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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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So... should I be in love or be worried? Yes, this is for a date. It's not our first date.

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Guys, what would you think of this message from a girl you don't really know ? she's not an 9/10 stacy but not uggo either, you're on the same level of attractiveness.

>Hey, we had a classes together this semester and you seemed cool. I was wondering if you wanted to hang out

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What is this some kind of humble brag? What is your issue? She seems nice. Have fun seeing endgame.

She's asking for a date. Suggest you get coffee after classes tomorrow. Then meet up, have your coffee, then if you like her ask for another date.

Nah, we're going to the ballet, and yes I suggested it.

no no no see im the girl. im just wondering how other guys would respond


what's it like for a woman to be hit in the crotch?

Fellas please help. Been talking to a guy for two weeks but only text messages so far. And i noticed that he likes to compliment me alot. when i said that i workout, or at the very beggining he was saying how hot i was. Which i enjoy so im not complaining. But is saying too much that someone is beautiful or hot sketchy? Like a guy complimenting too much mean that he just wants to sleep with me only? Should i be worried? What are some signs i should look out for?

It does hurt. There's an ache feeling to it.

Oh gotcha. I think it's a little too far for a girl. He's gonna think you just want to fuck. I have a girl that does shit like that all the time to me, and it was a HUGE headache when I found out she wasn't just desperate for sex.

You can absolutely ask a guy out but I wouldn't do it quite that way. Get to know him a little first.

>But is saying too much that someone is beautiful or hot sketchy?
>Like a guy complimenting too much mean that he just wants to sleep with me only?
>Should i be worried?
>What are some signs i should look out for?
There are none. Those that you think would be signs are uncertain.

Girls, whoever dates me will earn a big easter egg. How about that?

He's probably a sperg or low self esteem and thinks he's lucky to have hooked a pretty woman.
As long as he'd not asking for nudes or steering the topics to sex, you're fine

Ok thanks friend. I like this guy so hopefully its not a dud.

>Get to know him a little first.
that's why im trying to hang out with him outside of class. idk how else to do that. am i suppose to chase after him after class and try to get to know him as he goes to the next class or stalk him before class? theres no opportunity to talk in class either.

i thought getting straight to the point would be appreciated

his mind of seems to be geared towards sex or something casual.

Tinder Help:

23 M, city population of around 2,000,000, maybe a 6 or a 7 looks wise. Looking to hookup and casually date. Have had maybe 80 matches with everywhere from 3s to 10s since redownloading around March 25.

I use a wholesome sexual pickup line*. Maybe half haven't responded. The rest has been a very positive reception. Either she's down, or down with everything except the A at which point I will offer to change it to A for Alcohol. They say that's "better lol", yada yada. A couple messages pass back and forth and then I try and close.

Almost every single time I try to actually arrange the date whether it be for hooking up, a bar, coffee etc, she's conveniently out of town for the weekend, doesn't respond anymore, or unmatches. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here at all. I want to think I'm not doing anything wrong but I'm certain that it's me cause you know they wouldn't decline a Brad Pitt. Is this a common experience or something? Is it the attention they enjoy? The humor? The pickup line is bad? My intentions? I know it's a numbers game but these numbers seem quite bad... 80 matches. 0 dates. I've hooked up with a 3 followed by a 4. Baby steps, lol.

Anyways, I just need a little help here cause I would like to actually meet some of these girls, even if it doesn't lead to anything.
Here is the line*

Are you down to smash?

S - Spend quality time together

M - Make memories

A - Anal

S - Smile and laugh

H - Have a wonderful time

>am i suppose to chase after him after class and try to get to know him as he goes to the next class or stalk him before class?
When you put it that way, no not really. But sometimes there are opportunities. Like if the guy is asking questions. Or ask him questions about the class. The advice I usually give guys is to do that, have a short conversation on one or two occasions, and then introduce yourself, "By the way, my name's [name]." Then you're on first-name basis and it's a LOT less awkward for you to message him.

Like if you don't know the guy at all it's frankly weird. I'd suspect you were a scammer in all honesty.

