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For old anons.

Anyone made any progress to improving their lives?
I'm trying to get Jow Forums which seems to be working but I'm getting headaches when lifting for some reason and they seem to last for days.
Trying to learn how to be a web dev since that seems to the only way to get a career that isn't hideously under-paid or requires years and years of experience I don't have. But I keep getting stuck at certain points and I can't tell if it's because I've lost brain cells working in dead-end job for years. I mean, I know a person who's not academically gifted but he's approaching a 6-figure salary in that field.
No idea on how to fix the lack of a social life, I just spend my free time walking aimlessly hoping to bump into someone.

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I got a new job that should pay at least something approaching a living wage. But I doubt the people I'm going to be working with are intelligent. Probably gonna be surrounded by glue-sniffers.


What for?

Anyhow 31 year old fag here. Pretty much doing ok. Have a small business, financially ok and looking to find my own place.

>No idea on how to fix the lack of a social life, I just spend my free time walking aimlessly hoping to bump into someone.

Better than browsing Jow Forums

>small business
What is it?

>Better than browsing Jow Forums
I don't know if that's true.

>What is it?

Online retail. It's small time. ANd it's only me and I have one employee.
Good earning potential though because I'm working 15+ hours a day

>I don't know if that's true.

Where do you walk? Man if I have free time to roam a park I would do it.

Headaches is most probably lack of water in your body. Not only during the work-out, lack of water in general. If you spend a couple of days not drinking enough and then do a work out it’s guaranteed you get a headache.

At some point I gave up on all my dreams and then everything changed.
Now I’m just accepting that I’m weird, I can’t work a normal job, I rather dumpster dive, but I’ve managed to more or less have a life.
I’m more in peace with myself now that I’ve accepted I am the way I am. Many things I just did for social inertia, and it was a pain in the ass, freeing yourself from that it’s a huge improvement in your quality of life.

I also walk aimlessly, user, it’s one of my favourite things to do.

There's a park not too far from me actually. I spend most of the time people-watching when I walk, especially if I go to the park.

>I’m more in peace with myself now that I’ve accepted I am the way I am. Many things I just did for social inertia, and it was a pain in the ass, freeing yourself from that it’s a huge improvement in your quality of life.

I think this is one of our advantages compared to our 20 something selves. But user you are still young. Dream as if you live forever.

Yeah, as strange as it may sound “I plan on dreaming again soon”. And fighting for those. It’s just that I some point I had to kind of give up, and I had never done that. It felt bad but it made things happen. Ironically, loosing all hope makes you look for new hope.

Agree 100%, I feel completely free to live life exactly how I want these days.

Popping pills and drinking beer.

30 here, life’s pretty boring. I think about death more often lately, not suicide but what’s next. I’ve given up my high school friends for the sake of my own health, party animals. Common law marriage with two kids, they break my shit often, but I don’t really mind. Things don’t really bother me anymore, my mom died and my siblings pretty much went to war over inheritance so I just avoid them.

I sometimes think back on my dreams younger me had, where I’d be in life at this age. I honestly thought I’d be dead at 20, so this is a step up I guess. I do hate getting sick so often though, due to my kids inability to cover coughs, and my wife’s inability to admit she’s sick. Sex is pretty boring to me, don’t have ED, my wife is 24 and such a huge sex drive but isn’t sexually adventurous, so I guess it’s so so with that.

It kinda feels weird being 30, I think this meme stuff is shit comedy, and I hate that people use “I was being sarcastic “ whenever they say something really stupid or shitty. I’m left feeling like everyone became crybabies about everything, so now we live in a world where no one cares about anything to avoid whatever movement is coming next. People bore me now, it seems like everyone is just stereotypical and predictable from young folks to my peers.

I don’t remember how old I was when I stopped liking cartoons, but I literally can’t stand watching new cartoons with my kids, so I usually just read a book next to them.

