I hate myself…

About to break up with my boyfriend and lose my closest friend because of my hatred towards myself. I think I’m doing the right thing but I’m scared that after an hour I’ll regret it

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Maybe a few dozen new cocks will fill the void

Sort yourself out for gods sake. Get a fucking job then you won't have time to hate yourself.

I texted my friend to stop pretending to care about how I feel and she replied that she doesn’t care. Texted my boyfriend 3h ago “thanks for not faking that you care about me” was online an hour ago but didn’t reply nor opened my message. Just texted him that I think we should break up because I’m a burden to him

I was good for months and now I’m bad again and I don’t understand why and this time it’s even worse because I’m thinking about suicide

IL, is this you?

Just tell him how you feel, and perhaps he'll be able to help you. Otherwise, have a mature in person conversation about how you need space to sort your shit out. Do not leave him outright unless the relationship is toxic and the source of your issues.


I’ve been telling him how I feel and I’m not really getting support from him. He thinks what I think is stupid and unreasonable. But now that I think about it he knows only the tip of the iceberg

You are all used up. Enjoy the decline

I don’t wanna break up with him because I love him so much but I really think I’m ruining his life right now

Also, really really wanna do suicide but I know it’ll ruin my family and that they love me so I don’t wanna be egoistical

You threw away your value so you have to live with that maybe help young girls not make that mistake if you want to be a decent person

I am a young girl myself

Do you have borderline, OK?

Is your name Chloe or do you like horses?

You are not a virgin. That was your value and you threw it away for casual sex

No, I like ducks

You need a professional to talk to. A lot of advice on here does not help you. They found out you’re a girl and they’re going all retard.

I have self-hating issues in the past. Life was going nowhere. I talk to a professional and team up with some stuff. And that I have a better job which actually brings meaning to me knowing that I am making the world a better place. Alice’s started exercising more and developed muscle and strength and made a lot of new friends.

What worked for me this is different from what may work for you. What may work for you may not have worked for me Everyone is different but the one thing that I suggest is to call someone who knows about this. Call a professional please

My mom told me to go to school’s psychologist next week while she looks for professionals but I’m scared that all that will be pointless

Anons, I keep pushing away all my closest people and I can’t control myself. Probably just lost my closest friend and told my boyfriend to block me and stop talking to me

The hand and diet of a hambeast.

Boyfriend keeps telling me I’m acting like a bitch but he doesn’t understand that I’m doing that to prove myself how worthless I am

I thought my boyfriend will help me but he just keeps saying something bad. I wish I wasn’t weak then I would break up

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Look if your bf loves you and wants to stay you dont do sth stupid like break up with him. Dont overcomplicate it, please..

I don’t think he wants to stay together with me. He’ll probably just wait till I get better and then break up with me

If you are sure of that why worry? Just enjoy the time you have with him, treasure the good memories and try to build upon them.

Dont think of a waste of time or energy, think of it as a story ending, making way for another one..

I can’t enjoy anything anymore. And I can’t change the fact that he doesn’t care about me

What are the pros and cons of being with him?

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pros: irl always happy with him, can talk about everything, have learned a lot him, interesting to talk to, funny, can cook, telling me I’m beautiful
cons: as soon as I’m starting to feel bad he’s acting like an asshole and instead of helping me he makes me feel even worse and sometimes I think he’s doing that on purpose, can’t clean after himself

Yes you can. I know sometimes things seem dark, but they do get better. Good days are ahead, i know it seems impossible but they are.

He cares about you to stick with you no? Even if he was going to dump you(doubtful) he cares enough to wait until you get better. People are usually kind..

Boyfriend keeps telling me that I’m miserable for sitting in my room and crying all day. But I don’t have anything else to do, if I had friends, I would go and meet them but I don’t

>He’ll probably just wait till I get better and then break up with me

Then you have nothing to worry about


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Update. Apologized to my friend and explained her why I lashed out on her and thank god she’s being understanding. On the other hand bf told me to stop texting him and that what I say is cringe

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This. Every other woman does it, so I'm sure it'll work for you! Be sure to send them a video of it too. Revenge always makes a woman happy.