Another thing that worked for me ages and ages ago was to message asking for some basic info about the course that I needed, like what was covered on an assignment, saying I'd lost my copy of the syllabus or something. Or that I hadn't been in class that day. I literally cold-messaged a few people that way before and had brief conversations with most. Of course, I wasn't looking for dates then so I didn't exploit it. But in retrospect it would've been a lot less awkward to talk to them than to someone I'd never spoken to before.

Anyway, if you can, find an opportunity to ask him about something in the class. If you can't, then think about messaging him to ask about something in the class ("Hi, I'm [name] from [class], sorry to bug you but I was wondering if you knew whether [topic] was on the [upcoming quiz/test/whatever]?"). From there you'll have at least spoken, and it becomes WAY less weird to suggest you get coffee together at some point in the future.

I don't advise asking someone you've never spoken to before.


Nothing wholesome there ya dumbass. Like it's funny banter but it's WAY too explicit.

I guarantee 100% that's why you can't even get a coffee date.

Do chicks honestly enjoy getting their asses eaten out? I’ve been told by friends that all their girlfriends seemingly loved them more after they did it.

Their some kinda chemical in a girls asshole I don’t know about that’s triggered by the tongue? My sex life is incredibly casual

So what should I do? Looking to casually date and not hookup so I'm trying to give the girl a heads up from the get go... Any help there?

My ex said she loved it, but when I did it she wasn't reacting as great as I expected. Nowhere nearly as explosive as she was having her pussy eaten. It was honestly a bit of a letdown the first time I did it.

But she had asked me to do it that time and did ask me to do it again. So there's that. Unfortunately we didn't last long enough to really get in the groove of butt play with her.

Sorry, meant hookup

Thanks but i actually already did all that. Talked to him about class and tests and such a couple of times (had to chase him down after class, dont really want to do that again). Never introduced my self though so i guess thats the next step

Don't bother giving them the heads up. It's crass and a turnoff. Yes, most girls on Tinder want something more. But that doesn't mean you can't just get some quick sex. Just don't act like a teenager that thinks you should just get laid by asking for it. You do need to put in work.

He should be creative enough to find something not physical about you to compliment.

Message him then, "Hey [guy], this is [girl] from class, we talked the other day. [basic question about some subject from class]?"

Here's my advice: Ask him if he's studying the stuff and if you can come by or meet up and ask him some questions about the course material. You can honestly do this tonight.

incel detected

Would a guy describe himself as a nerd while having a conversation with a girl he's interested in?

Yeah that’s what most of the lads said. They were told prior that their chicks liked having their asses eaten, I unironically thought they were joking at first. I’ve done occasional butt stuff but never full on ATM

How'd I do here girls?

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Yeah but make it sound confident. Being a nerd is fine but saying it like you’re putting yourself down makes women see you as a weakling

Well thank you, I suppose actually going on the date and letting everything unfold naturally is better. I'll probably just delete my account, wait a month, and start over with a "cleaner" approach.

As long as she's clean it's not bad. My main problem was it was a bit boring for me because she just wasn't giving me the reactions she did when I ate her pussy. Afterwards I actually asked if she was enjoying it, and she reassured me that she was... it's just that the butt isn't as sensitive as the pussy so... yeah I dunno.

Like I think it's hot, eating a girl's butt, so I'll do it again, but I think I like eating pussy better.

im a gril

Yeah it really would depend on her response for me. If she’s not going to be over the hill “enthusiastic” I see no point in experimenting with the turd side of the moon

Her? use of emojis is really annoying, jesus how do people text like this?

she's obnoxious and you're to serious

and an incel? yikes

She's pretty awkward to be honest. I think she's adorable.
She's adorable, but yeah, I pushed it a little there for the hell of it. I feel like her response was a little flustered, like it was out of character.

This message is alright if the dude knows who you are. I would like it direct and uncomplicated. In addition he will know your intention anyways sooner or later so just try it..

girls can't be incels, there will always be a man out there desperate enough to fuck me

male incel pretending to be a girl detected

>He's gonna think you just want to fuck.
I would wonder how she got my number, and be suspicious about her intentions, but I wouldn't think she's a whore based off that alone.

it's social media not his number and i technically got it from a "mutual" a club we're both in posted a picture of him and tagged him

Is it true that women get attached through sex? I feel like it might be. Like I didn't get attached at all to the person I lost my virginity to, but I dated a man who was amazing at sex and I still can't forget him, probably because I haven't had an experience close to that since.

