When you're not into anal but your girl wants to get ass fucked

My girl is much more sexually adventurous than I am, we've had arguments about me not wanting to fuck in that many positions and eventually I tried more things with her. Lately she's been telling me she really wants to be fucked up the ass and that she has great orgasms from ass sex, but I've never had anal sex and always thought it was strange and somewhat disgusting. How do I get into this? Is there a guide or something? Honestly I don't even really get how anal sex works or how I'm supposed to prepare her for it. I've never even fingered a girl's ass, I'll do absolutely anything to her vagina but her ass is always just in my mind as "that place that poo comes out of". I really don't want to stick my mouth or tongue there, but if it really makes her happy I want to learn how to fuck her in the ass.

How does one "get into" anal?

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I would suggest fucking her anally with a dildo, using butt plugs or anal beads, you get the idea.

Obviously a lot of men love anal but the everyday reality is a lot messier than porn shows. It is NOT in any way guaranteed that you won't see or smell shit when pushing your dick up someone's literal shithole. There is no way to prepare with certainty. Even if she takes a full enema (not recommended to do on the reg because of the gut bacteria it flushes out), the bowels are so long that there's always stool somewhere, and diarrhea can happen if her bowels are triggered the wrong way. This is a very unlikely scenario, but the point that there's no 0% risk of shit anal stands.

If you do want to try it, it's basically;
>she needs to shit about an hour beforehand, and take a shower beforehand where she cleans what she can reach
>if she's not very experienced with anal she might need some stretching with a toy or fingers, in any case make sure you only go for her ass once she's 100% turned on
>some women can get their ass fucked like it's a second pussy but start out easy, let her push herself down on you rather than inserting yourself, use copious lube (and a condom! infections can happen this way)
>if everything goes smoothly you can gently start thrusting and pick up a rhythm

Again though, if you are already this apprehensive I wouldn't go there if I were you.

I've done it once before and it isn't nearly as nasty as it might sound. That is, provided she has cleaned herself properly beforehand.

If she takes a shower beforehand and thoroughly cleans her asshole, i'll promise you their won't be any shit on your dick

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seriously this is the kind of problem you come to an advice board for? a thread had to die for this one to get posted

if you want my opinion then you two don't sound compatible in the bedroom if you say there's mo to this. ask yourself whether it's possible/worth it to try making up for this shortcoming, as well as living with the fear that she will "feel justified" in cheating with someone more adventurous than you

who you gonna call?

find her a guy who will fuck her in the ass and get cucked. It's the only way you're going to make her happy.

Just stick ur finger in her but while you eat her out. Start small, who knows maybe the sexual deviancy might make you more into it yourself. Babysteps user

If you want to eliminate the idea of shit in your dick completely, tell her to give herself an enema beforehand.
When you are going to fuck her, dedicate enough time to make out and get her horny. When you are going to penetrate her ass, start slowly and buy some anal lube (must be for anal, not vaginal). Don't put your whole dick inside for a while. Push it gently but slowly, taking your dick back out and entering a few centimeters more than before. After 8 or 10 thrusts, you'll be able to enter it completely and begin to properly fuck.
I have a boner now talking about this.

How much time were you in prison for?

It'd be weird if they knew such a thing in prison, isn't it?

Brake up and date someone your actually compatible with

do you really believe she would do anything for you that she does not want herself? i mean, you might have deluded yourself into thinking that your relationship is mutually beneficial and that she would catch you just as much as you do her, but it is nothing more than that: delusion.
women do not make sacrifices, and neither should you.

>Honestly I don't even really get how anal sex works

It's the same as regular sex, only you put your dick in her ass instead of her vagina. It's not complex.

not exactly the same, vagina can dilate from arousal, anus can't, it must be dilated by hand. If you try to push your dick while still closed, it will be extremely painful for her. The main diference is DILATION. Do it user, dilate her.

Ditch the whore she is dangerous to your health

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>not ghostbusters

>"get into"
These kinks might just not be you

Dont like it dont bump. If a thread died it qas already on the way out anyway.

