Where is this 'chad' that incels talk about?

Where is this 'chad' that incels talk about?

I've literally only seen about two legit male-model looking guys in my entire life.

I walk through town and EVERY guy is around average, with a few subhumans sprinkled in.

Same when I go to bars.

Same when I watch girls flick through tinder.

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Being a chad is not about looks, it’s about being a man who takes action

is looks too

also, fuck this bait thread

It's not bait I'm literally baffled.

It's a concept of what men aspire to

Why are you so obsessed about making those threads?
I can tell it's the same person making them everyday because you post the same damn few chico pictures every damn time?
Are you an incel, or why are you so obsessed about incel topics?

Chad/alpha status is 99% behavior
The most Chad guy I know looks like a Slavic think, but he absolutely doesn’t give a fuck and has no dependence on or need for women at all - which makes me him immensely attractive
t. Female

>Chad/alpha status is 99% behavior
no is not, looks play a role too but they are not as important as guys think

Go to a high end club in a big city

You will see a lot of dudes 6'5"+ jacked dudes with chiseled jaws

>a Slavic think
like a what? post a representative picture plz

And they will be ugly, and only attract other gay males.


No, they'll literally grope girls they don't even know and receive a positive reaction, whereas you'd be slapped and dragged out by the bouncers

>Slavs are never happy, we like to be sad

We slavs have a different culture then westerners we were raised harsher, and that's why we act like that/ cold hearted, but I can tell you that shit doesn't attract girls

Girls like to have fun, thus they search for someone that is usually happy in his life, and guess what? Slavs are never happy, we like to be sad xD

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>there are people so dumb as to believe this

sorry but i have to filter you. You are absolute retard.

And why is that?

I literally spend all my free time attempting to seduce women because I'm a degenerate. You don't know the shit I've seen.

Most girls do not enjoy being groped by strangers. You're a retarded incel who gets all his knowledge of the world outside from other retarded incels.

Girls have different standards for very physically attractive men. If you haven't realized this yet I don't know what to tell you.

nice trips

You are kinda right but girls getting groped by a random stranger will make her feel like a slut ,
Don't do this, guys.


When is the last time you spoke to a non-related female in real life? How many years ago?

What you as a gay man find physically attractive is totally different from what girls do.

>Where is this 'chad' that incels talk about?

You should read Amazon reviews for female romance novels. I am not kidding you, they use terms like Alpha males and shit like that. It is beyond funny. Maybe only middle age house wives and fat chicks are into this kind of " roleplay "

I didn’t make the thread, brainlet. I’m not OP.

Not even one percent of the world is 6’5”, fuck off sage

chad is just a guy who gets a lot of girls. not necessarily a male model.

i know some guys who have girlfriends and like 5 fwbs. good looking guys but not chico good looking. i would still describe him them as chad

it's like 10% behavior 90% looks

it's crazy how 90% of these romance novels have some kind of giga chad or pretty boy on the cover. but bluepillers still try telling us it's all about personality.

It's you brainlet incels who are bluepilled.

It's 90% behavior. Women care far less about looks than men. That's why you see even ugly guys get girls.

>Women care far less about looks than men
why you gotta lie on an anonymous message board?

Why do you think it's a lie? Because having to admit the truth would destroy your incel belief system?

Girls dont care about personality especiallly not when the sexual appeal isnt there. Have to be 6' plus. Good sized dick pretty face. Then we can talk about personality

Dude are you retarded?

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How is what i said retarded?

Girl doesn't see your dick first


Do you go outside, can you think? Bruh.
Another retarded incel spoted, bro just fuck off to reddit

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Stfu you aborted faggot.

>hurrrr I like him because he's not attracted to me
I've heard this from so many women and don't understand this. So guys who make themselves unavailable are attractive. Guys are expected to make the first move as well. Therefore, nothing will ever happen between the 2, and if the guy has a change of heart and becomes attracted, the girl won't be attracted anymore because he's available. Like what?

Wow edgy, calm down and leave. There is 0 reason for you to belong here.

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Women are mysterious retards.

Go back to tumbler you fucking arbys whore.

This is the most retarded thing I have ever read. You are so obviously closeted and project your gay tastes on women.

>Have no desire to get married whatsoever
Does that make me a chad?

Grasping at straws user

I've been outside. I always see girls with tall average to good looking guys. I never seen them with ugly 5"6" manlets like myself.

You are the naysayer in the comic

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>good looking
Which one is it? You can't have both at the same time. Are you saying you see girls with tall ugly men or short good looking men or both?

Only autists reply to bait threads by calling out bait threads therefore continuing the thread. Autism.

You are an autistic boy from Louisiana.
You have no culture. Slavaboo.

Is a 4d chess

Modern women only go for tall men. I go to comic shops in canada and those tall guys got gfs. Same for movies or malls.

