What advice would you give the young men of this site Jow Forums?

What advice would you give the young men of this site Jow Forums?

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Learn to code.

Teenage years are the worst time of your life. Everyone lied to you.

Why is the nigger in the middle?

Be active. Always look out for things to do, new experiences, even if it's something stupid or useless.

Passiveness is a slow death

Start jelqing, your future girlfriend will thank you.

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the fuck is that? Are you really going to believe some retarded graph from the internet, only a incel would believe that

Don't know how true that will be when current 15 year olds grow up. I really do think the field will get saturated like Finance was. Though there will always be demand for experts and it touches every aspect of life.

That's not true - they are only the worst years if you grew up a shit and then made something of yourself as an adult. Even then, a lot of doors close as compared to being awesome early on.

This is very vague, but true.

Don't know if this actually works.

It seems about right to me. Big, hard dicks make girls happy.

Anyway, the one thing I found to be true in life - work out. It's the one piece of advice that I can give with 0 reservation/qualification. It will benefit you in every way possible.

I guess as far as low hanging fruit go:
1. Don't eat sugar.
2. Sleep enough.
3. If you work shit jobs, try to work shit jobs that at least give you a cool/useful skill. Paramedic, fireman, electrician, plumber, truck driver, etc are all leagues above retail. If you are a kid, at least be a life-guard.

>a lot of doors close as compared to being awesome early on.
Like what?

Leave this shitty website before your brain absorbs all the false shit they spout here.

Post body

Wish someone would have told me this when I was sixteen. Highschool was by far the worst time of my life. Being an adult is great.

>It seems about right to me. Big, hard dicks make girls happy.
No true at all is the opposite of that

to get off this site
don't get down in the dumps if your life isn't a linear progression towards happiness
take nothing for granted

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>my future gf
no such thing

>Like what?

1. Dating opportunities are not the same for a 35 year old guy as they are for a 25 year old guy, assuming all else equal. Particularly, 30+ year old girls are getting desperate and will guilt the hell out of you for not marrying them, if you choose not to.

2. You don't get the boost of being viewed as "promising" and doors start closing for some career path. Particularly, large corporations recruit into "training pipelines" for upper management. These don't officially have an age cut off, but realistically they are for fresh grads with Masters degrees.

3. There is a fairly strong scientific consensus that IQ declines after mid 30s.

4. Athletic performance decreases.

5. Health problems start to compound.

The only reason many feel that their 30s are better than their 20s is that they came from shitty backgrounds and had a chance to come into their own, so they suddenly have some money, freedom, and benefits of taking care of themselves for the past 10 years.

Don’t listen to small dicked niggas.

>walk with purpose
>dress your age
>jewelry is for women
>don’t fuck kids
>don’t cheat
>don’t let another man take anything from you
>it takes 20 seconds for a person to decide if they respect you, your character, and if they want to get to know you, first impressions are everything.
>learn basic self defense
>don’t base your existence on a woman, this is your life, not theirs.
>don’t be a selfish lover, make sure your partner orgasms too, otherwise you’re just using their body to masturbate.
>porn is neutral, but never defend it, and never admit to looking at it, it’s no ones business what you choose to do with your body
>don’t do drugs, seriously don’t do drugs
>assume your partners a virgin, and don’t ask questions.
>don’t buy women drinks until they’ve asked you to join them...2 drink limit.
>Even if she says she can’t get pregnant, wear a condom.
>don’t be afraid of being lonely
>when a woman says no, you stop

That’s about all I got.

Other than the usual "get off this site?"

Don't be afraid to care, and don't be afraid to be cared about.

>Dont fuck kids
That is advice some people actually need.

20s are not teens, lmao, they are a whole different ballpark...