OP you're a fucking faggot for not wanting to tear apart her colon.

But you're also willing to bite the bullet and do that for your woman so I just wanted to give you mad props for that.

This is a great relief from all the other blubbering incels and virgins. I'll take it.

Fake and gay, finding a woman that likes anal is like finding a man who genuinely enjoys having his nipples played with.
You think it feels good to the opposite sex because it feels good on your parts but we're different sexes and our bodies work differently. Having a prostate makes anal more pleasurable for men and having female mammaries makes nipple stimulation more fun for women.
The clitoris isn't anywhere near the anus or colon, anal is purely for the man's sake and is one of the least clean forms of sex. There's a reason why it was considered sodomy back in the day.

She's told me that she's been fucked up the ass before and had these strangely intense orgasms as a result of it. She's even asked me if I could get a vibrator to stick up her ass while I fucked her. She's super freaky, she will have orgasms just from nipple play, loves to bite my nipples and tonguekiss my cock. Honestly I just want to make her happy.

I know I'm weird for not liking anal, I just want to please her.

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watch some porn involving anal sex OP, nothing hardcore but just something to get your feet wet, maybe that will help you get into it. The good news is that your girl is already into assplay and sounds like she knows what she's doing so she's going to know how to be hygienic down there and how to make it as pleasurable as possible for you without any accidents or mess. I would start with just finger play at first to ease yourself into it, again, she will clean herself up for you so don't worry about shit or anything like that, once you get used to finger play you can start doing penetration. Just think of it like a second vagina, or pretend that you're just sticking it into her vagina and just try not to look down for the first couple of times you try it. Maybe also abstain from ejaculating for a week prior so that way you will be more aroused and be able to get into the anal mood a lot easier.

Basically I feel like a super lucky guy. She's cute, goes to the gym a lot, likes the same food and shows as me, she'll watch me play video games, she's funny. The first night we met we fucked like wild animals. I really want to keep her. The thing is while I'm boring and autistic, she's cool and outgoing. Her sexuality is more developed than mine, I learned a lot of new positions because of her. I want to be able to satisfy her, and she says even if its just a once in a while thing it will really make her happy if I just ass fuck her sometimes.

I posted Juri because like her, she's a total pervert, has a fucked up sense of humor, and while watching me play street fighter she thought Juri was the coolest and sexiest character

The not jerking off thing sounds like a good idea, as well as mentally conditioning myself to like anal. I'm just so used to vagina I fear it will weird me out and kill my boner.

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imagine the smell
no seriously, I'd gag during doggy just by catching a whiff with my ex

good luck OP I'd have already thrown up

>a thread had to die for this one to get posted

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arent 99% of these threads about sad virgins and autists anyways?

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Understandable, but is she practicing anal safely? Cleaning toys before and after with soap and warm water, prepping her colon via enema beforehand, etc. ?
I'm not joking about this, it's nice of you to think of wanting to please her but being attracted to ass or not isn't the #1 priority here. Eager pervs are often the ones that forget to practice safe sex.

If you're thinking of fingering her ass you might want to look into buying tattoo artist gloves. They're pretty thin but they're a barrier for your sake and they also come in different colors like black which is sexier than regular blue or white doctor office gloves.

If all else fails just apologize and say you gave it your best and possibly look into getting her some tapered anal bead to stuff in and pull out while fucking her regularly. She might like that. Ass women that genuinely enjoy anal are rare so count yourself lucky OP.

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*I forgot to mention don't forget the lube ofc. Water-based lube is your friend.

These are all things I needed to seriously consider and think about. I'll definitely read more about it and try to get myself acclimatized to the idea of fucking her up the ass. At the end of the day, she's the one really eager to do anal and I'm the one trying to learn about it. She made fun of me thinking it was weird that I didn't want to do it, she even joked "maybe you're secretly attracted to man's asses instead of women's asses."

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We call that a red flag. Don’t degrade yourself to anal sex.

she just told me she's enjoyed it in the past and finds it strange that i'm not into it. how is it supposed to be a red flag?