Fiancee talked into thinking I'm evil

Folks, I have a serious crisis here. I've stayed away from my family for years, since they were abusive, and I've gotten serious with a girl I'm seeing. My mother has reached out through my sister, to arrange a meeting with my fiancee to have a talk about me. My parents are convinced I'm some psychopath / sociopath and I know its going to be an attempt to scare off the love of my life.

I'm here today to ask for you guys to help me lay out my case, when my fiancee comes back from her coffee with my mom to interrogate me.

I used to be beat so often as a kid that I'd chew food in the front of my mouth up until I was a freshman in college, so I wouldn't choke on it when my dad knocked my chair over. I'd get beaten by him for turning down the volume in his car, and he'd usually ditch the car pool partners and drive me to school, creating loads of drama for me when I got there. I bought my first car at 18 because he kept beating me senseless on the way to school.

My mom wasn't as physical but stole money from me given to me by my grandparents. In addition to this, she kept it secret from the rest of the family that I was raped when I was younger and somehow thought I deserved it.

I was in line for inheriting a beverage company and my uncle had been trying to keep it out of my hands, digging up dirt on me anywhere he could and beating me up during the summers I worked there. I'd wake up at 5AM and usually get home from work, where I'd clean his house for hours. I had to blackmail him to stay at his house for several more weeks two summers ago, since I didn't have any place to go.

At 23, after I graduated, I cut off all contact with my family. They had a lot of money, but they were just horrible people and weren't worth whatever I'd get from them. The scary part is that I didn't put it all together until I started revealing what was going on to my best friend, and the more I talked about it, the more people close to me began to see the situation. /cont

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Why not just tell your fiancee this? She knows you much more than them and I doubt she's just going to cut contact with you.

Best case scenario she recognizes crazy people easy and doesn't believe a word they say (after all, good parents aren't supposed to talk shit about their kids as much as yours probably will).

Worst case scenario is that you have to spend some time telling her about your parents in order to set the record straight.

Yeah, but that bleeds into a lot of other problems. I'm pretty emotionally fried, and have done things that would disqualify me in womens' eyes a lot during that time

Its only a matter of time before you have to start being honest about your childhood and adolescence OP.

Don't view it as laying out your case. Just have an honest conversation with her when she gets back. It may be for the better and make your relationship better or it may be for the best and make you both realize that the relationship won't work.

Also, just curious, what have you done that makes your family think that?

Tell your fiancee a sumary of it and get a restraining order on those cunts, and call the cops on their sorry asses if they bother you again.
Harassment and libel is more than enough in some places, look into it.

So why'd you not just say "look, they beat me, of course I don't want to call them my family."

I don't get it, this seems very avoidable and you walked right into it-- why? You need the sting of drama?

You sound like a faggot. Quit telling us your life story and go see a fucking therapist you utter tard.

First of all: Griffith did nothing wrong.

Second: boy you sure are like Guts everyone seems to hate you for no reason, I'd say explain all of this to your fiance and tell her how you feel about your family, explain that's the reason you cut them off and just tell her you don't want anything to do with them ever again.


I killed animals, was a juvenile delinquent. I had a lot of frustrations

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Dude if you lose her shoot your mom and slaughter your family. Fuck them for ruining your life and taking away a man's true happiness. I'd kill them

That doesn't do much. I'd be letting the world win if I went that route

Your parents are real cunts.

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I guarantee you have Anglo ancestry

I appreciate all that. The truth is that I've always been a really happy person on the outside, so I'm not walking into relationships as damaged goods. I don't cry about any of it, I just ignore it

how'd you guess

What does "cut contact" mean to you? You've really fucked up by having any contact with your family so that this could even happen to you.

For what it's worth:
My family is also horrible, and I have GENUINELY not had contact with them since I was 21. I had to live in my car in order to be able to afford life on my own.
Where I am now:
>almost finished 2nd year of university; moved into student residence before start of uni after 3 years living in my car
>work midnight shift in a warehouse mon-fri; worked higher paying blue collar jobs before university
>in excellent shape from being forced to use the gym, as well as the occasional public swimming pool, to shower
>forced to develop hobbies due to not having a room to stay in all day
>forced to develop decent work ethic from not having any familial support
>zero debt, more than 50k CAD in the bank
>supportive friends who think I'm ballsy as fuck for living life as I have
>have been with qt 19 year old gf for just over 1 year; her family understands my situation and are accepting of me, and she has hinted at wanting to move in together
I feel I'd have been a NEET, in prison, or dead if I hadn't genuinely cut contact from my family, but instead I have some chance of living a fulfilling life into my senior years

Only anglos give a fuck about evil as if it's an actual thing.

I am this poster: My mother was born in Manchester and my father's grandparents were all born in the protestant half of Belfast.
For whatever reason, Anglos (and protestants in general) are miserable cunts, and really bad at raising families.
Knowing this, I guess it explains why all of the girls I have been attracted to came from Catholic backgrounds. My current gf is of Italian, Ukrainian, and Polish ancestry; my previous gfs were all Italians (except for one Filipino)

>Griffith did nothing wrong.
Kill yourself

As for the OP. Seriously, talk to your financee, Your family sounds like a shithole and you seem to have the wisdom to stay away from them, keep it up

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They all deserved it

The twist is OP actually is crazy and imagined all the abuse from his parents and is afraid his girlfriend is going to find out so he needs help in lying to her.

You don't belong here.

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Cut off all contact with them, if you tell your fiancé she will understand and your 2 just need to leave


Put your fucking foot down and stop taking shit from these assholes confront them because this sounds like something that you need closure for. Also, why the fuck do they think you’re sociopath if they’ve done this kind of shit to you?