How do I get people to stop calling me homophobic just because I want nothing to do with gay people...

How do I get people to stop calling me homophobic just because I want nothing to do with gay people? I don't hate gay people, and I'm not going to beat them up or anything stupid like that. I just don't want to be around them. That's a personal preference - one that I have the right to have and one that should be respected.

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Don't hang out with homosexual people.

Point out that is a Jew buzzword he is a puppet of the jews and call him a faggot

Keep it to yourself and avoid them.

lol, not always that simple, man. My family got annoyed with me recently because I refused to come with them to this one restaurant because one of the waiters there is gay. There was also this one girl I was dating recently who got pissed because I broke up with her upon learning her brother is gay; that nullified any possibility of there being a future for us. They're everywhere, bro. They're like locusts.

That is homophobic though, isn't it? Like how not wanting anything to do with niggers makes you a racist. Just say "Yea, so what?" whenever anyone brings it up.

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That's literally being homophobic.

I'm sorry to tell you this, but you are actually retarded.

You are smart most have aids and other disease and they all rape kids

Well alright lmao. I just wish people would stop treating me like an asshole for keeping my distance from fags.

Avoid those people too they are just as bad as those child rapers. If anyone ever uses any of those Jew words , racist, sexist, trannyphobe jewphobe, islamophobe never speak to them again

Just suck a dick already, closet case.

Homophobic makes it sound like you are afraid of gay people instead of having a negative opinion of them.

OP is though, his fear is gays have cooties and they will make him want to suck their dick because all he faps to are bears.

A lot of words doesn't make sense, that's just what it's called. If he was afraid of gay people I'd assume people would be more sympathetic with him rather than angry.

Do you hate gay people?

No, I'm bi and had enough of the hate from all of the sexualities.

Well, that's homophobic. People call you homophobic because you are one.
Either get over it or get over getting called an homophone.

All those words are meant to shut down criticism of bad groups of people, that's why straight white men and Christian's don't have their own special Jew buzzword. It's funny because Jews are now angry and claiming that islamophobe is a made up word

Because that's ridiculous. Why do you care that one of the waiters is gay? Why do you care that your gf's brother is gay?

I don't think there's anything wrong with not associating with gay people, but this is kinda extreme.

Exactly, OP is homophobic to the point where it's causing him selective xenophobia.
Therefor, he wants to get dicked at the soonest opportunity.

This is ridiculous too. People can dislike a group without secretly wanting to be fucked by it.

That's not what science says..

Thank you, retarded tripfag, I've been waiting to use this one.

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Wrong image, my apologies

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> I just wish people would stop treating me like an asshole
Then don't act like an asshole.

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Had a nice laugh that you fucked up while calling me retarded. Have a day.

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>Just let people treat you like shit so they don't call you names pozz parties are normal bro

Accidents happen, but that nonsense you posted clearly wasn't an accident.

How many people have you had sex with? What age did you lose your virginity?

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What are you worried you're going to suck their dick or something?

>this was posted unironically

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No. Something about them just bothers me on a primal, visceral level. Homosexuality is unnatural, gross, and I just want to live my life while having nothing to do with it.

you're the one suggesting people can't be disgusted by something without wanting to fuck it. yes a lot of people cover up their homosexuality with overt homophobia, that does not mean there's an actual relationship between the two for everyone.

also most people view tripfags as pic related.

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you live in the wrong part of the US/World... You need to move somewhere less liberal. Find a small enough town and you'll never see one. I just moved to a town with a population of 2,000 people. The only minority I have seen here since I moved (gays included) is at the Chinese restaurant.

Cause you'd rather fuck anus regularly instead of pussy's constant risk of unwanted pregnancy and std/sti, since you're actually a faggot?

>homosexuality is unnatural and gross
Alright. Then just don't be a little victimized bitch when people call you homophobic and embrace it because you are.

I can accept being called a homophobe, I just don't want to be called a bad person because of it. Gay people make up like .05 percent of the population. I treat the other 99.5 percent like gold, and I'm not even mean to gay people to begin with! I just want them to stay away from me, and I have that right.

Fuck off, bitch.

Why are you angry, OP. :) Is it because you're embarassed to fawn over boy pussy instead of girl pussy like your parents are pressuring you into?

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You have the right to your view and to live your life the way you want but your view is in fact homophobic. Don't deny it to friends and family but know that the majority of people will avoid you simply because you are black listing and entire population.
4.5% of the United States identities as being LGBT. The current population of the US is 327.2 million so you'll have to avoid 14724000 people.
My question is how can you tell someone is gay just by them being around you? Using your waiter as an example.

You do have the right. Just as everyone else has the right to call you a bad person for being a retard.

most of those are in big cities where the other fart sniffing libs live. OP needs to move to somewhere conservative and live happily ever after.

You’re afraid of gay people raping you, so don’t go to prison and you’re ok.

Either this thread is quality bait, or OP is literally retarded.

I live in the heart of the bible belt of the US. I have an 80 year old drag queen for a great uncle and several gay aunts all of them raised in the deep south or in potato land. Most of them are MAGA supporters and are Southern Baptists.
Explain how being in a small town full of homophobic people is supposed to change someones sexual preferences.

He doesn’t know he looks like a closet homosexual running away from himself by acting this way. I bet you he has gay feelings that he’s scared of.