College freshman currently with my first ever boyfriend (because I was a massive loser in high school)...

College freshman currently with my first ever boyfriend (because I was a massive loser in high school). We've been dating now for about three months and we recently started to get physically closer and do some sexual things with each other (both of us are still virgins though).

Today we had a short conversation over the phone and we ended up talking about sexual interests and fetishes. He asked about my personal fetishes, I basically just said we could talk about it later and he said that's fine.

The reason I didn't want to talk about it over the phone is because I have some weird fetishes I'm worried about talking about. Namely mind control and hardcore femdom. These are things that haven't come up yet but will probably inevitably come up in our relationship later, cuz we're going to have to have the conversation about sexual preferences at some point. I just don't know how to talk about this stuff. What if I weird him out and he wants to leave? How do I put it so it doesn't sound too bad? I'm fine with us never doing any of this stuff, but I don't want him to see me different after I talk about these things. Have any of you guys ever had this conversation, and have any advice on what I should do? Or even if I should mention my fetishes at all?

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Make sure you stay that way until you're married. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If you think your life is bad now it will become monumentally worse when you become a whore.

How about reeling back the fetishes and seeing how you like plain p in v before you go trying to define yourself by your alternative lifestyle.

Not hatin, but really, try seeing it from someone else's vantage

No of course. I think I would like PIV to be honest so that's not a worry of mine. I just feel that I would enjoy trying out the things I'm into as well, and I don't know how to bring them up.

But yeah no, I don't define myself by this stuff and I think I'll enjoy PIV just fine. It's not a big deal for me, I just don't know how to bring it up.

Wtf are you doing talking about fetishes you nasty whore. A virgin and already a massive slut. You disgust me stay away from your bf he doesn't deserve your cancer

First ring on finger, then p in v, and then that weird shit. Don't worry about one until you have gotten the one before it.

Ignore the other losers in this thread. They can’t fathom a female having sexual interest, or else she’s somehow a slut? Anyway, it sounds like you just need to have more self-confidence when it comes to your sexuality. You were so close already to bridging this gap of talking about your kinks; essentially, with your bf, you need to test the waters. Start vanilla, once you get comfortable with that, then bring in the toys or whatever one act at a time. Don’t worry about him thinking it’s weird; if you’re scared, outright ask him. Try to have this conversation again; you’re not committing to doing this stuff, but play it out with humor if you have to. Tease him, let him tease you. He may have his own disgusting kinks himself that he is ashamed of.

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He probably won't be okay with that, I don't really see a point in staying with him if this is going to be a problem. Coincidentally, I happen to be okay with this so would you kindly consider being my gf?

As a fellow chick, just take it slow keep it vanilla for a bit. Let him speak his fantasies, then possibly try them. Then just honestly and bluntly tell him your's. You could start practicing what and how you're going to say it to him to be ready to unleash your unedited self to him.

I’m a dude, dude. I just happen to not be an insecure asshole.

Thanks for the advice. I think that's probably the best approach. I wouldn't mind hearing about weird shit he's into, even if I'm not into it. I respect him no matter what. We all like some bizarre, embarrassing stuff.

I mean, I have no clue. But even if he doesn't want to do femdom, that's still fine. That's up to him. I genuinely think I'll be perfectly happy with us having vanilla sex, femdom isn't the only thing that gets me off. Also, I'm taken right now, but I suppose we'll see what happens in the coming months. I'll put you on the waiting list.

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Lol nice guess but I’m happily married. Is it so strange to try and give people advice on this board? Care to embarrass yourself more?

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So are you here to post any meaningful content? Or just take random shots at anyone you perceive to be a threat to your very limited worldview?

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I did before you even got here. I'm now pointing out the scientific fact that the more cocks a woman has had the less special yours is and the more likely she is to leave your ass. Have you ever dared to ask your wife how many miles of dick she rode while "finding herself" in college?

I don’t need to because I was there with her the whole time through college. Keep it coming, your tears are delicious.

And you still married her? user these tears aren't for my shame but for your impending heartbreak. It's going to be even worse knowing that you had full warning but chose not to heed it.

What warning? That we were each other’s firsts? That we’ve shared our lives together for the last 10 years and it still feels fresh? Lying beside her at night is peace, as best as I can describe. The way she holds me and I pull her close... Even if it doesn’t work out, it’s better to have loved and lived than not to have loved at all. I am the one who feels sorry for you, you dim hopeless soul.

If you know the experience, what kind of sick doublethink is coursing through your mind that you would advise a random stranger on the internet to rob herself of it? Is it because you did it in the wrong order?

Just tell him you're into femdom and decide based on how he reacts if you want to tell him you're into mind control, also if he's retarded explain that just because you are into femdom doesn't mean every time you are having sex you have to have a leash around his neck lol

But she’s not robbing herself of anything except I guess to get with guys who think virginity matter. And let’s be honest user... it’s just your lot, and you’re not exactly desireable.

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