I guess I’m pretty ok with what’s going on at 30 for me, but I do sometimes wish things were different, regret lots of poor decisions I made in my past, and sometimes want to just get life over with.

How much is enough?

How do you do it without being awkward or just looking at your phone all the time? I feel like I need to have a purpose walking around or I get too self concious.

I'm 30 and just about to graduate from college, but I wish I could just people watch or just walk around and look at all the cute girls. My only tip is to walk a dog on campus. People think it's cute and you get to just shoot the breeze and walk for the sake of walking.

I like college girls but when I used tinder I mostly was shown career women/moms because I was 31, so I changed my age to 25 and got to date a qt in college who would have otherwise never gone out with me (because of age selection), she was cool with my age when I disclosed it on the first date.
I was about to use tinder again but I feel really uncomfortable lying about my age, yet I still don’t want to date older girls since I myself still look really young. Then again Tinder has gotten really competitive lately and might be just a huge waste of time anymore

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I really should've used online dating sites when it was just losers and cat ladies. There was a gender imbalance then but I guess it's even worse now.

You are 30 and cannot go for a walk alone?
Sorry, but thats kind of pathetic. I am used to being alone everywhere, on the street for sure, movies, cafes, bars, concerts, nights in a park, literally no fucks given. Where is your confidence?

Lmfao and guys pretend only women catfish.

I can, but you get self concious about it after a while if you're actually aimlessly wandering or if your objective is actually watch people like I want to do. There is normal, chillax.

Especially considering it's college where there are a lot of attractive girls, not your town streets where they're are people of all types.

Man up and stop letting girls run your life like a bitch

Okcupid, dog

>or if your objective is actually watch people like I want to do.
Man, just walk and people-watch, it's not that hard.

>working min wage 2 days
>get some city council neet bux for rent
>making an indie short movie
>work out
>dated a 23yo last year

I can't figure out how to into a proper salary/enjoyable enough to wake up job..

>making an indie short movie
Sounds like you got a social life.

Dude, all jobs will be horrible, the trick is to not be enslaved by your work, you need to get a side hustle.

>the trick is to not be enslaved by your work
Not him, but it's kind of hard to do that when you're in a wageslave job and surrounded by retards and people who are dead inside.

I got my degree and my first job at age 36.

Jesus, what the fuck were you doing before 36?

Nobody tell 36 first job what suicide is

Living at home, being a halfassed student. I still live at home though, but now I earn a decent wage.

Why? You think I should do it? I did try to kill myself on a couple of occasions, but I just couldn't go through with it.

You better be a doctor or some shit user, that’s your only excuse for not having a job before then.

How's things socially? Cos at almost 30, the lack of any social life for the last 20 years, I don't think I could hack for another 6.

No excuses. I'm a fuckup. But I made *some* progress.

Pretty much the only people I meet are the guys at work and the parents at home, and a friend I talk to about twice a year.

And that was/is enough?

>a friend I talk to about twice a year.
Let me guess, a friend from school who you've known a long time, who might consider to be your best friend, if only by default?

And I guess you know in the back of your head you suspect talks to you out of pity?

The best thing I did was get off this rotting corpse of a website. It's all dumb frogposting and the same old bait threads and American identity politics and frogposting and has been for years. There is absolutely nothing worth staying here for.

>in b4 you didn't actually leave if you're posting now

I'm phoneposting and decided to browse out of curiosity to see if it was as bad as I remember and sure enough it is.

I did realize recently this site is just a safe haven for haters, and while hating on things is fun for a while it can beat you down mentally. However in my thirties my friends have all moved/moved on and I don't have an outlet to chat except online but you're right, it's a generally toxic place to live in

Hating and autism.
There's like a million other websites and apps and forums that aren't Jow Forums. The best Jow Forums years were nearly 15 years ago and its been downhill since and now pretty much a vertical freefall. Like when was the last time you actually had fun here?

What's your point?

