What's a 90+% white big / large city with a low unemployment rate?

what's a 90+% white big / large city with a low unemployment rate?

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> big / large
why? They're synonyms.

man i really don't feel like fucking arguing with your autism but fuck it I don't even care at this point. A "big city" is usually used to refer to substantial / nationally significant or notorious commercial metropolises with a population of at least a million, usually in the upper hundred thousands, a "large" city is usually used to refer to a city which is largeR than usual, so at least the upper tens of thousands or the lower-mid hundred thousands. A synonym doesn't necessarily mean a word has the exact same meaning by the way, it just means they're similar in definition (see how i use different words? meaning and definition mean different things even though they're 2 very similar words)

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bump, so far i've found billings mt springfield mo, fargo nd, cedar rapids ia, boise city id and sterling heights mi

sterling heights mi seems to be the best option 76% safer than the national average seems to be increasing in whiteness low unemployment rate and so on


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>white / low unemployment

Why? They're synonyms

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none exist. Now you might find a 90% white suburb of a large city so pick the city and expect a commute.


Santa Clarita,CA is a very rich city, nice homes and majority white demographic. Alot of entertainment is shot there, so theres always cops everywhere to to keep the nig nogs in check

anyone got any canadian examples

you might not have heard this one its called london it is known for its bigness / largeness

Near SLC

Cities are shit

as someone in Idaho I can tell you this place is starting to get fucking crazy, more and more people are moving here driving up the prices of rent, Montana sounds decent though

He said 90+% white, not 40% white.

Denver, CO

Ontariofag here, don't know much about the rest of the country, but Ontario has some good examples of mostly white (at least 75%) cities with lots of jobs:
>St. Catharines
>Niagara Falls
Unless you can speak French, Ontario is a good as you'll get

Also Sudbury if you don't mind living in the miserable north

Fuck off, we're full.

Missoula, Montana. Not a huge city, but about 100k people.

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