No I'm not baiting

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Do relationships start out a little awkward? We're together since last week, but we've known each other for a while. I am getting closer to her but I feel like at the same time I'm distancing myself by doing and saying all the wrong ( but very minor) things. She enjoys spending time with me and we talked about our miscommunication and cleared it up but I still feel like I'm at fault. She said she sometimes feels like she doesn't deserve me because I'm so sweet but I'm afraid I don't deserve her.

lol what the fuck?

yeah, whenever i get to have sex with someone i wanted first and am attracted to it fucks me up if they don't like me as much. i settled for my ex and didn't give a shit about him when we broke up i just wanted to ruin his life in hopes he'd kill himself.

How do you feel about girls pretending to be guys online? Im a girl who plays an MMO as a male character, and I just let my friends on the game believe I’m a real guy. I have my reasons, but at the same time I feel kind of guilty for reverse catfishing them. Should I feel bad for doing this?

It's a game,not a dating website. FFXIV I'm guessing? Most "girl" players are guys anyway. It makes no difference.

Purely in a workplace context:

Girls, what does it mean when you're interested in me but make no significant attempt to take things further beyond looking at me, playing with your hair and saying hello to me? Are you nervous? Not sure I like you back? Curious but not attracted? Already taken but flirting with me anyway?
I don't know what you're expecting me to do. Approaching you now would feel like grounds for harassment. I like you back, but you're not making things easy, and I like my job too much to do anything bold.

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I don't really function that way, even as banged out as I've been. The negative qualities that dudes get make the dicking memories bitter and forgetable. I may not forget the largest I've had, but I also remember how much of a psycho asshole he was so I never want that again.

Good enough.

>It makes no difference
Thank you, this helped. And no, not FFXIV, I play OSRS

So most of the time when I'm trying to talk to a girl or flirt I'm either very uncomfortable or bored out of my fucking skull.

Should I learn to enjoy talking to girls more or should I be waiting for a girl who I don't hate talking to, if that makes sense?

A girl seemed into me. I kinda ignored her. I realized my mistake too late, tried to save it. She hasn’t messaged me back and it’s been a day since I messaged her. Is it over for me anons? Do second chances exist?

>she hasn’t responded to my message after a day
>should I just kms?
Jesus fucking Christ.

Can I ever tell what a girls intentions are if she starts a conversation with me? This shit keeps happening, just now while I was waiting for a sandwich at a coffee shop this literal 9 started talking and you can imagine what happened in my head. Do girls usually start talking to strangers at a workplace if they have the option not to?

How would I go about asking my gf if she would be down to have a threesome with her friend. A little background, her friend has seen my dic pics and since then ALWAYS complains to my gf that she wishes her bfs was as big as mine(im 7inch) cuz his is like 4.5 and she always says shit like i wish i woudlve gotten with him aka me instead of my current bf. Her friend is also a very sexually open kinda person. So like how do I ask her without offending her and making her think i dont want her anymore?

dude just fuck her

Flirting is a dance. I've done the first step by doing this thing, now it is up to you.
What you should do is approach. It's not harassment.
>Sexual harassment is bullying or coercion of a sexual nature and the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.
Walking up, saying hi, if she tells you to fuck off then going away is not sexual harassment in any way.


She seems too casual and friendly. Have you fucked or done anything that crosses over friendship?

We haven’t slept together.

There’s a long backstory here that essentially translates to, no, I’m not being friendzoned or taken advantage of. Basically we’re getting back together after a long time off when she put a lot of effort in trying to get me to date her seriously despite me showing little interest.

If she's even remotely attractive I'd be down.

Went on a date today, seems to have gone well, text girl message like
>Had fun talking let's hang out again sometime
She replies yes lets hang out sometime with a smiley emoji

How long should I wait to arrange a second date?
We're both busy tomorrow and she works the next two days so it won't happen too soon
but should I message her tomorrow to set something up on Tuesday?

