Is this actually unattractive to women?

Hi guys. I need advice

How much truth is in this video?

Does man have to be 99% of the time strong and not show negative emotions and vulnerability? Is it true that man has swallow his negative emotions and can't have "shoulder to cry on"?

I specificly mean his points from 13:10 to 19:55 (in case if video seems too long for you)

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i asked a woman if she thought this was true once and she said that only someone severely mentally ill would think that

so basically yes it's 100% true. Appear as able as you possibly can.

Yeah is true, girls dont want to be your mothers

Not watched the video, just fyi.
>Does man have to be 99% of the time strong and not show negative emotions and vulnerability?
>Is it true that man has swallow his negative emotions and can't have "shoulder to cry on"?

Is there ever exceptions? (Like: death of family member, friend or pet?)

How about point that was in video that when you are feeling jealous, you shouldn't tell or express it?

Nah. I've heard of girls leaving after their SO teared up upon hearing news of a loved one passing. It's best to cry when you're not in their presence, or risk losing their presence

Being honest about your emotions and feeling vulnerable is so scary to me that any guy who's not afraid of it is a sort of hot super-human hero in my eyes, so nop.

Yeah that is fine, as long as you can get up

short answer: no
long answer: nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooiiii

Ok boys come around look at this example here, L points stick at the female poster: See how she says she is not afraid of a man of his emotions and doesnt say she likes a guy that would cry? So why did she say that? Is because she is attracted to a guy with good emotional intelligence.

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Depends on the reason for the jealousy. I'd never date a jealous person but pulling me aside to tell me that my interactions with someone are making you jealous so I can tone it down or stop it entirely would be very helpful. So basically if you're jealous cuz you're insecure, you shouldn't express it but if you're jealous due to reasoning then that's fine. Just make sure you're not coming across as furious due to the jealousy if you're telling her about it for the first time, or you will get told to fuck off usually but not cus you're expressing emotions

Jealousy is a weakness. Either she respects you enough or you are too insecure.

Even if you are in a relationship you will feel attracted to others. Women do too. But they keep boundaries.

Emotions. They are beautiful, but you should keep them discrete, that is key, you cannot be a mess.

Women in general are not looking for the same thing, but being stable is important to most.

You should be able to love puppies without restraint, play with a baby, dispose of a snake without making a fuss out of it and without killing it, love your family enough to make a phone call every so often, talk about what you think briefly, not cry on sad movies but be able to say out loud "that was sad".

Something like that. And showering, grooming, healthy food and exercise. You might need to take therapy too to make sure you are stable and confident.

Emotions are important. As a prop to meet women, they need to be subtle in your weakness, temperate even at extremes, and enjoyable when meant to be enjoyed. Discrete.

Men always think not showing emotions means not crying or opening up but will always be quick to anger.

Anger is actually the emotion you should give up, and you can do that by opening up. It's actually true for both sexes that they can't share emotions. Women are called too emotional for crying, aren't taken seriously when angry, and are expected to smile all the time.

Men are told not to open up, that crying is acting like women, but anger is totally fine. Totally insulting to everyone and detrimental to society.

Don't project negativity onto anyone in bitterness, blame, anger.

tl;dr. You seriously think someone wants to watch a long video?

IMO this is true to an extent, but I think you have the idea he's saying men need to be emotionless tools who only know how to stick dick in pussy and search for food. Yes, women want a strong man. Ideally a "strong" man gets shit done, can handle criticism, has solutions to common problems and isn't afraid to get his hands dirty; not necessarily lifting heavy weights.

tl;dr: don't act like this: (sorry for poor quality)

>girls dont want to be your mothers
It's one thing to express yourself but another to go crying to your gf over everything.

Yes it's true. Never ever listen to a woman about things like this. Everything they tell people about what they like is wrong. Do the opposite of what they say.

>I specificly mean his points from 13:10 to 19:55 (in case if video seems too long for you)

If we go by video: How would you react if someone texted your girl "Hi beautiful"?

Half of the posts are by women.
Guess which ones, since you seem to have the innate ability to know this.

>Learned to deal with shit from my dad
>He would bottle shit up untill he eventually explodes or lash out at people
>If a man cant handle his own problems he cant call him self a man.
>Now he's seeing a shrink
> lose respect for him
> he opend up to me how he cried in therapy but he feels better after
>what a faggot
>Lost my temper on two recent occasions. Had trouble maintaining my composer and cried in frustration.
Self harmed as punishment
This week I wrecked my sink.
> was pissed at and destroying it was the only thing that made sense
I know that this isnt the best way to deal with this shit but I feel like a failure as a man.

