I’m conflicted about breaking up with my GF

My girlfriend told me a few days ago that she was gangraped a few years ago and that’s the cause of most all of her mental issues I didn’t know she had mental issues before this and that she had been though a Gangrape I like her but she dumped pretty much everything on me like how after it happened she went off the deep end with drugs and sex and how she’s had sex with over 100 men within a year after it happened. She says it was one of her toxic ways of coping I’m just seriously conflicted about this. When I met her she seemed normal and she says she’s been trying to get her life back together and that I’ve been one of the only good things in her life recently and I want to help her and protect her but I also want to break up with her because like I said she has a lot of emotional issues that I didn’t know about. And for gods sakes!! 100 men in a year!!!! That’s not normal and I think it shows how unstable she can be. I don’t know guys I’m stuck because I do love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her but at the same time I don’t want to be with her. I just need some advice on what to do because right now I’m stuck in my head.

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This is a bait thread because that's just too retarded. Any sane person would know that you should immediately end it. RUN user, RUN, AND DON'T LOOK BACK.
You are blinded by your emotions.

im really sorry user but end it now.
for your own good
you can do better and being alone is better than potentially marrying her and divorcing a year later

also thats fucking sick. 100 men
i wouldnt touch that puss if i were you

How can you judge how someone handles being gang raped? 100 is extreme though but still. I did something similar after my rape.

What did you do?

FUCK YOU. This is not about Judging.
OP, don't even for a fucking god damned second think about if it is "right" or "if you are judging her correctly".

This is a case of pragmatic self-preservation.
Staying with this girl will 100% fuck up your whole life. It's as certain as death. Don't do it.

100 men in a year is pretty average for a girl on Tinder these days.

I'd imagine most guys girlfriends on here have racked up similar numbers, although they're not gonna tell them about it.

Reminds me of my ex. Seems we all meet a girl like this at some point. I loved her more than I ever loved anyone, gave her my all, and she selfishly tore it to pieces.

These women are fucked in the head. Heed my warning, run while you still can. She will fuck you up for years to come, and leave you scarred for life. And I got off easy, some men have their lives ruined by these vicious little monsters.

I was 17 and a virgin. I just stopped feeling. I stopped caring about everything. I couldn’t love. I just fucked every guy I was attracted to and dumped them. I was also molested at 13 and 15 prior. My life was chaotic until I was about 26.

>implying you is Grill
Tits or GTFO plz

What helped you get through it? And if grill tits Please

ok my nerjerk response is
>100 men in a year

if i found out my boyfriend had been with 100 girls i wouldn't want to be with him anymore im sorry. it just reeks of potential STD

that sucks she has mental issues but i had a boyfriend who definitely had mental issues along with a drinkign problem and i wasted 4 years of my life on him i regret every goddamn second that i had sympathy for him.

i'd really really hate to give you the wrong advice but i personally feel like im unattracted to her. mental instability cant be fixed with hugs and kisses this is something serious

i really really hate to say this but i wouldn't be with her if i were you. if you take the advice its yoru fault though so dont come back here blaming me. im a random person and i have no clue who she is but just based off what you told me i'd turn away.

Becoming a mom changed me. I didn’t want my child to have the shitty childhood I had. I’m still crazy but lots of therapy helped. I left my abusive marriage at 26. Then I met someone who gave me hope. Mostly it was because of my son. I didn’t care about anything until I became pregnant.

also get yourself tested like right now

and if she can get tested too.

if you are a horndog just choose a few people who are reliable to have sex with why would you need 100 different people? that means you're having sex with not just 100 people but having sex with all the people each of those 100 people had. thats a terrible terrible risk to yoru sexual health. just choose a couple partners and have lots of sex why choose 100 different ones?

yeah user defintely get yourself tested thats not safe at all. condoms aren't 100% perfect they can break and all that jazz

Don't disregard the request for tits bitch

Stay with her but break her down and make her understand your the only bet she has for a happy life and make her dependent ok you and use her as your emotional and occasionally physical punching bag! If you do it right she’ll think it’s all her fault and will believes she deserves everything you do to her so basically she’ll be your slave do hey! That’s always a plus!

