How do I stop imagining that my bf is my brother during sex?

How do I stop imagining that my bf is my brother during sex?

I am an only child.

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stop watching game of thrones and browsing pornhub

If your bf is a degenerate like you he will be into that shit. Call him onii-chan and see what happens

Yeah, lay off the porn...

I don't watch GoT or porn. I don't masturbate. Last time I watched porn was 5 years ago and it was pretty much exclusively rape shit.

He's pretty straight edge and I don't think he would know what that means

>I am an only child.

The fuck are you talking then about?

Have your parents marry his parents. Then it won't be a fantasy.

I imagine that we are siblings. That I am his sister and he is my brother. While we are having sex I picture this. What is hard to understand?

Well, does it make it more exciting to pretend he’s your brother, or does it turn you off?

I mean it's normal to imagine taboo stuff during sex, I roleplay in my head all the time. Being an only child, you're not really hurting anything and there's no logical reason it would be considered weird.

A lot of dudes have secret incest fetishes even if they appear straight edge. Subtly probe for his opinion

It does momentarily. Then I get weirded out and it makes me feel sick. Especially afterward.

That's a good point. Thanks

>What is hard to understand?
Is hard for me to understand that someone is so retarded and can do basic stuff, my brain can't process this.

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What the fuck does this mean? Fuck off illiterate namefag

If you had previous bfs/lovers, have you thought the same thing? Is this a fetish you always had or got it after getting this bf? Do you guys look related?

I dated a guy who looked so similar to me that people thought we were siblings, he found it funny and would grab my ass and call me sis. Was kinda hot

Sounds like you’re wanting more sexual adventure, but veering into areas you don’t want to go.

>What the fuck does this mean? Fuck off illiterate namefag

It means that your bait thread is stupid and makes no sense, now fuck off to r9k with your girl larp bullshit

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He's my first and only boyfriend. I've always longed for a brother (not in a sexual way mind you -- these feelings did not emerge until about a year and a half into this relationship) and we do not really look anything alike so that's not part of it.

Perhaps. I don't know how to be more adventurous as things are.

Bruh just fuck off. No one cares about your personality disorder

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Dress him up like a baby

Drink before sex but try not to giggle. Just say some other guys name in bed and if he asks who you're talking about say it's your brother and you were kinda hoping he could join you.

Does he have a sister?
If not, I don't think there'd be a moral dilemma for you at all, taking into account the fact that you have no siblings. I don't know what to tell you in this situation as long as you want to stay with your boyfriend. Otherwise, I'd say keep your eye out for someone who was more in line with you sexually.
Trust me, user, letting yourself feel like who you are instead of hiding it is better to do where possible. As long as it doesn't harm people against their will, like bestiality or pedophilia or some shit.
Freud would say everyone has a little bit of incest fetish in them.

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Tell him that's what you think during sex. He may be weirded out at first, but then start role playing with you later. Role play is fun and there's nothing wrong with it.

I'm guessing when you were 5 or so you were lonely and wished you had a brother to be close to.

Get help, you make me sick ahhh

Okay. Now I see why other people on this board have a low opinion of you.

>Last time I watched porn was 5 years ago
now you see why it's bad.

Am i supposed to be happy for seeing your legs? Disgusting, fuck off.

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