Just got tinder, no likes yet. Any pros got some Jow Forums for me?

Just got tinder, no likes yet. Any pros got some Jow Forums for me?

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Delete tindr

Get a hairstyle that covers the top of your forehead.

Take more, high quality photos taken far away without the font camera. That shit distorts your face and makes you look terrible.

Don’t bother with Tinder, those apps don’t work anymore if you’re not sinking money into them, and even then. Girls are flooded with 100s if not 1000s of matches a day. It’s not a question of if your profile is even good. Chances are high she won’t even see it, and if she does, it’s unlikely it’ll lead to a hookup. Many gues lie sbout their success on Tinder cause that’s what guys do. And media outlets get paid to sponsor it. It’s a scam.

Move 3 to 1, you look lonely. No girls at all in your pics. What's your population where you live?

Removed dog and added pic with some chick I hooked up with like a month ago. Hope she doesn't see herself on here

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I just don't take many pics with friends because it seems kind of gay

nice. remove 3-8, girls wont scroll through a wall of pics to get to the one pic that shows you have good sexual market value. face and showing you're sexually attractive to other girls is all you need. now wait for them to roll in. i used to set miles to 4 and then switched to 7 for better matched assuming you drive. Wait a day or at least 8hr for you to show up on other girls you look good user. i'll check on your topic

> -t tinder faggot that slept with over 30 girls

I got 50 matches in the last two days and I've never paid a thing.

It works if you look good.

Make 3rd pic 1st, take off sponge jacket pic, move dog to 2nd, move camera pic to 3rd, take off that pic with that girl you hooked up with

Get rid of all the selfies.

Use the timer feature on your phone placed a couple of meters away.

Or better yet use your camera with the tripod.

I'm conflicted. Also I like my sponge jacket

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just b urself then. you look attractive enough not to need help desu.

if you take off girls you look less sexually aggressive: the other user is right if you're looking for a gf on tinder (lol@that if true). your profile also suggests you are looking for casual sex like a degenerate, not a dog walking bachelor.

Alright had a little bit of time so I took some pics in my gym to have less selfies. I wanted to do it in the garden but my family would laugh at me (which they should)

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There is some good material on YouTube about it, search it

You can try using photofeeler and use the pics that get the highest attractiveness rating.

Thanks getting it now.

What area are you in? I've been on tinder for months and it always seems to lose heat after like a month

He’s lying.

You're like the human version of that comic with the dude who has one expression ever
shit you should just change your profile to that, "I'm like that comic with the guy who has one expression ever" and link that one montage of like 100 of his strips overlaid and barely anything changes

I am 100% not trolling you and am serious as hell

I'm in Northern England. It doesn't happen consistently that many. Sometimes I'll get few then other days I'll get loads.

I get that you want to pull that stoic model look, but you look kind of pissed in 1,3,6, and you look like a victim of the Blair Witch in 5.

When you actually smile in 4, you look personable and not edgy. Smile. I'm a dude, mind you, so it may be different for the ladies

Delete 5. Most girls will be turned off by seeing another girl so close in the picture. Try to replace it with a pic of you and more people. A big group of girls is prefered to a single one.

Remove 8 and 9 from the current selection

Human emotion is hard...

as a woman 1,7,3 as the top (in that order. remove 2,4,8. move 9 to 4.

is a reference to

There's no helping, you check all the boxes for the "perfect" Tinder profile. Bitches are picky and it's all luck.

Sup, here some adv:

-Don't use selfies, use 4 & 5 for example. Selfies make you look lonely and creepy.

-Let Smart Photos do its magic, no need to rearrange your photos.

-Your bio is fine as far as I'm concerned.

-Change your bio and add photos each month. This by itself adds to your score.

And the most important one:


Let me give you a brief summary of the Tinder algorithm: you are given a "score" based on your performance, the score is first calculated in your first hours (Tinder will give you an invisible boost in these hours).

If you are liked by 8s-10s qts in these hours, you will succeed in Tinder very easily, you will be given a high score, and you will be shown to better looking women.

