Would appreciate advice from other parents. My 11yo daughter is being a rebellious butt...

Would appreciate advice from other parents. My 11yo daughter is being a rebellious butt. She has very poor self control and pretty much thinks she should do whatever she feels like despite serious consequences. It seems that no matter how much trouble she gets in be it at home or at school she just keeps ignoring any rules and doing as she pleases. She has a friend who has a similar attitude and they seem to feed of each other and get into more trouble whenever they hang out together then she normally already dose by herself. Would it be appropriate to not let her be friends with this girl anymore? I'm not saying this other girl is the problem only that my daughter makes enough trouble for herself on her own and doesn't need and another trouble maker egging her on to do even more bad stuff.

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Your daughter is probably the mastermind behind the bullshit.

She's lashing out for attention... And you're too fuckin busy to spend the quality time with her that she needs.

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I'm asian and my parents-brother beat me up cruelly if i do something like that. U should try

No not at all. I'm a stay at home mom, I spend all my time with her and her siblings. Take her to all her sports, help her with homework every night. Volunteer at her school. I'm a very involved parent. She might be the one to suggest some of the stuff they do but not all of it. Like this girl has a record of skipping school and then this morning her and my daughter intentionally missed the bus and went to her house to play instead. I got a call from the school and my daughter has never skipped school before. Shes never even had a tarty this year, I always get her up and make sure she heads out for the bus on time.

She has gotten spankings before but it hasn't done anything to change her behavior. We don't really do it anymore since it seemed to make no difference and I'm not willing to just beat my kid, that's not ok.

There's nothing you can do I have two female shits and they get away with everything because that's our world females are encouraged to be horrible. Sorry world for whoever these monsters encounter

no reason to use that picture

That's just it though, I dont allow her to get away with stuff. I'm pretty strict and conservative. She just doesn't care about consequences. Grounding, taking privileges or toys away, sit down talks, spankings, people at school getting on her, she doesn't give a fart about any of it. I'm honestly considering putting her in counseling because she is so headstrong and rebellious. We did not raise her like this, she used to be very well behaved, then hit like 9 years old and started acting like a little jerk. None of our other children act like this or get in trouble all the time like this. Idk if its hormones, the onset of puberty or what but she is making me so stressed out and worried for her future

Convince one of your friends to rape her when she's disobeying you to teach her a lesson.

You don't like my shadow?

>rebellious butt

take it easy there dude

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You know what to do ;)

That's what I'm thinking too. I'd rather find some way to curb this behavior now then wait till shes a teen and dose something that will have lasting consequences. Hopeful counseling will help

>my parents-brother
How can you parents also be your brother?

Where's papa at in all this? I'm not a parent, but I've babysat girls for 10 years. I've seen them misbehave around their mothers, but when they get to me they're on their best behavior and quite forthcoming.

Wrong attitude to have. My sister was an awful cunt in her early teens but my dad managed to whip her back in line. Took work but she's a fine woman now.

My husband is here, he works a normal job, 40/50 hours a week. She behaves somewhat better for him but still pulls a bunch of bs whenever she can. She dosent seem to care much one way or the other which one of us disapplains her, she will literally do the same exact thing she got in trouble for like a day later. She is very disrespectful about rules and if she feels like doing something anyways she just dose it. She never feels bad or guilty about her actions either, like no remorse. She feels bad she got caught or got in trouble but dosent felt bad about what she actually did.

That's literal sociopathy. Get a counselor up her ass.

Right! That's what my husband said. I've read some stuff that says it can be somewhat typical behavior in preteens and teens though and that sometimes they grow out of it and are still fine as adults. Kids at that age can be very selfish and impulsive

I might try homeschooling if you’re a stay at home mom. Who knows how much this behavior is being encouraged at public school, cruelty, violence, pettiness, etc are all encouraged by the other children in that kind of environment. It’s literally set up like a prison. Private schools are nicer but still retain the same basic prison type system.

You might also consider boot camp, or being extremely severe with her at home. Toys, electronics, all gone indefinitely. She stays home and only goes out with your permission to do what you say she can. She seems like she is desperately needing authority and discipline. What is her father doing in this situation? Is he as involved?

It would be appropriate.