Afraid of Male Interviewer

I’m an 18 year old female who is trying to get a job, Ive never had a job before, never even an interview. I am genuinely afraid of being alone in a room with a male interviewer - not because I think many men are rapists, but because if he happened to be I would be physically unable to protect myself. I am terrified of putting myself in situations where I have no recourse and could be irreparably harmed, and so I am very anxious about getting a call for a job interview and being alone with a male.
Can any anons tell me what it is like? Do they tend to have really visible windows? Is there a line where people would be waiting to be interviewed? Does it happen where on just the other wall there will be lots of people? If I walked in, could I leave the door open without seeming weird? Could I request a woman without ruining my chances? Etc
I have never been alone with stranger men and really want to avoid being alone with stranger men

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Ffs you sound fucking mental

Youre gonna have to get over this because this situation is unavoidable in life. This is a good start

I don’t think most people who are in positions to interview people are willing to risk their job and risk going to prison just to randomly rape some dumb slag. I’ve interviewed plenty of women for jobs and my usual thought process is more about whether or not the interview is worth my time. You sound like a nutjob so good luck getting a job regardless

Take a self defense class as soon as possible. There are all woman ones available for many different martial arts, but since you're particularly small you should go with a brutal one. Krav Mcgaw ( Idk if I spelled it right ) was created by the Mossad, Israeli's special forces. It's brutal and perfect for you. I'm not sure how afraid you'll be after learning how to take out the biggest guy in almost every room you'll walk into with a few movements.


It didn’t use to be unavoidable
I’ve read some stuff by instructors of Krav Maga that even the best women in it could still be easily overpowered and that it doesn’t really make them self sufficient at all

Not to be super dark about things but this is a combination of miseducation and false sense of security. According to RAINN 8/10 rapes are committed by someone the victim knows.

This is a very unlikely scenario and nothing you can do would prepare you for it other than understanding the signs of violent behavior. Read The Gift of Fear, it goes in depth about violence. Most people don't understand violence. You're gonna be fine OP like literally nothing is going to happen, besides you maybe flubbing the interview due to nerves.

I’m genuinely confused as to how this is mental. I guess it is hard for males to understand the level of anxiety I have because you literally never have to think about how weak you are physically in relation to most people around you. When you are out and about in life, you could hold your own pretty well against most others. I am essentially completely fucking helpless. I hate the position I am in physically where almost everyone could physically overpower me, every single male is a physical threat. This is just the reality of being a female, I don’t think any of you realize how intimidating you are to women. Most of the time women won’t talk about it or say it because it’s a highly uncomfortable topic and responses like this happen. Whenever you wonder why women can seem touchy, far more anxious, awkward around men, very bad at rejecting men in good ways, etc - it’s because you’re fucking scary

Thank you

(20F here). It's okay to feel this way, but know that resilience is the only thing that will ever make you feel better in the long term. that is, confronting this. get pepper spray in your bag if it makes you feel better, remember that men and women were never meant to be so separated and you both probably have more in common than you have differences. life is scary, can be even scarier for women, but never ever let that stop you from getting what you want.

>I’m genuinely confused as to how this is mental.
It's a fucking INTERVIEW in a professional setting. There is no place you are less likely to be assaulted.

Thinking about it you’re right. I guess I was creating the situation out of fictional examples, it’s almost a trope for the interviewer to be a rapey dude who suggests sexual favors in order for the female applicant to get the job/female employee to get the raise etc
It’s late at night and absurd anxieties well up for me at night

Your actually a dumbass if you think an 18 year old girl could learn Krav Maga well enough to btfo fully grown men. A much better choice would be to learn some judo holds and throws or cc a pistol if your really not fucking around.

>most women are afraid of men.

That explains a lot could you expand on it?

Glad I'm not a retarded woman

What kind of fucked up upbringing did you have?

You wont get the job, you sound like a complete nervous wreck.

You talk about yourself like you are a paraplegic midget with an iron deficiency. Go to the gym or something. An interview is the last place someone is going to rape you

There's nothing wrong with being a retard.

In addition to what everyone else has said... I've been in a lot of interviews. They vary a lot. Often they are in your boss's office, but this is usually within shouting range of his secretary. Even if you are assaulted (astronomically low chance) you wouldn't be in danger at any legitimate workplace. Are you interviewing at a crack den???

Yes you would be immediately discarded if you requested an alternate interviewer. It would be a sign you are incapable of interacting with any of the male work force.

i understand this as a man i am afraid of not getting a job or sued for sexual harassment for accidentally looking at the female interviewers tits for a millisecond. with that said, although i understand the fear, i have no answer for it. Carry some mace and hope for the best. If the guy does try something you probably shouldn't be working there anyways.

Bait. If not bait then goto a fucking gym you pussy. Men dont have a monopoly on muscles and the average american male is a weak fatass.

I agree, that's why I included "woman"

>not because I think many men are rapists, but because if he happened to be
This is your brain on feminism

If he tries anything, just do as much damage as you can to his balls

Yeah nah, as a guy I never figured this one out. How do you get around that?
Well great... who the fuck am I supposed to get to know now?

Anyway you might want to see a professional female therapist. This is probably a very real phobia.

I mean I like that kind of stuff in my hentai but this is real life.

You could phone the company and ask for a female interviewer or a team. This might strike them as odd or it might not, but it's better than freaking out when you get there.

If I were in their place I wouldn't hire someone who can't ace an interview with anyone tbqhwy

>Give this hysterical, permanent-terrified man-hater a weapon and set her loose on the public

Great idea champ. Just wait til’ she’s in a lift with some poor sod, minding his own business, when he coughs and suddenly gets an eye full of mace because Donna Quixote here sees rapists around every hill.