Worst case scenario (like me): You won't be shown as frequent as high scores one, as well as not be shown to 8s-10s qts, you will have to earn it. Each time you have a match try to talk with her, your score will increase based on your interaction with matches. After 20-30 matches, pick the best looking woman in your match list, and try to engage a conversation. Since, she (probably) has a higher score than the rest of your match pool, you will probably receive a boost in your score and you will be shown to more profiles and better looking women.

In a nutshell: Tinder separates the users in pools based on the attractiveness, since attractiveness is not quantifiable you can fool the algorithm by interacting with matches. The algorithm will think that you are handsome/interesting and it will put you on a different pool with more chances of getting a match.

Believe in me, I've been studying the algorithm for a project in my Uni.

My account is 3 months old and I'm no chad, I'm barely a 6/10. But these are the results of my investigation.

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Got a DM or email I could contact you at? I’d like you to look at my profile.

Look at this retard...

Imagine strategizing this jewish app so much, most chads dont know shit about it they just add 2 pictures

>My account is 3 months old and I'm no chad, I'm barely a 6/10.

So either that picture you showed us is fake or you add dudes too( and we know if you do that you will get a lot of matches)

Here is some real advice: Dont waste your precious time on this app, is design to scam you if you are 5/10 or below, go outside and make real friends

21 year old kid

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If you're a guy and want to have sex with multiple women, be above a 7.
If you're a woman and you want a serious relationship with the most handsome man on there, be prepared to be disappointed.

Your pics are shit.

>spongebob fan in his adult years
>posts traced drawings on his social page
>forehead so large you can land a spaceX rocket on it
mmmMmmMmmMmMMmmMMMMm mMMMMmmMMMm! Sign me rigHT the FuUCK UP!

Dude everyone takes selfies... lonely and creepy? i disagree with u even if you did research.

>trying this hard to get whores to talk to you
If you want a whore's attention, just go to a brothel with money.


even celebrities take selfies! Why you so sure about it?

bc i don't. celebrities aren't anything to compare anything to

;_; I'm not a cosplayer. It was Halloween.

Dude the selfie u had at 1 in OP was very sexy with your short hair and all and now its gone! Don't listen to these people!

yes because when i see that a celebrity posts a selfie on social media i dont go "mmmm he looks lonely posting selfies" And no one does

i don't bother with that shit and if I encountered it my reaction is indeed a sort of sadness, I feel bad for the bastard. Because it's a shallow & vapid existence. I'm not the only one with these views

yea but that "shallow & vapid existence" its your own view. its not a fact. Its just your opinion and i don't think you a professional, are you?

I mean... i cant be the only one that thinks that way, u are right in that. But i honestly dont think the majority of people thinks that way.

*u cant be the only one that thinks that way...
i mean that i agree that there are more people that just you with that opinion

so are selfies for the sake of ego stroking shallow & vapid? What else would they be?

Of course most people don't hold these views. That's why reality tv starts make millions tweeting about products. Sheep.

Ok ok ok ok...
I don't know maybe it isnt a bad suggestion after all. If selfies make u look lonely why not taking a selfie with friends on the background? like if you in a party or a reunion or something social?

If OP is reading... think of this... you didnt take a picture of yourself while others could be watching sooooo what if you (OP) take a picture that involves being confident? Because confidence will transcend from the situation to the picture and to the eyes of the girls and THAT is what they likey likey! ;) Am i right?

I mean OP didnt want to take a picture in sight of people... Dude! dont give a fuck of what they think man! Thats the mindset u need! You handsome. You will meet somebody just be confident! :D

Does anyone have advice on how to start off a conversation with matches?
I've been trying to be 'clever/funny' - this hasn't worked so far, but I really want to avoid just saying "hey".
The issue is that a lot of the matches I've had (and lost because of this) don't have any interesting material in their bio or photos to work with, so I don't even know how to begin.
Do you have any advice or good lines/questions that could kick things off?

OP we have a guy that says that selfies are shallow but you really look good in the selfie with the jacket, because u have short hair and u smiling and the pic was taken with good amount of light so it has better resolution so it looks good in itself. Sooo i'd say is up to you. Make a decision between selfies or no selfies. Look for videos on youtube on the subject or articles about it. If you want to succeed youll have to make an effort. Making your profile was good man you on the right path! Dont let anything take u down.

just write "tinder conversation tips" on youtube. They look promising. Dont be ashamed of searching for them... i once made a search for good lines or phrases or compliments because there was a girl in school that i really liked and it worked. That was the first time i asked a girl out and i was around 22. Its not just about the correct things to say but the mindset of that u need and looking at videos and reading stuff about it makes u have that mindset.

