Found out my boyfriend of now 11 months has been trolling gay men on a dating app. He admitted to it, said he was not gay/bisexual, and was doing it because he found joy/pleasure in leading people for sex somewhere and not showing up, then immediately blocking them. I understood it because two of my friends in high school (with around the same personality as him) did it too, like on grindr/tinder, whatever.

anyway, I decided to give him another chance, saying "if you do this bullshit to me and hurt me ever again you're out of my life" and I made it clear.
i told him that this second chance was his last, and he needed to deactivate the account.
Found out 10 minutes ago he didnt. He has deleted the app, yes, but not the account.

I took it into my own hands. I deleted the account, but before I did I looked and made sure everything he told me was true: there were no pictures of him doing anything 'physical', there were only texts and immediate blocking, and the account was gone for good.
1. there were pictures.
2. there were texts, but just leaving people on "read".
3. if I could have logged onto the account, it was obviously not deleted.

I didnt check how far the texts went, he said hes been doing this since his junior year like my high school pals. I was just so shocked (if that's even the right word that describes me at the moment), that I deleted everything.

I need your advice:
-Was what I did justified?
-Should I go back to him?
-If I do, what would be the next step for fixing our relationship?
-Should I tell him what I saw?

I'm really at a loss here, and could use anyone's help.

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He didn't respect you enough the first time, why would he a second?

Haha all these used up roasties think they have value and the loser guys they are with would rather sniff a man's ass, something a man would never do

Thank you. I really needed that.

He seemed like a genuine dude at first, I just dont know why he would want to experiment with anything NOW. but with our one year coming up next month, I dont know what to do.

Let's face it women are boring, all you are is a cumbucket. He can't ever have a conversation with you about anything meaningful he probably wasn't aware how vapid females are and is trying to figure it out. There really isn't any point to you existing unless you bear his children

Regardless of all else, you have to ask yourself whether you want to continue to date someone who has so little regard for other people and is so clearly stuck in a high school chucklefuck mental state.

My answer would be a very hard "No," what's yours?

Furthermore, closeted gay/bi men or those that are confused about their sexuality but don't want to admit it often do this.

I'd say to move on and that it's not worth the effort. This is not someone you're going to be spending the rest of your life with.

You shouldn't tell him what you saw, though. He'll just turn the whole focus around on you looking through this stuff, rather than the real issue (which is him being a confused, sad cunt).

Kill yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can Google a few convenient methods, I recommend doing it at your earliest convenience. You know you're never going to do anything with your life anyway, faggot.

Your bf was having a douchebag kind of fun that you're familiar with but you somehow took it as cheating. You forced him to give you his account name and password, and delete the app. Later you checked in secret to make sure he had been obsessively thorough on it.
You are insecure, controling, and will push your bf into finding another girl who feels less like a collar around his neck.
Instead you should had feigned interest in his fun so that he would keep you up to date and show things to you on his own.

Did you just assign blame to a front hole?

Dodged a bullet with the closet fag.
Only repressed gays do that shit.

I'm an incel.


No one is gay they were just brainwashed to think that so they won't breed

He needs a better hobby. How could this be funny more than once?

Huh? I don't understand what he's done to wrong you. Who cares if he trolls gay guys? You could have gone with him on a date at the same place and laughed as the guy waited their for his date that was never going to show up lol

you could have really had a lot of fun with this! MMF threesomes are the best. You get so much good dick that way.

Because it's really about validation and skirting the line between erotic and joking.

I mean he confessed to you
You didn't just figured out yourself and then he had to stop
I think he genuinely loves you and confessed to you because he want to advance the relationship and doesn't want lies between the two you and honestly he didn't actually cheat on you or something what he did was wrong Ofcourse but if you think he was through these 11 months a good man in general you should give him another chance.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you a lot for this.
I'm at such a loss, I have no idea if I'd stay with him or not. i really love the guy, he is the best boyfriend I have ever had in my life. That's why it's really hard to come to a solid "no" :/ .
Thank you on the closeted advice, I really want sure if it was the case, but the more I think about it, it just seems to be more real.
I dont think I will tell him about what I saw. Thank you a lot, this really means a lot to me.

The most angry I've ever seen a roastie. Thanks for the laugh

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How would you feel if your partner was secretly sending pictures of dildos in their asshole to other men, which they swore that it was "nothing" and a "joke".

I'm sorry that he destroyed all of my trust for him and in him right then and there when I caught him. I'm sorry that he told me that he deleted the account but didnt have proof. I'm sorry that he has the exact same password for everything he owns, and I was lucky that it was my first try.