I actually had fun photoshopping pictures of John Cho the other day with other anons in a thread but it was an enormous waste of time and ,once again, it was all built around hating on John Cho being cast as Spike in the new Cowboy Bebop. I probably shouldn't being hating on shit all day anymore.

Exactly. Photoshopping is fun but that sort of thing you're not doing for yourself and there's no reward and the end of it. Like you said it's fueled by hate. Even all the old school lulz and lolcow guys that are still in it only have like prison time or lawsuits to show for it

Are you breathing right when lifting? Go to a PT and fix your shit form

how do you have the energy for a social life in your 30s? I get invited out multiple times a week but I usually turn half of them down because I'm just fucking exhausted from working a 9-5, keeping up with the gym, chores, keeping the apartment clean, trying to eat healthy, etc. When 9:30pm rolls around I just wanna be getting ready for bed and get enough sleep for work the next day. Then someone will text me wanting me to come out partying or whatever.

I'll turn them down and then later complain to myself about why I'm so lonely and forever single.

How do you fucking do it?

Caffeine, naps

No easy way out of that but if you intelligently and aggressively focus on your career, save, and invest wisely, you can build a healthy portfolio and switch to a part time job or even retire early

I got a new job last year right before I turned 30. Made more money and now with the stock having gone up 77% since I joined I'm really on the gravy train.

Enough that your pee is not of a strong color or density.
Again, this pee qualities have to go on for several days. If not, it may happeb hat you don’t drink muh for several days, then feel the need and drink a whole lot, then pee water an hour later or so, but you still wil be lacking water in your body since it takes a while for it to reach all your body.
So basically watch your pee, if it gets too yellow or strong, bad.
The works behind this is that when your body needs water it takes it from your brain and this is what produces the headache.

I just go downtown where it’s full of people and just walk my favourite streets. I also seat on a bench in busy streets and watch people by. For some reason they introduced this autistic public benches that are for one person only, which are just perfect for me. Every now and then a beggar comes to try to talk but I tell them to fuck off, or if they’re too gone I just leave, walk more and find another spot.
To take a rest I go to have coffee at places where I can seat and listen to other peoples conversations while I pretend to be writting on a notebook.

30yo here. Doing great. No more debt, good progress on retirement, company stock is vesting this year and I'll get a huge windfall that'll let me start investing in real estate.

Never thought I'd be this way five years ago and I'm very blessed to have gone through this.

Drink more water when you work out.

You say there's a million other sites but like a lot of elements from Jow Forums (and other certain sites) have kind of infected them.Or are just clickbait sites. The internet doesn't feel free or creative like it used to.

Is this the new "take up carpentry" meme?

Sounds like it's the "be a reasonable person with the one shot you're given at having an existence" reality

Maybe I'm reading the post wrong, but it seems like he's saying to pour all life and energy into the job/career. Saving/making money for an early retirement is not a bad plan but at the expense of having a life?

>Anyone made any progress to improving their lives?
Not even close. I dropped out of uni because it was a lot of time, effort and money for something that I wasn't even sure I wanted to do and was already getting in the way of my job which I predicted was only going to compound my financial problems in the future.
The minefield of dating and relationships continues to confuse and infuriate me, but in spite of this I'd still like to have women in my life. My inability to reconcile these things is a large contributing factor to my suicidal ideation.
I'm thinking either get the rope I keep in the shed and hang myself from a tree in a nearby park, or buy a bag of charcoal, find a compact area with no real airflow, burn it and suffocate myself.
Things have either been stagnating or getting worse for a long time, but I feel as though I'm finally at the end of my tether and I'm ready to just die. I hope it doesn't hurt my family too much and they get over it quickly.

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>I dropped out of uni because it was a lot of time, effort and money for something that I wasn't even sure I wanted to do and was already getting in the way of my job which I predicted was only going to compound my financial problems in the future.
Would you like to expand?