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What is the best way to approach a girl in campus without being creepy? Just smile and say hi?

>Cleared it up
Good job keep communicating
and stop overthinking it, it will take time to discover each other's feelings and moods

Yes but have a follow up question to start conversation
>Do you take the anthro class?
>What do borgar in cafeteria taste like?
>Do you enjoy weather?

These are all actually pretty good conversation starters for meeting someone in real life.

Thanks for the response. It's difficult when I typically don't have an excuse to start a conversation; that's how our workplace is. We're technically "coworkers" but almost never have a reason to speak to each other. I hate to feel like she's making an effort and I'm wasting opportunities, but that's how things are.

Thanks for these conversation starters. How should I approach if I always see her on phone and never looking up? How do I grow a pair and bite the bullet and approach? I have approached girls from class, but never ones with no class together.

Thanks lad here's some more
>What type of transportation is preferred?
>Where does one spend most excess time outside of learning institution and currency generation?
>How is ones current state?

Scare her.
Like spook her from around a corner.
Then apologize.
Then introduce and start conversation

Nah. Regular oral is way better, but apparently, from what I've heard from certain friends, anal is somehow easier to get guys to eat out, rather than asking for regular oral.

Thanks for the advice. I'll try to grow a pair and smile at her if she looks up and try to start a convo. I've been rejected a lot lately so it won't hurt too much, it's just that I never cold approach. Spook her as in lightly touch her on the shoulder?

>Spook her as in lightly touch her on the shoulder?
That would be assault.

>had 2 partners total
>have been afraid of going there again for 5 years now, because of how insanely attached I get from even a single session of sex
No idea what the is wrong with me. My childhood sweetheart I slept with at first was just devastating to lose, and when I tried again around the age of 20, it was just the same reaction all over again.

I legit lose all sense of rationale and can't as much as consider any bad signs, and outside factors just doesnt seem to mind. Turbo oneitis just strikes me super hard.

This would all be fine if guys weren't masters of deceit. Legitimately thought my dad would kill the first guy, due to how quickly he turned on a plate after just a month of us being together. I had legit known him my entire life at that point, as had my parents, and none of us saw it coming that he would just insanely jump on another girl who showed interest in him. It sucks.

>Eating assholes is easier than eating pussies

t. Licks buttholes

>anal is somehow easier to get guys to eat out, rather than asking for regular oral.
That's fucking silly. Eating pussy is at least twice as much fun. This new generation of men is seriously fucked.

I did the same, though I did play female characters. Most assume you are a guy by default. I just picked up their writing habits and learned to write more or less like they do, using the same kind of swears and terminology to obfuscate it more. And avoided voice comms at all cost.

There are no girls on the internet. That means you aren't dating, they arent getting any sexual favours from you, and you should gain no benefits from your gender. Ever. Cut it out and act like them, and never bring up gender.

I just pretended to not notice the messages whenever someone asked questions directly related to guys, or just purposely ignored it. Closest one got was calling me gay.

>Shoulder touch?
No way dude, bump into her or something if you have to but try to just use her lack of situation awareness (phone stare) to startle her

You need to separate emotional and physical attraction
t. Mr. Easier said than done
>Masters of deceit
Don't let some immature boy rekt ur shit, lady

>So like how do I ask her without offending her and making her think i dont want her anymore?
You don't.

You can bring up an open relationship. That's the best option you have. Regardless, the message will be the same. At the end of the day, you are saying that you want more than she can give you. Maybe she is fine with that, but the only real way to bring it up, is to discuss an open relationship, where you figure out what limits you are willing to agree to, and then try to push for a threesome.

Just realize that this is a something for something thing. Don't expect to her to agree to bring in a girl, and have her not want to bring in a guy, with or without you. Most guys who want a threesome with 2 girls, are for some reason never okay with the opposite, but for some reason never understand why their girl would then object to their fantasy.

>>Eating assholes is easier than eating pussies
I dont know about that, what j said was that it is apparently easier to get guys to eat ass, rather than pussy.

No idea why that would be. Closet gay, I assume.

Or just simply gay.

Getting too close to female genitals is nasty, but their literal shithole is not? The only reasonable explanation there is gay.

