Jesus Christ! Being on retinoids, got absolutely clean face (except for post acne)...

Jesus Christ! Being on retinoids, got absolutely clean face (except for post acne), ate one piece of chocolate covered halva and splash! this one popped up. Is this a boil? I feel little pain when I press on.
How to get rid of it fast? Why the hell does this keep happening?

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I wish i knew...
had accutane therapy 4 years ago and my skin is worse than ever before. I think i‘ve given up. I just stay home when it hits me.

Don't drink milk.
Don't eat anything that contains milk.

It's that simple.
Eat vegetables, nuts and eggs.

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Actually I use topical retinoids.
I don't! It happens for no reason.

You said you ate 1 piece of chocolate.

Chocolate contains milk.
Never eat chocolate again.
Probably solved.

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>i ate chocolate
>don‘t eat milk
>i don‘t!

Ask me how i know you‘re a bit retarded.

Also don't eat chocolate that's like 90%. That stuff makes me feel so nauseous and burnt. Chocolate's a poison actually so it's not that healthy for you.

Holy shit, is that really a human chin? Looks like a potato. I'm afraid you have bad genetics, my friend.

It was 1 fucking piece of halva. Chocolate cover was 5g max. It's not even like I ate a chocolate bar.

It went down your throat didn't it?

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t. lactose intolerant nigger
Milk makes no difference on europeans' skin.

This is fucking mom science. The amount of chocolate that would be needed to poison someone would be impossible to eat. What's next, are you going to tell him apples contain cyanide?

Generally you don't want to eat 10% of your body weight in cacao but still, that's like saying don't drink 10% of the deadly dose of arsenic. Would you do it? I wouldn't.
Apples also contain a potent acid that melts your teeth, yeah. I don't eat apples either.

>citric acid
Enjoy your scurvy, matey.

MALIC* acid
>These sweets are sometimes labeled with a warning stating that excessive consumption can cause irritation of the mouth.

Like how worse? You had acne, no you don't and it's worse? Were those pimples your friends? Did you talk to them? That might be a clinical diagnosis if so.


Not that user but accutane didn't make my pimples go away. In fact, I started getting them on my back after going through the treatment.

>inplying diet has ANYTHING to do with your shitty genetics

Fuck off nigger. The only reason you "don't have pimples" it's because they can't be seen on your black hole skin.

Im a slav white as the snow you fool. Your racism has no effect on me, subhuman.

>calling anyone subhuman

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All racists are subhumans. I will not reply to you again.

Acne located in that part of the face is a direct result of not drinking enough water. You are chronically dehydrated.

What you should do for the next two weeks:
>drink at least 1 litre of water per day (and that's not setting a high bar)
>watch as the acne completely disappears
I can't believe how many working class retards don't ever consistently drink water; regardless of if it is tap or bottled