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For a bit of background which will become apparent shortly, I live in Australia.
I'm currently working a shit-tier labouring job. I'm technically only part-time, but I usually work five days a week. I'm over my job and many of the people there to the point where I would happily take most any avenue that leads out of it and onto something potentially better. My local university offers a free foundation studies program to all Australian citizens over the age of 20 I think, maybe 21. Either way I'm 32 so it's neither here nor there. So I enrolled in a nine month, part time course that would basically steer me towards a STEM degree; I started courses in engineering and extension mathematics. Although the mathematics classes were harder earlier on, my real problem started with engineering. The classes finished at around 9pm, which meant I usually couldn't get home until more like 10 or 11; which sucks when you're getting up at 5am to go to a job you already have.
When I had a bit of a think about it, I came to the realisation that I wasn't particularly interested in what I was studying, but it was already interfering with my work life (in addition to the schedule problem I mentioned already, I had also taken off two days a week from my job to accomodate for classes and a bit of extra study time). On top of that, I realised that however annoying or inconvenient it was then, it was only going to get worse once my actual degree started, as that would be full time study and cut even further into my job. At that stage my only choice would basically be to move back in with my parents until the degree is completed and probably just sponge off of them in meantime; something which I'm vehemently against doing. So factoring in all of this, I decided to drop out. Even though I doubt I would have been well-suited to studying fulltime for a STEM degree and I still think that dropping out was an inevitability, I deeply regret it and I think it will haunt me for a long time.

I just turned 21 and already feel old af and have nostalgia and regret for my teenage years. Give me advice what to do in my 20s to not regret them. What would you have done differently?

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Spend your 20s building yourself up. Invest in yourself. Then in your 30s you can reap the rewards.

Also fuck off.

So what now, besides suicide?


Well for the time being I'm just continuing to work. There's a facility about 30-45 mins drive from where I live that sells and services heavy machinery and earthmoving equipment for the mining industry that will be taking on a wave of apprentices around june/july. I've heard from someone who works there that apparently they're kind of fed up with taking on new apprentices who leave to work in the mines anyway, so I'll be trying for a mature-aged apprenticeship there; which is much more in line with what I'd rather be doing than engineering. Although that's not guaranteed, either. Which is a big part of why suicide still looks like the best option to me. I can't remember the last time I was happy with the way things are/were and I struggle to see a point to continuing to live beyond my own fear of death or the impact mine might have on my loved ones.

>new apprentices
Meant to say "young apprentices".

In terms of liters, it depends on your bodyweight but aim for 2-3l on days without sports or heat if you are 75-85kg. I add 1l of water if the day is hot or every hour of sport.

How's your social life holding up (or possibly lack of)?

Nothing to really speak of. I've lost contact with most of my friends, save for one or two who I've deliberately severed contact with because I was tired of their shit.
But honestly I don't know that it matters very much; even when my social life was in full swing I was still depressed and thinking about suicide all the time.

>I've lost contact with most of my friends,
How'd that happen?

>save for one or two who I've deliberately severed contact with because I was tired of their shit.
What kind of shit?

i donated blood last week
do i look 30?

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44 here.
My life has significantly improved in my late 30s.
The key was to stop chasing dreams and be happy with what I have.
People always say stuff like "Follow your dreams" and "stay hungry". That's okay when you're young and you looking for the way.
But there comes a time when you should realize that dreams and goal are not going to make you happy. The key to happiness is to appreciate what you got.
Stop looking for the meaning of life. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop thinking about chances you didn't take. Stop thinking about girls you didn't get. Be thankful for what you got.

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>44 here.
And I'm santa claus.

>How'd that happen?
Either we drifted out of contact over time through just not hanging out as much, some of them starting families, etc or they left town to pursue other things.
>What kind of shit?
Usually just needless drama and shit talking.
>Be thankful for what you got.
What if all you have is big, steaming pile of mediocrity and self-hatred?

Sounds like you had a pretty decent social circle before. What's stopping you from creating one now?

>What if all you have is big, steaming pile of mediocrity and self-hatred?
I don't know but that's a troll post.