Jesus christ, see a therapist. Self harm makes you more of a failure then repression anyway

And I don't want to be their father and tard wrangler.

I think you can show and express your emotions as long as you aren't bitch about it

This. Don't ever cry. Learn from my experience



I think crying in some cases is acceptable like death of loved one or finding out your loved one has cancer or something, but I don't think it's okay to cry if Trump wins presidental election or other puny shit like that.

So, crying is okay if there is good reason for it

It's not just women that are emotionally unintelligent and unstable, btw. Men just experience less of these emotional discriminations because of patriarchy programing.
Jealousy is not a product of love, and I will die on that hill.

You can tell a woman wrote this post, lol. Anger gets bitches wet. This is common knowledge.

This is some straight people bullshit. Consider the source of this advice OP: a guy who’s channel is called “bulldog mindset”. He obviously is going to give you advice that reinforces those stereotypical gender roles because that’s the whole point of his channel. People will think that what he’s saying is true because it’s the most generic sad advice out there.

It’s all trash. This just reinforces old gender stereotypes which don’t help either party in a relationship. If a girl ever “test” you then you should not be with that girl because that’s both shitty communication (just say you want him to be your rock) and deceit. You’re a man but men also have emotions, and you need a partner who can handle that. Especially if you want someone for the long term, things happen, people die, life goes downhill sometimes. You should be able to be the rock for her when she needs it but she should also be there when you need it. Be open and honest with your partner and communicate your feelings. A lot of girls have issues with their partner not communicating their feelings or thoughts because the guys are stuck in this bullshit masculinity box.

Everything else you said was alright, until you said "toxic masculinity"

Men are programmed to show less emotion. So men showing emotion are more discriminated against.

Nope. I cried (visibly) once in the relationship. It was after I heard my dad died and I broke down for an afternoon. Really, she only saw a tiny fraction of it when she got home from work. And I wasn't even bawling or anything, just crying while looking at some old pictures. Fuck it. If I ever get into a relationship again (unlikely) I will refuse to show any emotion. But I'd rather not be in a relationship than bottle everything up forever

I never said toxic masculinity in that post, but yeah this is an example of it.

hahaha now i understand why incel say girls dont have a soul

Shut the fuck up you try-hard girl.

How did she react?

In my experience this isn't case. When my grandfather (father's dad) died, that was first time I saw my dad cry and my mom was very supportive of him.

So, if she didn't take it well, she was just a heartless bitch

She just asked what was wrong, tried to console, I stopped. That was it for the day, aside from her asking If I was ok. A few days later it was over.
I'm not risking it again. It's not worth it

I like when a guy is comfortable being vulnerable with me. I have problems sharing my emotions and if a guy is willing to be open with me that helps build trust. If someone is guarded around me I'm not going to let down my guard to them either.

I have a few times where I cried and got shat on by women but the last time I cried in front of a woman, my aunt shamed me for it. A friend was dying at the time. That hit me hard because she'd also seen me crying when my mother died and I couldn't help but wonder if that is what she was seeing me back then too.
After that I only cry in private or with my bros who are actually supportive.

>If someone is guarded around me I'm not going to let down my guard to them either.

Works for me. We'd inspire eachother to not break.

If you absolutely must talk about them, only talk about your problems after you've dealt with them on your own. When women say they like seeing a guy be "vulnerable", they don't actually mean they want you to be vulnerable. What they mean is that they want you to have flaws, but they never want those flaws to be apparent.
This is because if you feel too perfect to them, they tend to panic--but they'll also panic if you can't provide stability and confidence. Basically, sharing your problems after you've dealt with them lets them know you have problems too, while at the same time showing them that you can deal with problems as they arise.

>Works for me. We'd inspire eachother to not break.
That isn't desirable to me though, I just wouldn't want to be in a relationship like that because I couldn't trust or be trusted by that person.

Women crying are taken care of. Men crying are either shunned or if the situation is serious enough, left alone until they're collected again.
I've had women ask me to open up. They never entirely know what to do the few times I have. As far as the anger goes, it is a disservice. You can't have it both ways. There's no getting people to open up without dealing with the fact that some people aren't as string as you think.

I've rarely had anyone concerned or taken care of me while crying, mostly just called too emotional. Yet one guy who did opened up so much to me and cried and I was there for him.

Women don't have it easier and you are meeting shit people like the rest of us.

I think you should be open about your feelings. It's part of relationship to be open and honest, both in happy times and sad times.

Just don't cry like a baby from every little stepbacks

What a load of shit