I'm 33. It isn't that things get harder to do or learn as you get older, it's that you have less time to finish them in. Want a family? Want to travel? Looking to learn something and contribute to society? 30 is a decade less time than 20 to do it and 40 is a decade less than 30. The time does speed up as you get older and there are more things to fill it. You get set instead of flexible. Whatever it is that you think is a monolithic task now only gets harder when you're older. Start. It. Now. No matter the cost, it'll be cheaper than later.
Also, if you're not sure what you want to do, try all the things you might want to do. I will say if you're on the fence about joining the service, do it. Just do the research first. Lot of people join without realizing what they're in for.

read more books

Depends on your definition of kids.

work out, but learn how to actually bulk/cut/build muscle. so many fucking retards in the gym who don't know what theyre doing and/or stay looking the same forever. calculate your required macro nutrients for what you want to achieve. (eg don't be one of those fucking retards who buys whey when you can easily achieve your daily protein goal without a supplement).

if you do workout (strength training), take creatine

do NOT eat sugar

don't smoke (if weed, do it sparingly)

avoid drinking alcohol, do not rely on it to be social/talk to women.

learn cold approach pickup. this will improve your social skills 1000x

learn an in-demand skill

university is a meme (save for becoming a doctor/lawyer/some types of engineering)

the school you went to (uni or college) means nothing. it's what you make of it

do not rely on dating apps to meet women. i only use tinder (and others) to fuck with/troll girls and don't take it seriously (rarely).

when a woman says she's busy for more than 2 weeks straight and can't meet - drop her. she's not interested.

women who are interested in you WILL MAKE TIME for you.

do not become a beta orbiter. shes not interested? move on

meet a lot of women. this will help get you to know what you like and get you familiar with female behaviour. much easier to spot bullshit


avoid getting in to a LTR in your 20s. save this time to experiment and meet a lot of girls.

don't get married

men age like fine wine, women age like milk. the prospects for men to easily find a woman goes up as you become older and more successful. men peak in their 40s - 50s.

a woman who has cheated will do it again

liberal women are generally not wife material

women who engage in degenerate activity are not wife material

if you catch your gf lying about something relatively serious, drop her

do not supplicate to women - YOU are the prize

incels/mgtow fags are pathetic excuses for men who would serve the genepool better if they offed themselves. they are defeatist losers who blame everyone but themselves for their lack of success with women. do not fall into that ideology

avoid getting serious with girls that have tattoos/piercings/dyed hair

stop wasting time playing video games/surfing

When studying anything, use the pomodoro method. 25 minutes of focused, uninterruped work (mute phone, etc) and then a 5 minute break. most people can, on average, only fully concentrate/study something for 3 - 4 hours a day (6 - 8 pomodoros).

save your money (unless you have a 200k+ salary and can afford to be retarded). use your savings to help you make more money (investing). only keep a small amount of savings in your bank account for emergencies (5 - 10k).

do NOT buy lunch at work

avoid the feeling of fomo (fear of missing out) in life.

While this guy looks like a pick-up-artist-fan-douche, these points are all fairly solid.

Not sure about pomodoro, but ten minutes of meditation help you realize what attention actually is, and writing down a task and setting a timer does help keep you focused. I usually do 10 minutes.

I find that forcing focus is nowhere near as good as actually being interested, but being interested is a huge luxury that's uncommon.

Just do it. Whatever it is, just do it. Jump before you look.

I want to lose weight and have a reasonably toned body. CICO aside, what macros should I be aiming for?

1. Figure out what you're good at and what you enjoy, and try learning that skill formally and make it your trade
2. Physical activity is important, if you're a teen, take up a team sport.
3. This will be hard, try not to waste your time chasing too much pussy, do it but don't let it be your primary objective. You modus operandi should be points 1 and 2
4. Video games are fun, but for fucks sake don't let your life be dictated by them, schedule time for them once or twice a week for a few hours only
5. Create a weekly break down, organise your time into hour long chunks, grey out the areas for School, work, and sleep. All other hours are free time for you to develop your self with points 1 and 2

absent father. I have older-man-advice abstinence

Workout and start talking to girls as soon as you can, because it's only going to become harder as time goes on and their standards become more stringent
A solid half of all the girls you know are going to be torn the fuck up by the time they've hit college and spent a few years on the carousel, most girls peak when they're like 18

Don't fuck this up. Failure is worse than you think.