I’m guessing an Islamic one.


You are totally right to fear men. The only reason they dont go out raping women is because they fear going to jail. If there was no punishment, every women would be raped at some point.
And even with law, men are so irrational and instinct-guided that rapes still happen everyday

Buy a gun, a knife and a pepper spray. Dont leave your house without it and get training on how to use it.


Kekd and checked
You should be more afraid about how useless and unemployable you sound like. Chins up sweaty, judging by the posts here, some of the men are going to be more scared of you.

>If I walked in, could I leave the door open without seeming weird?
Well, if you couldn't, that would imply the place was busy enough that you would NEED the door closed to have some quiet. Which in turn implies there'd be people around to heard you scream.

Also, keep in mind that men are mostly single track minded. Keeping a conversation going on the topic of job stuff is actually your best defense.

Almost all men are physically capable of overpowering any woman, and you all have this natural intensity to you that just outstrips how intense we can get even at our most intense. You are brimming with energy and strength. You’re scary the same way it’s scary if suddenly a grizzly bear was 10 ft from you - you are very aware of its advantages over you and that it’s nature is different from yours.

A fairly normal one
I act just fine in social situations and absolutely no one in my life would consider me a nervous wreck, I am generally considered very unfearful and ballsy. This is a very hidden fear.

I can interact with males fine if there are multiple people present, I just don’t want to be in a small enclosed space with a single male

Fatass men can overpower fit women I’m not feminist at all. It’s simply a fact that some tiny amount of men are rapists, and that my best recourse to avoid the chance of that happening to me is to avoid being alone with any particular dude. Most dogs won’t kill your baby, but you still don’t leave your baby alone with a GSD

>I’m an 18 year old female who is trying to get a job

Stopped reading right there. You are already fucking up. Quit acting like a man. If you want to act like a man no one will care about you. But go ahead be a whore fuck 100 guys get your shitty job wiping old people ass, taking care of someone else's kid or folding clothes at The Gap maybe that will work out for you that sounds like you are fully liberated

>I’ve read some stuff by instructors of Krav Maga that even the best women in it could still be easily overpowered and that it doesn’t really make them self sufficient at all
I'm a man, did kung fu for 5 years, now muay thai for 4. There are tons of men who'd mop the floor with me. If there are two or more guys who'd attack me I'd be fucked big time. Constantly worrying about that stuff doesn't help.

I am nothing at all like the image you are painting of me in real life, the stark opposite of it. I’m the sort of person other people, male and female, come to when they are feeling afraid and need me to make them feel safer. I have never lost my cool in public due to any fear or anxiety, I have never been in a situation where I felt a man was going to rape me or that he seemed like a rapist, I’ve never ever felt that any particular man seemed like he might be violent towards me. I’m perfectly capable of interacting with men daily in social settings and find it far easier to be relaxed in interactions with men than women.
My only concern is that if one day I ever do encounter a guy like that, I want to not be in a situation that seems trapping.
I just don’t want to be alone in an enclosed off isolated space with someone stronger than me I do not know.

Tf people think I think this but I dont, I am not sure how I could write my OP so wrongly that it can give such an inaccurate impression

>I am a whore who will fuck 100 guys if I need money to live and don’t want to stay home with my parents for whatever reason
You’re fucking retarded, I am one of the most anti-promiscuous people there are. We don’t live 200 years ago, it’s not acceptable for me to sit at home making doilies until I’m married off. I don’t like my home life, I want to move out, that needs money. Honestly, if you are female and you don’t have kids to take care of, it is just laziness if you don’t work (assuming no disabilities). It’s not like I’m joining the fucking military.

Virtues are virtues for men and women. Hard work is a good ethic for both sexes, even if when children enter the picture the division of labor is most efficiently split so that men then take over the economic labor.

>. I guess it is hard for males to understand the level of anxiety I have because you literally never have to think about how weak you are physically in relation to most people around you
What makes you say that. We were all kids once, completely at the mercy of adults.

OP, do you get off at the thought of a man overpowering you against your will, ramming his dick in your ass and making you his bitch? Because it certainly sounds so.

If you feel that this fear is holding you back then try to conquer it. I'm a guy, I've always been a scrawny kid, scared as hell of confrontations because I had an aggressive father and was deadly afraid of the bigger, taller and more aggressive kids that would constantly try to start fights for any reason. Confronted it with full contact martial arts and am mostly over it. Like the other guys said, try martial arts like bjj, judo, krav maga, boxing or kickboxing. It's not about being able to beat 220lbs alpha males, it's just about getting the feeling that you can do something, anything if anything were ever to happen. You'll learn the basic mechanics of fighting, learn to put on aggression and stand ground. You won't physically dominate the average male, but you can learn to put up a fight that anyone with half a brain would rather avoid

I wouldn't sweat I learned in school that we are all equal so all that stuff you worry about isn't real. Honestly you sound sexist so I don't want to be around you anymore

no we're not lol, we're excellent multi-taskers, we can and will check out a womans tits or ass while interviewing her

the reality of it is, we do it subconsciously almost for a millisecond and we go back to thinking about how this job fucking sucks and how all these new applicants fucking suck and when's coffee break while asking you shitty questions HR thought would be useful but aren't

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if nobody has raped you by now, you are probably too ugly / unappealing. So you shouldn't worry about it.

Why do you come here to insult people who need help?


>Why do you come here to insult people who need help?
You just did the same thing slut

Jesus and I thought I had trust problems (120 pound male)


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