You forgot to ask nicely
But yes tits plz

Lol no tits... I’ve only sent them to one person ever cos he’s most special

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Op do this!

>And for gods sakes!! 100 men in a year!!!!

This pic is obligatory and you should all be ashamed for not posting this beforehand

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10 miles.... Jesus Christ!

is this some NTR hentai story?

I go to massage parlors to get happy ending and there are women there who had as much mileage as your gf. These women were getting paid for it. Your gf wasn't. Think of that for a second.

get over it man. the older you get the more baggage people will have, it's a part of life.
i know it's a shock to hear this stuff but that's just the way life is. Everyone has something ugly in their past, there is no escaping this.
if you get too hung up on this stuff and brake up with her, then continue through life with that mentality you will always be alone.
I speak from experience here. if you brake up with her, if your love is real, you'll regret it for the rest of your life
it's a cliché i know but don't let the past get in the way of the future.

>t. woman
Damaged goods are damaged.
>the older you get the more baggage people will have
Yes, some have seen their grandma die and cried at her funeral, and other people have been raped and mentally damaged to the point that they had to compensate for it by fucking 100 men, have a whole list of pathologies because of it and are mentally unstable.
You know, baggage, everyone has it.

>Damaged goods are damaged.
OP spoke of love, which your psychopathic ass is obviously incapable of.
if you view and treat people like you would a cheese burger or a hammer, your input is completely useless to all except the most misanthropic

You see, OP, this is the way this girl thinks, don't fall for this crap.
Realize that this reply is addressed to you, not to me.
This whole reply is a single large appeal to emotion and is trying to shame you:
>OP spoke of love
meaning, LOVE, is valuable, don't forget that, OP, don't listen to the pragmatic arguments that people are giving you. You are a bad person if you do.
You are not only a bad person, but also a PSYCHOPATH if you do.
And you are ALSO A SEXIST if you do.

This is just women looking out for their own kind. They absolutely don't have your interest in mind in the slightest. Learn to recognize it when people are talking like that.

>this is the way this girl thinks
lol, i love the fact you've decided i'm a girl to suit your warped world view
>appeal to emotion
the whole thread is about emotions, the fact that you don't get that is what makes you a psychopath

Shut up janan

>I'm a guy btw.
No, you aren't.
This thread is about making a decision. If you make a decision based on emotions, then you are by definition a hysteric retard.
Even if a guy actually unironically thought this way, he wouldn't be a man in my eyes. Just some stuck up pussy faggot.

user, she did this years ago, she's not doing it now. Does she seem emotionally unstable with you now? Also if you've already had sex with her and she had sex with 100 men that means your a lost cause... get yourself checked

You have two choices, either help her deal with her issues, or break up with her so she might find someone who can. Do not stay with her if you're not actually willing to help her.

what how!?! When I got "rape" I got too scared to have sex with anyone else... my boyfriend had to gain my trust before I was finally comfortable with having sex

>If you make a relationship decision based on emotions, then you are by definition a hysteric retard.
if you make romantic decisions the same way you'd make business/financial decisions, then you are by definition a psychopath
>Even if a guy actually unironically thought this way, he wouldn't be a man in my eyes.
drop the tough guy act, your obviously an incel trying to make everybody as miserable as you are by inciting self sabotage.

>I’m a guy
Dick pics or GTFO!

>he wouldn't be a man in my eyes
holy hell dude. even by Jow Forums standards you're pathetic. do you think anyone is out to impress you?

Man, it's always so sad to see another soul being wrecked by a crazy borderline chick.


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Wew, roastie getting toastie, 3 replies in a row.
dead giveaway.

>Do you think anyone is out to impress you?
Well, not on Jow Forums, obviously, lol. Again, I literally could not possibly care less about what you say or think. I have done everything I could to save OP from your horrible advice. You were exposed as what you are, it worked fabulously. My job here is done.

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Wym? I only replied once

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Beat her up and tell her she deserves it after awhile she’s believe it

You have a unique opportunity user turn her into your little rape hole and let her know she’s nothing more then a hole to you and that your the only one who could ever love her