Can someone help me understand the thought process behind this?

Can someone help me understand the thought process behind this?

I'm not taking this to Jow Forums because I want a genuine discussion, not shit posts.

>Man A
Man A can go outside and walk the streets half naked wearing make up and women's clothing. Within our society today this is accepted and sometimes even encouraged.

>Man B
Man B chooses to wear (pic related) outside and there's a good chance he will be assaulted, or worse. He will be called an asshole, nazi, facist, etc... all for expressing his right to support whomever he chooses.

Both men have the exact same constitutional rights intended to protect their freedom of expression. If Man A is assaulted, our society deems it a hate crime and person(s) will be charged with a crime. If Man B is assaulted, the general public cheers and applauds without any concern for the victim's well being and ignoring their basic civil liberties.

Am I wrong for looking for a rational understanding?

Please let me know your opinion.

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Nothing wrong here. Everything is okay in this land. #bashthefash #lovetrunpshate #punchnazis. /s

First of all this a loaded question. Person A gets assaulted a lot more than person b

>Man A can go outside and walk the streets half naked wearing make up and women's clothing. Within our society today this is accepted and sometimes even encouraged.
You forgot to mention that this all depends on context.
Man A can be assaulted, called derogatory names, all for expressing his rights in the same places where Man B is welcomed with open arms.

I worn my MAGA hat in my liberal city and nothing happened. Maybe not looking like a weak faggot asking for trouble helps. Looking like you can't lift 25lb without blaming Hillary is why you get beat up.

Well, MAGA implies that America was once great. When exactly was it? Like what specific years?

between 1987 and 1997

Let me preface my response by saying I'm a Republican, but I did not vote for Trump and do not support him. I'm not screaming and crying in the streets or shouting for impeachment, but I think he makes a mockery of the country.

So, first off, I'm gonna say bullshit. My straight acting, male gay lawyer friend gets homosexual slurs spouted at him all the fucking time, and if he pranced down the street half naked, he'd get jumped. I even go to a reasonably liberal comic book bar downtown, and still the one transgendered person there gets called "the tranny," and other guys try to make fun of guys who talk to this person like a normal human.

On the other hand, MAGA hat wearers are rarely just going about their day. They're always out to spout some bullshit, make everything about them, and be insanely political when there's no reason to be.

Quite frankly, most people who wear these hats and complain about "assault" or whatever are people who have never had to live a moment of oppression in their lives, and now when someone calls them a name, they turn into an ultra snowflake.

See, the thing about the MAGA hat is you're intentionally being smug. Intentionally saying "come at me." And when it's all to support a dude who supports or at least lets his rhetoric inspire hate, it's a pretty fucked up thing, man.

Why don't you stop being such a victim, OP?
That victim mentality is the problem with your kind, OP.
You act like everything is about your hat color, OP.
Stop imagining that you're being discriminated against, OP.

Minority Simulator 2019. I love the MAGA hat and wish more white people would wear it.

>Am I wrong for looking for a rational understanding?
To the left and center, the MAGA hat itself represents irrational xenophobia and prejudice.
So a person who wears the MAGA hat has considered the matter and then embraced irrationality. Yet he demands that others be rational and not paint him with the same broad brush he paints others with.

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The general public does not support this behavior, but the media, Hollywood, the deep state, the school systems do. They own you. Crazies are given permission to abuse the public and beat them into submission.

If you provoke people whichever way you are asking for it.

> Year of Amnesty for illegals
> Bush Sr Presidency
> Clinton Presidency
This is a joke post right?

user is probably referencing the nostalgia of the pop culture of those years, not the actual politics

meant for

This is accurate. OP has a skewed version of reality that they've created in their head if they believe their statement.

I don't agree that Man B should be assaulted or necessarily even called a Nazi or facist. On the other hand, there is a lot of hateful rhetoric from the candidate that man B supports, and that support ends up supporting something that does harm people like man A. And man A doesn't even have to be trans or gay or whatever you want to claim is too outrageous to be normalize. Man A could be my friend Amir who hasn't seen his family in years because he came here for grad school and then the travel ban took place. Man A could be, who's synagogue was vandalized with swastikas and iron crosses. I'm not even a Jew any more but that's my family that goes there.

The point is that man A isn't encouraging or supporting oppression or harm to other groups, while man B is.

Yes, you're wrong for looking for a rational understanding of something that isn't real.

>good chance he will be assaulted.

You people live in a bubble. There is not a good chance you will be assaulted, please step into the real world. And rarely anyone "encourages" walking around the street half naked looking like a dumb jackass. You need to get off Jow Forums and go outside if you genuinely think that we live in a world where expressing that you like trump will get you more than glances of disgust. Yes, people have been assaulted, but I could also claim that we live in a world where you are beaten for being black, because both happen. (very very rarely)

also this >20791771

Welcome to Clown World, kid.

whoops am retarded


You're a shitty republican and a cuckservative.


Rights are a spook. So is freedom. You can cling to dead ideals of constitutional “rights” all you want but the fact remains they are an abstraction, and your day to day life is ruled by the reality that’s partially created by the people around us. You only have the rights that you can physically defend.

Here's something that you need to understand: the phrase "Make America Great Again" implies that you want to turn back the clock to a time when things seemed awesome... for white men. Things certainly weren't all great for minorities, homosexuals, women, etc. in the past.

The fact that Trump even uses the expression is in itself a complete and total lie to his own base. Trump voter's vision of when America was last great was when there was job security and the average worker was cared for as a human being with rights rather than just a unit of labor production. What has Trump done while he's been in office? Making things easier for himself and his corporate cronies while fucking over literally everyone else.