>What if all you have is big, steaming pile of mediocrity and self-hatred?
44 here (believe it or not!)
My experince is that growing up and becoming an adult is about only one thing: Accept that you alone are responsible for your life and your happiness. If you can do that, accept that YOU are in charge fo whatever becomes of your life, you will stop feeling bad.
I was walking in your shoes, believe me, I was blaming God and the world and fate and my parents for every shit that happened to me, but I was never truely happy unless I understood and accepted that it was MY CHOICE to ffel sad.
You are a free person, you are not a kid anymore, accept that it is your choice to feel like a big pile of shit, and it is your choice to stop.

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>Sounds like you had a pretty decent social circle before.
Yes and no; it's had its ups and downs over the years. It'd take a long time to properly explain and I'm about to go to bed.
>What's stopping you from creating one now?
At this stage I've just stopped trying. Friendships always break down and turn to garbage, anyway. I figure if I get more friends, more of that shit will happen; if I don't get more friends, the loneliness and boredom will destroy me. I honestly don't see a version of this that works out in the long run.
Oh I blame myself; I guarantee you that.

good job, i mean it

Why does it seem so weird to you? People in their 40s, 50s, 60s and even older post on Jow Forums. Not everyone is a teenager weeaboo like you.

What do you gain out of lying?

That doesn't really count as an insult on site that is a spinoff of an anime subforum. I mean, I know everybody's ultra-"ironic" and insincere about their hobbies and loves these days but most people here are weebs in some form or other.

Is anyone here gay and over 30? I'm 25 and getting older is like my biggest fear because I still haven't found somebody.

why do i attract so many teenage girls then? all i attract is teenage girls that i can't stand or older women. i'm practically invisible to women my age

what’s in the pelicase user?
Honestly curious

Why are you lying? People of all ages post on Jow Forums. Probably you don't want to admit your real age because it would get you banned.

How hard can it be to a faggot in this day and age?

I grew up in a very conservative family in the south and never had the courage to date anyone. I've just kept repressing things, but I want to find someone now. Maybe it is easier in the north or other states. But I do regret that I didn't come to terms with coming out early on in life. It's all my fault in the end.

Desu have you tried bumble? Also at 30 I might try one of the paid sites like match to filter our the poorfags
Assuming he is hot I really would not care about someone being six years older

You look like you used an app to smooth out your wrinkles. Damn dude, just own your age, that‘s embarassing.

27 here. I am set to get my degree and first job at 28. Before that I was a caretaker for my grandpa who had parkinsons for 7 years

To the parents itt:
Does anybody practice NVC with their kids?

>Before that I was a caretaker for my grandpa who had parkinsons for 7 years
That's a legit excuse. That's a legit excuse for a lot of things actually.

I was wondering what was up with that user's photo.

no filters or anything
that's what i really look like

Take good care of your teeth. I didnt see a dentist for five years and ended up getting some cavities and ginervitus that was expensive to fix

Nu-uh, can‘t fool me, i‘ve used those before and i know what i‘m looking at.
If you‘re being honest, you shouldn‘t have any issues to post another pic in a matter of 30secs.

i have a cheap android phone with a shitty camera


that's why it looks a little blurred
i don't use any filters/apps or anything
i don't have lines on my face either. i'm just really fucking pretty

Could be tension headaches. Maybe watch your posture, sleeping posture, take magnesium and stretch your neck and back

I really just need to make friends and develop a social circle. It's my only real issue right now.

Currently I'm at 0 friends - and one 'social circle' which is a DnD group I go to twice a month.

I got a car, appartment, job that pays fine and around ~70k in savings. I train, groom, have hobbies that I like.
It's really just the 0 friends. 0 absolutely ZERO, that's a big fucking problem. If you have at least one buddy, so many more possibilities open up to go to places and meet more people. But when you go out alone, you always come across just like a fucking weirdo.

Which I probably am, so fuck me I guess.