>You need to separate emotional and physical attraction
>t. Mr. Easier said than done
Yeah, I wish I could. I dont know why it gets this bad. I am not even sure why I lump them together like this, it just mindfucks me so much.
>>Masters of deceit
>Don't let some immature boy rekt ur shit, lady
The problem is just that both of these guys have seemed nice for such a long time, and both parents and friends all seem to like them, but as soon as sex happens, it is like it takes them a month or two to go for another girl.

It's like all that matters is the chase, and as soon as they get it, they are out. And they just universally seems to be extremely good at hiding their intentions.

I feel attracted to a girl but have no idea what to do, what getting a gf entails, not even sure if I really want a gf, or if I'm ready to include one in my life. For reference, I'm really busy sorting my life out, don't have a lot of interesting hobbies, and don't have any friends.

Its a bit of a pain. If I ask her out and it goes wrong, it might not be pleasant as it's a class which doesn't change much for the next year.

What to do? Is this infatuation I should wait a while to see if it passes? Am I gonna regret this? Wtf is a gf for and am I even in the right to want a gf atm?

>Yeah, I wish I could.
It's almost like waiting until marriage forces you to do just that....
It's almost as if...being a whore wasn't actually a good idea.

People tend to regret things they don't do more than things they do. You're making it a bigger deal than it is. Even if you ask her out and she agrees to go, she doesn't automatically become your gf. It just gives you a chance to get to know each other to see if there could be something there. That alone can be fun and won't interfere with your busy, dull, friendless life much. Just ask her out, see what happens and don't overthink it so much.

>Meet guy online through a game
>we chat a lot, and end up even finding out we live relatively close to each other (about 50 minutes by car, could be a lot worse)
>I ask if he wants to hang out
>he suggest a gaming centre near him, with a lot of different games both electronic and board games
>dress very casually due to the place we were going for, so regular pants and sweater
>spend an entire Saturday there
>was sorta hoping it would be more like a date, but there was this obvious feel of "friends" about the thing
>afterwards ask if him over the phone if he would mind a more private date next time
>sorry man, I'm not gay. I respect your choices and all, but sorry.
>I am born and raised a girl, but apparently no breasts means guy
I know I dont look super feminine, but... this kinda made me want to either get breast surgery, or just kill myself. I legitimate haven't slept the past two nights over this statement of his, and I have no idea what to do in terms of myself. I know I'm probably like a 3/10, and I know my face isn't overly feminine, but I thought well kept, long hair at least made me appear more girly, but I guess not. And the way he said it was just way too genuine. I just know this was a legitimate and truthful response, designed to hurt me as little as possible, except he apparently straight up didn't believe I was a girl. And we had just spent an entire day together.

I have accepted a lot of rejections over the years, but this one just killed any confidence i had left. How on earth do you recover from something like this? What do you even do from this point onwards?

>waiting until marriage
Literally nobody does that in my country, and I know exactly nobody who would ever marry someone without having sex with them. So yay for becoming an involuntary celibate?

That's how I meant to approach it, honestly didn't even expect anything if I tried. I can make her laugh but I know absolutely nothing else about her.

My other problem was finding a good time to ask her. We're often with other classmates and I'm pretty sure girls react unpredictably when with peers.

>Hiding their intentions
Protip: All dudes wanna smash constantly, despite what they say.
>Seemed nice
>Others liked them
Find someone you really are infatuated with, don't rely on the opinions of others.
>Fall madly in love with someone first
>Then enter bone zone


I'm a girl, and I don't know what to tell you, other than breast surgery has a relatively high risk of going poorly. And seriously, if he thinks you are a girl, he likely will even if you have breasts, he will just assume you got them on your road to becoming a fully fledged woman.

I'll be honest, this is one of those cases where I would just send him a nude selfie if i were you. Just straight up smack him in the face with it, and see how he takes that. Remember timestamp and his name to ensure he can't call it fake. Or straight up undress while you are with him so he can see you arent a guy.

Ask that faggot if he needs glasses

I got a girl in my major's number a few years back and stupidly never used it

I actually want to talk to her, we have classes together this semester

Should I just talk to her after class and ask for her number like I don't have it? Any help girls?