Both men are freely expressing themselves but man A is doing nothing harmful to other people. Man B is expressing a political viewpoint that supports discriminatory and sometimes violent behavior, racist and sexist ideologies. Whether or not the person wearing that cap has those views, they chose to express that they are siding with the representation of that in modern day society. So people are going to express how they negatively feel about it because he chose to wear that hat. He’s allowed to wear that hat as much as they are allowed to give him shit for wearing it. Any kind of violence against him (for wearing the hat alone) would be the same as violence against man A. The social context is completely different though and most people would view B as less “bad” than A.

>man A is doing nothing harmful to other people

Wrong. First you accept trans running around the streets cause "lol libertarian bro do whatever you want" then your local university supports "drag story time" where drag queens read LGBT themed books to your impressionable kids who will want to start wearing makeup when they're 9. Your permissive liberal feminist wife will force you to comply or else divorce. Congrats you now have trans kids.

This is how it starts

Whats next? Letting people marry goats??


Lol I live in California it ain’t even like that. Do you get all your news from FOX?

It's a public menace, 2 of those drag time story freaks are now convicted child molester. But it doesn't matter because females are in charge of the world and they side with kiddie fuckers

I'm from California also and I guarantee I've been exposed to more gay bubbles than you ever will. It is like that.

Wearing a maga hat is a political statement bc its showing your support for trump/right-wing ideologies. It'd be a fairer comparison if person b was wearing a a shirt showing they support democrats or w/e. If you choose to show your support for a president with such a (to be polite) polarizing effect, you choose to deal with the consequences, like being publically insulted. Also, although media will publicize the (rare) event someone wearing a maga hat is assaulted, transgender people/visibly gay people are still the most likely demographic to be affected by hate crimes, so the scenario of getting punched is much more likely to happen to person a.

Visibly gay people should all be imprisoned for public safety, it would prevent hundreds of millions of child rapes and aids deaths

>I'm not taking this to Jow Forums because I want a genuine discussion, not shit posts.
kek i like how you faggots pretend your bait threads somehow aren’t shitposts. and of course the mods won’t delete it.

Doing visible LGBTQ shit is just as much a political statement as a Maga hat is.

Visible meaning: transvestites, sjw hair dye, wearing fishnet tops as a man, being naked, any sort of rainbow flag LGBT solidarity symbolism

They're visual markers of a provocative ideology.

Watch out for sword wielding people who wear MAGA hats.

Also if OP takes issue with anything posted here, it's just proof he's looking for an excuse to play the victim. Stop looking to blame other groups for your own failures.

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Man A will be made fun of and will most likely kill himslef or will die before he turns 45.
Yeah, fuck free will, you should only do what the goverment and society want, if they tell you what work you should, you have to take that.


>Yeah, fuck free will, you should only do what the goverment and society want, if they tell you what work you should, you have to take that.

Welcome to traditionalism and hierarchy dipshit

because being transgender isn't a choice, while being a Trump supporter is.


Being transgender has nothing to do with how you dress. You make a choice to wear a bikini with your tiny prick poking out. You know you look retarded, but do it anyway because it disrupts the norm.

My experience wearing my MAGA hat for a day was:
>Two standung ovations
>A fast food worker declined to give me the food that I paid for, so anoyher person had to give it to me.

The two ovations were from men in business attire (what I wear also because corporate) and the fast food failure of a son talked like a queer. Sounds about right.

years 2500 BC to around 1400 AD

I don't see an issue with drag queen story time, and a trans woman living her life has nothing to do with people deciding to bring drag queens into libraries. If Timmy wants to mess around with makeup after seeing a drag queen then let him, he's a fucking kid. He should be properly educated about what drag is, it's a performance and people pretending by dressing up. Timmy also plays a lot of mario games, yet you don't see him eating mushrooms outside to grow bigger. Kids understand often better than adults how to pretend and play games. You also shouldn't be raising your kids to have identities so easily shattered by something like dressing up. All drag queens and trans people grow up in our heterosexual society and still wind up who they are as adults.

But feel free to keep empowering drag queens by viewing their work as dangerous.

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You will die of aids

>If Timmy wants to mess around with makeup after seeing a drag queen then let him, he's a fucking kid.

Holy shit

That's as dumb as wanting optometrists to go to libraries and teaching kids what optometry is.

Damn OP, I don't think you understand how much of a snowflake you sound like.

Bitching out trannies and boot lickers is our god given right, there is not issue with it. If you're wondering why society at large doesn't agree with your views, its entirely possible your views are dying out.

Remember. Conservatives are minorities. Bush and Trump won by the electoral college, not democracy.

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Make b8 gr8 again.

This, also don't forget Republicans have rigged elections so they maintain the majority even though they're in the minority.

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Man A wants to simply live and exist without causing harm to anyone, and without judgement or physical danger.

Man B promotes the segregation and subjugation of minority groups including Man A, and is linked with movements that carried out acts of terrorism.

Man B is a cunt. People cheer when cunts get what they deserve.

While the law protects both Man A and Man Bs freedom of expression, sometimes the law isn't enough to stop someone from putting a cunt in their place. Freedom of expression isn't freedom from repercussion.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequences.

it's not your responsibility you to sort out the real trannys from the fake ones, moreover in the grand scheme of things it's really not all that important. If you really can't let the issue go, that says more about your sexual hang ups than anything else.

>Can someone help me understand the thought process behind this?
A is not hurting anyone or portraying hurtful idealizations, wearing women's clothing is not an insult and nobody cares.
B on the other hand, is openly expressing facist idealizations and is getting their desserts because all nazis should die horribly cursed deaths leading to purgatory.
>Am I wrong for looking for a rational understanding?

>America is such a violent shithole that either party thinks beating up the "other" guy is acceptable in any context

You are a human being steeped in darkness. Get over your egotistical self centered bullshit views and be a good human being for once.