I'm sorry I've never been this heartbroken before, and I'm sorry that you wont understand because you think I'm insane.

I asked for advice on what to do now that I've done this "villainous act", not for why I did it.

Thanks anyway, fuckface.

Thank you.

I wish I knew, thank you.

Thank you, I appreciate it.

>How would you feel if your partner was secretly sending pictures of dildos in their asshole to other men, which they swore that it was "nothing" and a "joke".
Dude, that's really gay.

you sound like a dumb cunt you should leave him for his own sake

I wish I knew , thank you

He’s closet gay and this is his way of getting off without coming out.

>He admitted to it, said he was not gay/bisexual, and was doing it because he found joy/pleasure in leading people for sex somewhere and not showing up, then immediately blocking them.
Sound like he's transexual instead.

fk off psycho wtf ...he ain t even talkin to girls fkin gelous bastard

Not bi but hangs around gays and bis.


>trolling gay men on a dating app
that's kinda gay desu

When did "there were no pictures of him doing anything 'physical'" turn into "secretly sending pictures of dildos in their asshole to other men"?

>I asked for advice on what to do now that I've done this "villainous act", not for why I did it.
Look, you want to keep your next man or not?

I'm just not into that :/ , thank you though.

hes been sending dick pics and more, without letting me know prior. Dont get me wrong, it would be funny as fuck watching them get frustrated. I just dont know how to take all of this. what if he enjoys it more than hes letting on, yknow?

Anyway, thank you for your time.

That's what I'm thinking :/

Thank you

He told me, "I promise I didnt send any dick pics or anything else, just texts."

what i found: dick pics

thank you for your time

I really don't know what to think anymore, thank you for your time

Lmao that's fucking hillarous, I used to do the same thing along with a friend. Turns out if you're young you don't even need alot of pictures in order to convince 50 yo homos to drive 2 hours to see you behind McDonalds. Our goal was to get two of the old fucks to meet.

okay, thank you

I guess he was on the same page you guys were haha, thanks for your time

Trolling people online is still hurting real people for fun. A lot of guys think that the way they act online has nothing to do with who they are in "real life", but it's just an excuse to vent out their sadism and anger and avoid feeling guilty about it. He sounds really immature, OP. It's not strictly "cheating" in the traditional sense but it is a major red flag. If he doesn't understand why his behavior is fucked up he'll probably just find another online population of people he doesn't feel guilty about hurting and continue to troll, just without the dick pics.

People who catfish others as a hobby tend to have mental problems. I would think seriously about whether you want to stay in this relationship. He seems to be serious about you, but if he can't quit the trolling you might wind up finding out he switched to sending anonymous hate to children on tumblr/catfishing on instagram as a hot girl/etc one day. How can you believe he's sincere about his feelings for you if it's that easy for him to lie and lead people on?

I would have a serious talk with him about it and see if he's willing to give up the malicious trolling. There are benevolent trolls, too - you can prank people without being cruel & have fun without hurting anyone. What worries me is that he's relying on it to deal with anger.

you're so fucking stupid

I used to do the same thing and troll fags on this website by posting nude gifs of men fucking and what not. guys do this. they troll people, even the gays.

I would drop it. Why? because it's a fucking hobby. I used to troll hard and my target audience was gay people. hell.. thinking about sounds thrilling. I still love pussy

give up on reasons to dump men over stupid fucking shit, it will help your relationship. I fucking promise.

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Oh well that's completely different. Sorry, in that case you've done the right thing.

He told you that because he knows you're sour and humourless, and would raise a stink over nothing. Do the same then. Bait dykes with gash snaps in secret, arrange meetups and never show up. Do it a few times, then tell your bf and ask him how he feels.

>thank you
>thanks for your time
>haha thanks
Holy shit OP, just go to fucking plebbit or Yahoo answers

You're so naive. He's probably sucking ding dongs behind your back.

Where do you think you are?

Read the thread, faggots. He's been sending pics of his dong.

>who has so little regard for other people
good one

You shouldn't have deleted that stuff because it's his business and you have no right to be so controlling. However, you don't have to put up with it either. Do the mature thing and dump him.

oh yeah, also, he's probably gay. Dump him.

>Leading people on like that
>WHILE in a relationship
He sounds like a complete asshole

There's nothing wrong with giving feedback. Its annoying when my posts just die or all I get back is negativity.

Oh wait >literally hitler
Why are you still here?