Should I leave her?

Should I leave her?

I've been with my girlfriend for 8 years and we've been doing pretty good so far, shes been going to school to get a job in medicine, and recently was able to get one. Its been about a year since then and she's always tired and never wants to have sex.We both work and take care of each other and our families, but the intimacy we used to have is almost none existant.

I have a high libido and want to fuck all the time, so im pretty frustrated most of the time. When I bring it up to her, she will always tell me how tired she is from work and all that. This usually leads to an argument and then she gives in and we have sex, but every time I want to be intimate I have to go thru this annoying argument, and it does make me feel like shit for doing it.

I often feel like leaving her so I can go fuck whoever I want. But i feel like 8 years is a lot to throw away for some sex because I'm always horny. What do you think I should do?

As I'm writing this I am sexually frustrated, I masturbated last night, but I just woke up with a massive throbbing erection, and I'm tired of touching myself. She won't be home till 5-6 hours and I have the day off today so it's all I can think about

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>always tired
>never wants to have sex

Either she's so stressed due to medical school that her sex drive shut down (possible) or she's getting her kicks somewhere else (also possible).

do u try to seduce her or do u just demand it from her?

I do try to seduce her, i do the things I've learned usually turn her on. She likes foreplay and then when its gettings close to sex, I try to make a move and she shuts down and says shes too tired or its too late and has work tomorrow

I don't think she would be cheating, she can't drive yet and got into an accident trying to drive (she's asian) so I drive her to work or she takes transportation, maybe if she could drive I'd be suspicious

You already got her best years just move on she sounds dull and boring

OP here from my laptop,
you may be right, but I can't help but feel like I'm just thinking with my dick instead

What's left tho? She will now be tired stressed and grumpy from being a high paid wage slave with no energy for you, plus she wont need you

well she still can't drive yet, she tried but crashed (she's asian) and she does have a nice medical job but is pretty shit with other things, she is always asking me to fix her computer or printer, or other technical computer stuff like that. She's good with medicine, but that's pretty much it,

I forgot to add this bit to the last reply, I do enjoy helping her with that stuff, but yeah she is always stressed and working, so there isn't much left, I want her to quit her job or look for something less stressful, but feel like that'd be a shit thing for me to ask her to do

Try making her some damiana tea, or get her to start drowning maca supplements

after 8 years of being together you ought to be tying the knot or looking at children

i don't think you'll last another 8 years of low sex drive or her resenting you for your own natural desires

Not to derail OP's thread, but since my problem is similar, no point to open a new one.

My live-in gf is always stressed with work and goes to office 6/7 times a week. Her sex drive is gone. I don't know what to do. She either always rejects my advances with an excuse or the other. I don't know whether she's getting it from someone else or her mind is legit not there. It could be the latter because she says that she's feels so unhappy with herself and her life right now. She's also been having family problems that add to her stress. In general she's very dissatisfied, tho I technically shouldn't be part of it as I am one of the only supporters that she has.

I'm at wits end because I feel so frustrated and yet without options unless i go to hookers or start dating somebody else.
What the hell should I do ?

do you think that after marriage/kids, her sex drive will go back ? sounds really strange

No but perhaps there should have been a lot more.. focus on the future and their relationship? Increased physical intimacy could have been a part of that. 8 years just seems like a long time where the relationship and intimacy took a side role in things.

Best to cut the cord now before 8 years becomes 9, then comes 10, etc

How can she have kids she works full-time and is exhausted

Shocking that females can't handle working a normal schedule, good thing they aren't oppressed by staying home

Yeah, don't even get me started on that.
However as things are, I can't afford to maintain her for not working so that isn't an option at the moment.

She's literally wasting her life away due to wageslaving and aging at increased pace due to overwhelming amounts of stress.

You have a very legitimate reason for considering to break up. You stuck with her for a large portion of your life, and now what should be your days of bliss is instead a shitty drama.

How attractive are you physically, and does she feel that you have other girls sexually insterested in you? Most girls in a relationship would feel compelled to put out if they felt threatened to loose their partner to another girl. If not, consider worker on yourself in this manner instead of spending time master bating.

If you suddenly are spending more time at the gym and not asking her for sex, she will QUICKLY get the meaning real fast

do what this user says. Additionally, don't be afraid to bring up the idea of an open relationship.

i am and did this for years:
>If you suddenly are spending more time at the gym and not asking her for sex, she will QUICKLY get the meaning real fast

maybe it worked at first right at the beginning, but doesnt anymore since 1 year now, i'd say.
think she got used to it fast.

Medical school is fucking stressful. Likely, the stress is causing her to lose her libido. Do you do anything to help ease the stress in her life? Sounds like both of your problems could be solved this way.

>Likely, the stress is causing her to lose her libido. Do you do anything to help ease the stress in her life?
what else can be done besides being there for her and supporting?

What would those do? Make her horny?

There have been other girls im interested in, but would never let her know that, maybe I will let her know and see if that could work, thanks

But I am still very much attracted to my girlfriend, I think that's what is most frustrating, because of how much I want to fuck her still after 8 years

Thank did this. She left me for a guy she met one year later, but until then the sex was better.

Start going out, show her that you can get pussy easily.

I do provide myself for her comfort, I cook her dinner, or take her out, give her massages, but at the end of the night, theres no sex, it's flipped from how it used to be