Apart from the obvious illegal shit, most of this seems like PUA-tier nonsense.

What's the problem with PUA stuff? It sounds alright.

It seems to focus on very superficial aspects.

>be afraid of making mistakes
Doesn't sound like good advice to me.

lift, eat right, sleep right, dress right, and find a hobby you enjoy

I dunno man, I got into PUA stuff years ago to get chicks but instead I found it was just as much about general mindset and self improvement.

>assume your partners a virgin, and don’t ask questions.
Advice only applies to cuckolds

Start weightlifting NOW. Find a routine that focuses on compounds. Worry about your stats and not your muscle definition, the latter will come eventually.

Don't study what you love. Pick something that makes money without harsh hours and pursue your real interests in your off-time. Those I know who chose to study the arts have to work x3 as hard as me, have multiple jobs, have no down time to work on their hobbies, and if they do actually make it into some position relevant to their degree, it's artistically compromised, unfulfilling, nepotistic and mired in clique-politics.

>dont get married, dont settle down
>mgtow are fags


Contrary to the cliche "the 20s are for having fun" advice, being in a stable relationship with a quality gf in your 20's could give you enormous financial leverage. My gf and I earn relatively the same amount, so we have doubled up compounding long-term savings (to which we contribute exactly 50/50 in case we do break up), the quality of apartments we can afford to rent is far above that of our single colleagues, and travel is half as expensive seeing as we have two incomes to pay for 1 bed. Marriage means tax breaks, better insurance, better loans. The potential for tard kids goes up sharply once women hit 30. When my friends warn me not to get tied down so early I just roll my eyes -- deferring real careers and relationships hasn't improved their quality of life or allowed some creative hobby to flourish, it's just cope as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, this all hinges on finding a "quality" gf. I lucked out and found a STEM woman who isn't an Jow Forumschildfree grub and wants the same things in life as me, a rare breed indeed. Goals (and behaviour) are more important than interests. Don't ignore red flags because some girl likes the same gay bands as you.

All good advice but remember that with divorce rates in the 50%s, marriage is a huge financial risk, even if there are no immediate red flags


In general, stop worrying so much about women. Find a girl who is alright on the eyes, is intelligent, has the same goals and financial situation as you, and has no fucked up problems or baggage, then get on with it. Winning the attention of women is tutorial island shit, the real action is winning the respect (and money) of other men.

More advanced advice: dont fuck with the stock market. Too many guys fall into that pit, trying to compensate for their non-existent / late bloomer careers by LARPing as the wolf of wall street. Investments are simply a better %interest vehicle for your savings, that's all. Day trading is a meme. Keep a half-year's salary in a normal (but high interest) savings account, and replenish it whenever you take from it. The rest, put it into index funds / ETFs like Vanguard. With a set it and forget it portfolio, I have earned over a year's salary of interest alone, and when my house deposit time line is fulfilled, my money will have doubled itself.

I would appreciate more financial investment advice or otherwise thanks a lot.

How do I avoid FOMO?
I turned 18 a while back and I’m afraid I’m late when it comes to losing my virginity

first calculate your RDI (there are plenty of calculators online).

Record everything you eat in myfitnesspal or fatsecret (I prefer the latter).

for maintaining muscle while losing weight it should be

40 - 50% carbs
30 - 40% protein
20 - 30% fat

In my 20s, this is not true.

It's true though. Nobody forgives a fuck up and nobody forgets.

This user's advice is Best In Thread.

Man up, and stop being a faggot.

>avoid getting in to a LTR in your 20s. save this time to experiment and meet a lot of girls.
>don't get married
Worst advice in thread.

Rest is good though.

Get fit and dress well and the girls will come to you.

>Don't ask questions about your partner
I gotta say I fucked up that one, and it fucked me up kinda a lot

> worst advice in this thread because i say so

> Get fit and dress well and the girls will come to you.

wanna know how i know you're retarded?

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