I'm only 5 foot 11 and thars midget sized these days.

how do you aspire to be genetically lucky

You think like 12 year old

Dude i am 100% slav, cope.

I see reality you fucking faggot.

Statistics show otherwise. Tall men are actually more likely to be virgins. Average or below average height is where men maximize their physical attractiveness.

mostly tall. you can get away with having an average face if you're tall.

if you're short, you better have the face of brad pitt.

thank you. im happy that im not the only one noticing this trend. 95% of the guys you see with girls on a college campus, those guys are going to be tall as fuck. 6' plus like i said.

they hated batowl because he told the truth.

One thing is to see and another to know, even a 6 year old see a world as you do, how many books did you read? How many girl friends do you have? Go back to flexing your right arm.

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I dont care for your made up stats.

Have fun with fat bitches you loser.

Are you one of those lying bitter lanklet virgins? 6'3" and never kissed a girl right? And your oneitis is fucking a 5'8" guy? The usual story.

Op you have obviously never been out to dinner, a club, party, or dance scene in any major city. Chad is about action, but then within that circle the Chaddest have looks as well.

im 5'6''. not a virgin because it was easier to get laid back in 2012 before height got memed into real life. Now girls only prefer tall guys in 2019.

That is literally the most retarded thing I have ever read.


girls are way more picky than they used to be. stats back it up.

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And that increase in male sexlessness is lead by tall males.

it's lead by manlets like me. go to any college campus in the US. every couple i see holding hands the guy is above average height.

Wrong. The forever alone men you see on campus will be the lanky tall ones. You are making shit up, all wishful thinking on your part. God forbid that you actually have to admit it's all your own fault for being an incel and nothing stops you from getting girls except your own choices.

Timestamp photo right now, put a sock on your head, and write message "I'm a slavaboo" and a video of you soeaking Russian.

Autistic kids should be aborted.

>barely 5'10"
>incredible babyface; am 20 and look 12
>retarded hillbilly accent despite living in large city
>have already been appreciated more by women than you ever will
It's because I just do the things I want to do in life regardless of what people think of it, and let women come to me at their own pace. That makes most women more horny than looks alone could - looks are just a bonus

dude why are you lying on an anonymous message board? it's a widely regarded fact that women have a preference for taller men. this is not even debatable.

Nigga you speak like a true autist, why are so mad? Kek.

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5'10'' is a good height if you live in America. Lots of short minorities here you can mog.

>I just do the things I want to do in life regardless of what people think of it
I do this too but the women never come because I'm 5'6''.

Mehhhhh, mehhh no women wants me, fuck off and cry on reddit

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>virgin manlets
>virgin lanklets
average height best height, bros.
the two biggest chads I know are 5'9" and 5'10".
manlet vs. lanklet is a lot like liberal vs. conservative

>posts about his autism in every thread
>denies it by acting autistic

My dad is literally 5'2" and it worked just as well for him
He owned it and became a professional horse jockey

im not crying. ive made peace with the fact. i cope with pets. i like my dog. and dont tell me to go to reddit. i never used that website because i cant stand censorship. i want the truth raw.

dating was easier for boomers. the dating game changed now.

The fuck are you talking?

Fuck you got me, i am going to think about this when i fuck a bitch tonight

Gj incel

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>Still have trouble on Tinder

I've rocked long hair for a long time but I think it might be holding me back.

based lawliet the local retard of Jow Forums never disappoints
did you stop fighting with that tranny the other day

Why are you so mad, mommy didnt let you suck on her titty?

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>This thread
Thank god I'm gay

Why respond to trip? Does nothing but respond to get attention

No it's not. You are just lying to yourself because you are too scared to admit the real reason you are an incel: because you choose to be one.

not even sure gay incels exist. you guys are lucky to be shielded from all this nonsense.

Someone of them do come across as gay, like one guy that was raging hard over his 'Chadlite' roommate fucking a woman he deemed below his league. He was describing destroying his room, crying tears of rage, and typing she like she's not worthy of his cock and cum.

Thats just called being jelous. Dude could easily get a boyfriend

Im an incel because im not attractive to women. Thats not something i choose its something i was born with. Bad face, bad height. Aspergers

No, gays cannot be incels. But many incels are closeted in denial.

You chose to be an incel, that's all there is to it.

Man you really have no idea. Put yourself in the shoes of an unattractive man. I bet you cant. Are you a roastie?

If you're unattractive then stop being fat and take a shower. What a difference taking care of yourself makes. Even so, plenty of ugly guys manage to get girls just fine, you have no excuse.

>plenty of ugly guys manage
This is simple not true. Ugly guys arent getting shit And i shower everyday and have a six pack because i fell for Jow Forums memes. Girls dont care about muscles if youre 5'6" and have the face of a goblin.

So you don't take care of your face? Better start then. But clearly it's your angry incel personality that is the biggest turn-off.

Now tell me someone ever said: "Sorry, you're 5'6"