For 17 years of my life, I was the ugly, nerdy piece of shit at school. The absolute social reject...

For 17 years of my life, I was the ugly, nerdy piece of shit at school. The absolute social reject. I turned my life around this past year by mewing religiously. Now I am decently attractive (at least according to girls) and I have a lot of them flirt with me.

The only problem is that I was a fucking social reject and have not developed skills for flirting and have no concept on how to deal with feelings of love. How can I make up for all the lost time?

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I’m dealing with the same thing. I turned around at 25. I’m 28 now and girls flirt it’s me sometimes. At the very least I get smiles and girls approach me.

Tho. I get angry when this happens. Girls bullied me when I was in my teens. So the fact that girls approaches me now makes me so fucking bitter

Trail and error bucko.

Right? Fucking whores.

Seriously. I get really angry from it. I was bullied badly by girls. But all of a sudden girls just because I’m Jow Forums girls like me now. It’s fucking bullshit

I can relate. I've been through so much that I almost think every time a girl flirts with me, it's ironic. I made out with a girl last weekend and even though she seemed like she really liked me, I still feel like she doesn't care about me and will just drop me in time.

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Haha you have way more problems than just that bro

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What do you mean?

Just wing it like everyman does. Just dont be weird to them. Been winging it for years. Not really an answer to this other then dont say embarrassing shit. It's a hit or miss formula and if your a good looking guy to the girl you could say the wrongist shit and it wouldn't even matter. Just remember only you can prevent forest fires....

For me. I get angry because I think “these girls just want me now because of how I look”. But I was very bullied by them in my teens. Girls bullied me a lot.

But seriously, fuck em and leave em. They will do the same to you after your moneys gone and spent on them. Then they hitch hike to the next guy and drain him. Bitchs are evil

Yup. I fucking hate them.

I hate them too.

Even tho I’m 28, I’m a uni student because I just started. I get looks from girls all the time. A few days ago, I had a girl sit next to me, look at me and smile. I didn’t say anything so she tried to start a conversation with me. I was immediately starting to get highly uncomfortable. I just ignored her

Weedle-dee-deed my doodly dude!

What does that mean

The idea of girls approaching is absolutely foreign to me. I notice girls looking at me pretty regularly so I assume I must be decently attractive, but I can't remember the last time a girl spoke to me first.
I know that my resting face tends to look angry or annoyed. Could that be it, or could I be unapproachable for some other reason?

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They probably weren't bullying you. They liked you and were shit testing you, but you were such a pussy you didn't use your balls to put them in theyre place like they wanted. Females don't usually pick on guys for the hell of it unless they're extremely ill socialized and ugly

Are you guys gay and retarded? So just because some girl in middle school teased you you have now vowed to hate all women for being superficial, even though men are aswell? Propably just some incels larping anyways.

Could you make a more generic post

Fucking autism, man. It's gotta be. Girls would pick on me growing up, but I never got mad and hateful about it. I would either talk shit back or even date them.

basically correcting your tongue posture and correcting damage done to your jawline by constant mouth breathing. it pushes the lower jaw forward and makes you look more like a chad.

There is a fine line between getting teased and getting bullied. Bullying is when people actively seek you (and others like you out) out to purposefully make your life worse. Shit like that completely stunts a person's ego, which creates a level of personal isolation that can most will never be able to recover from or receive properly. That level of isolation deprives you of basic social functions, such as confidence, motivation, self-esteem, etc., of which also leads into shit like obesity, depression, etc. Personally, I went through puberty 2 years late and went into high school looking like someone's lost child. Even though my body eventually thinned itself out, I'll always lack what other had in social interactions.

Having people, especially women, treat me so differently after I started to look differently just felt like a punch in the face.