Thanks for the advice mate.
Unfortunately quite a few of the videos rely on girls having a bio to work with, which is one of the problems I'm having - they don't.
I'll keep looking though.

Uh smile? You look like a borderline pyscho with that smirk.

Get rid of #7. Trust me. Its lame and not well drawn.
Make the dog photo your cover photo.
Also try to take a pic of you smiling. People with smiling photos get 60% more messages and likes than people who dont.

I wrote an article for a magazine about dating app pics and tricks


Would prefer it if they had a different facial expression: The profile

Get rid of pic. 2 - that jacket is pussy repellent
Take pic 3 again, but this time smiling
Pic 4 - try replacing with a friend who doesn't look like he fucks decapitated cats and dogs
Pic 6 - you look like you're about to jump off the golden gate bridge
9 - you look like Ted Bundy, try justaposing your pic with a picture of Ted Bundy instead

Okay. I will tell you the truth:
Remove pic 2: reason being is that you look like a pretentious fag in it.
remove pic 3: reason because of the hairline. It does not look good.
remove pic 5: reason because your hair does not look good in that picture. It looks like a cactus and the picture itself is blurry.
remove pic 6: You look like a massive faggot wearing that beanie or whatever its called. It never looks good on anyone and it only makes you look like a massive loser.
remove pic 7: reason because it makes you look like a narcissist. Noone wants to handle with a guy like that.
remove pic 8: reason because you have a weird look on your face. It just doesnt look good and people will be disinterested when they see that.
remove pic 9: reason because it looks fucking stupid. You dont look like that actor at all + you look fucking gay in it. It just looks awful. Just stop with the fucking weird shit.
Okay. There you go. Take normal photos you faggot. And i can tell from your pictures that you have a huge ego. Just dont publicly show that. It makes you look like a retard since it doe not look good at all. It just makes you extremely unlikable and it shows that you think you look much better than you actually do. Just take normal photos.

Stop looking so angry in your pics.

Why are you being such an angry cunt?

Truth hurts

Yeah but you just sound so bitter of OP. Did the guy shit in your cereal or something?

I gave him what he wanted. Advice. I didnt jump around it. I just told him straight up what his problems was

Idk. You went very hard with the insults, made you sound like a jealous teen girl lol

Well,whatever. I didnt see them as insults. He wanted advice and he got it.

Give it some time or do another app, such as hinge of coffee meets bagel. nohomo you are pretty attractive.

Show bobs and vagene, please.
Actually, since you're on your period, bobs only. Thank you, tee-hee :3

You're a decent looking guy and it's not uncommon to find bios that insinuate innuendos so I'm calling shit on you not getting any likes/girls swiping on you unless you don't count girls underneath your standards

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That's horrible. That's a copy and paste tier bio if I've ever seen one man, and I'm sure girls prob see that shit often. Try being original. Stand out. If you aren't funny try a little about what you're looking for.

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No one wants to see a pic of a guy with other chicks. Move 2,4, or 6 to 1. One is not a good pic. You look angry

As a female I agree with this. Except I might keep 4 and remove 9 or keep both.

The only one that makes any sense itt. OP is a massive bundle of sticks, and this is why he can't get girls.

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Sheesh that bio is terrible. Start with that

I forgot the advice:

Quit making films shave your shitty beard comb your hair with a part on the side and for gods sake hit the gym.

Actually nvm your personality is the main problem anyways and you're probably stuck with it barring life changing circumstances. Just b urself.

>9 pictures
>5 selfies
>a picture of your back... sponge bob? really?
>a picture with someone that doesn't help point out it's your profile
>shaky action shot of you with a camera
>shitty drawing of you
>something about pulling hair
>I make films but have no decent pics of me doing this
>here's a picture of me with a woman looking like a couple
1,3,4 are good pics

Your profile is shocking, drop the copy pasted joke, make your job and hobbies sound funny/interesting and try again.