’t want it to become a thing 20 years from now where she’ll change her mind and it’ll be too late to do much. As much anger as I have it’s ultimatey not my decision, it’s up to her

no it's not justifiable. straight up. that's it.

Do it for her anyways or report the guy to the police. He could be raping someone else if you don’t do anything about it. Who fucking cares if your relative doesn’t want to reveal the information on theirnown? If you have it, then you should be the one to do it.

Stop fucking glorifying victims and their stupid reasoning “I’ll do it when I’m ready”

I absolutely agree with you but it’s someone I see and interact with every day. If this was a distant relative this matter would’ve already been up to the law. It’s not about glorifying it’s about making them feel comfortable. They’re still in therapy I’m not betraying their trust over my personal feelings on the subject

Welcome to the homicidal impulses club user. It's normal to think like this and have episodes of intense fury, but consider the following: dead motherfuckers can't suffer.

I'm pretty high charisma so I'd probably cause a scene where he works. Show up unexpectedly, be loud af
>You fucking pedophile
>Was it fun? Molesting my [sister/etc]? Did you enjoy it?
>You are alive because my sister is merciful. I wouldn't lose sleep over killing you. I'd enjoy it even more than you enjoyed putting your disgusting hands on her. I'd have fun.
>spit on him and leave

Good luck and don't do anything shady, like loosen all the lug nuts on the driver side front tire of his car so it flies off once he hits the highway, or something like that

That's too easy user.
You can get someone to torture him.
Kidnap and lock in a basement in the middle of nowhere and torture for a long time is an actual punishment.

Okay OP you cannot kill him but if he were to kill himself or throw away his life. Then you wouldn't be in trouble so long as you didnt coax him into it. Lets say hos circumstances were that he had a life not worth living like lets say his boss was anonymously informed that he had done things to under age individuals. Or that maybe in girls in his life were made aware of such a thing don't do any kind of slander stick to facts obviously and again dont name drop the victim. Just let people have that suspicion in the back of thier mind they will treat him bad all on there own. If you can get compromising information about him then use more of that ammo he does illegal stuff onther than rape examples drug dealing report it. Cost him money if you can not saying destroy property all i am saying is if you cost him time and money do it. If he gets friendly with you somehow or if you have a good friend he does not know and your friend wants to help have your friend offer him drugs on the cheap no camera area obviously then once he has it call tge cops degenerated scum he is he may take the drugs. He drives drunk home from a birthday party or family gathering any alcohol in his system go make a tip to police and give his plate numbers. Ruin him slowly over time. Make it so his life gets so bad it would be mercy to kill him. Death is not punishment it is nothingness if you want him to be punished do it the way you should do destroy his life slowly. Also if you can catfish the fucker with a fake account of another underage girl then report him to authorities you will have something there too.

best advice I’ve gotten so far, thanks anons, some good recommendations here to toil around with

Justified is neither here nor there. What matters is that unless you're able to kill somebody in a lawful manner (which I'm guessing is not in question here), you have to be ready for the fact that your life can and likely will be destroyed if you do it.
I'm not trying to sell you short here, but I'm guessing that you probably aren't capable of doing it without being found out. This means you'll either be arrested or killed in retribution; so unless you're prepared for either or even both of those eventualities then I'd advise against it.

That is a reality I’ve come to terms with if I did do it but I’m trying to avoid that for my families sake like I said. I’d never be able to get away with it. If he did turn up dead there’s only maybe three people the cops would go asking for and I’d be one of them. Even in a perfect scenario I’d never get away with it

So just ruin his life legally there are was to do it.

Hit the fucker where it really hurts. His rep and his wallet. Fuck with those and you will be Gucci. Like some user said before cost him time and money. Let people know he is a lecherous perv on the down low. Some meathead might even do the dirty work for you.

Murder is always justifiable even for the most petty of acts. People are too safe and complacent these days. It's sickening.

No, never, unless you're in a life threatening situation. We're not fucking apes.
If someone wronged you bad enough to grant killing them, you can probably call the cops over it.

No bro, you also die in the process. Id probably have to do it if i was asked. You shouldn't make that decision for yourself. It is an ugly world. Know that causation has destined ALL of us to do what we MUST do. Whatever you have to do, I'm with you all the way. But I hope you come to the understanding that its a "no."

I’m not as homocidal as I was last night so I’ve calmed down a lot. It passes over like a wave, I still wanted to say thanks for the words of support either way user, it honestly helps if even a little bit

Has the victim gotten counselling? Perhaps the best way to go about things is to get the victim to the point that they feel willing to go to the police.

I still got your back. Always user.

Unless they're a significant criminal who has evaded law through money, power, or a combination.

Don't be a fool. Consider how you could get away with it.

Not him but, your statement is ambiguous.

Are you saying to go ahead and do it after it is a carefully constructed plan or not to do ot because capture is imminent? This isn't TV. People can and do get away with it all the time and a lot of times, they are allowed to. Still, I say it is generally not advisable to kill people for various reasons.

Sounds like your family/member enjoys the exploitation. While you may want to defend them, it's better to just let them continue to be exploited until they grow some balls and ask for justice. Just let them give whatever punishment they feel is necessary. Or just do it.

Yes but that went awry and the retarded therapist contacted cps workers because they were both underaged at the time, 16 or 17 maybe. I swear to this day them getting involved and contacting the school is why she got scared and didn’t want to deal with the cops.

Also to the best of my knowledge he wasn’t even visited by cps either even though he was the fucking one who did the molestation. She’s since switched therapists who said cps didn’t need to be informed if she didn’t feel comfortable with that being out there.

I wouldn’t say enjoys the exploitation but ignorant of how long she has until it becomes an unfounded accusation. Agreed with whatever punishment she feels is necessary is the best course of action. Hell if she would’ve told me to kill him I’d do it, no questions asked

If it was I would be justified to kill you for cutting into the line in front of me.

Yep, but doing it comes at a high risk and a high cost even if you get away with it. Don't do it over stupid shit, understand what might happen and only go through with it if you're prepared to accept it.

You getting a life sentence would cause your family even more pain, think about that. Be smart in your vengeance

Go for it if you can get away with it. If you all live in a rural area it shouldn't be too hard, but spend a lot of time thinking it through first and understand that you will be one of the first suspects in an investigation so you can't leave any actual proof that its you.

Probably not for wishing someone dead if they wronged you. Thats a normal emotion. However, don't do it. It's not right, the cops are going to find out, and if you honestly hate them living means they have to continue dealing with life's bullshit.

Nevermind what I said, but don't kill them. Even if the victim doesn't want to be involved, try to report it anonymously. This sounds like something you might want to talk to a legal advisor or something. They might know how to handle situations like this.

Everyone has different standards and morals. It doesn't matter if other people think it was justified, what matters is that you can justifiy it to yourself and not feel guilt

This. Justice knows no Creed. It belongs to each who enacts it.