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I was walking my dogs tonight and somebody was approaching on the same side up ahead. I wanted to cross, but a car was coming. It was going so slow, like 5mph or less, and when they finally passed the people in the car were covering their faces from me with their arms. I am a normal looking person walking two pugs, idk what their issue was but as someone with anxiety issues it freaked me out for some reason. Somebody his their child's face from me before with their arms like that when I passed by them in a parking lot too. Makes me feel like the elephant man or like I give off bad vibes

For the past 4-5 years, I have gone through my friend's facebook and read his conversations - mostly to find out what he's saying about me.

At the time he was my best friend, and we knew each other so well to the point where I knew his passwords - he has no idea still, and he just uses the same one with a slight variation for everything. One day, after getting into a fight with my friends for making plans without me, I logged into my friend's facebook for the first time to snoop and see if I could find anything because I was paranoid that my friends were saying something about my behind my back after we had a fight. I uncovered an entire conspiracy all against me - there was an entire groupchat made with a large number of people that I wasn't part of, and any time I said or did anything in school that was even slightly against the norm - they made fun of me and said horrible things about me. I also discovered single conversations between my other close friends who either said horrible things about me behind my back, second guessed me, deliberately misled me to my face and lied to me, and revealed things to other people that I said in confidence to them.

I found out that this was going on for 2 years before I uncovered it, and it still goes on to this day. I always felt paranoid that people hated me behind my back, and I felt horrified to find out it's all true. I'm now in University, but every time I come back for the holidays and meet up with old classmates, I log into my friend's facebook to see what they're saying about me - this shit still goes on every time I interact with anyone from school. No-one has any idea I know, and I pretend like I don't but I now use this information to my advantage and avoid any traps. I now don't trust anyone I used to call a friend in school with secrets or personal information anymore.

When I was in high school, I lied to everyone and said that I was diagnosed with mild to moderate depression, even though I was never diagnosed for it. I had a fair amount of the symptoms that were typical with depression, and I have a family history of it including my mom who's currently suffering from it. The time period during high school was tough for me, and I could never take a joke and I'd normally get quite emotional because I thought everyone hated me and didn't like me. I attributed my sensitive and emotional behaviour to having depression (which didn't exist) so I would have an excuse for being like that, and hoped that people would take it easy on me. I even lied to my girlfriend about it who did actually have depression, and I feel horrible for self-diagnosing myself with something I don't have that's a serious mental health issue.

Don’t feel bad, you probably do have depression.

If I did have it, it was gone. I think it might've been me just overreacting to my friends having "banter" with me. Maybe I did have it, but I feel guilty because I was never formally diagnosed - maybe it was just a placebo, or I read up on it and unknowingly convinced myself I had it.

I'm also by the way

I entered a new friend group recently, almost all girls, except for one guy who's honestly really sweet but obviously has trouble meeting friends. I love the little guy, he's like a younger brother, but I think he may feel threatened by me. Honestly, it makes me feel pretty good about myself. The friend group is all foreigners and the only one from this country (American), and nearly everybody is leaving in a couple weeks so I want to enjoy my new friends for as long as I can. However, I want him to feel excluded during the last couple weeks our friends have left.

I dont know why I'm so hung up on you. You're disgusting and a phoney...

Did you want to watch that documentary “with” me or did you show it to me as a passive aggressive gesture? Can you tell me your feelings?

Should I shave my head? I don't want employers to push me away for looking weird but my hair is too much effort to maintain and I looked through my old photo albums and my face gets buried in my hair it's such a mess.

How does G deal with your constant contempt and disrespect? Or is it all saved up for me?

God punishes those who disrespect him in the end. But don't worry, he's not real. Be free from the clutches of his wrath.

Nice trips.
That’s horrible man. I think it’s in the Talmund or some religious book, in which the action that is second only to killing a person is slander; because you are killing a part of their person.

I would let them know in person. It’ll be really shitty, if you can muster it you should hold your head high and let them know that they are cowards, then remove contact with them if they don’t recognize it (and maybe remove contact anyways)
people sometimes are cowards in a different way and attempt to fit it by joining the slander. If they regret it with an open heart I would hear what they have to say. Don’t do it online though since it would be hard for the realization to hit home when it’s a text so definitely say it. Words are powerful actions, tldr say it to my face fucker and not online see what happenz

G is an actual person. I wasn’t talking about god.

I've been dreaming about it for years, but I've yet to bring myself to do it. If I do this, then I cut ties with them permanently and there's no going back from it. Exposing all of my "friends" for what they've said and done would bring a twisted form of justice, and I can finally cut that out of my life but then that's it - it's not the sort of thing you come back to.

The big reason why I haven't done it so far is that if I do this, they then cease to be my friends and I have no-one to replace them with - I can't bear with being lonely so I've just put up with it all this time.

The sad part is that most of them are really nice when they're not being sly, but ever since I've found out all of these things being said about me, I'm constantly paranoid about what people are going to say about me if I do the slightest thing that's goofy, stupid, or embarrassing for out of fear of being chastised for it. All I do now is second-guess my worth and wonder if people hate me behind my back.

I've actually cut one my best friends out of my life after discovering they spilt something I said to them in confidence - I just ghosted them and I didn't say why. I'm glad I found out before saying anything else damaging, but it sucks to find out you've been betrayed. The only annoying thing is I cant say why without exposing myself for reading messages.

If I ever did the whole reveal, I'd get a printed screenshot of every thing that was ever said about me by that person, and then just hit them with it when we meet up. Be calm and composed, explain that I knew all this time and that I have no interest in being friends anymore - and then just leave. Kind of like a metaphorical mic drop.

But you're right, it is a shitty thing. I remember first discovering all of those things and feeling sick to my stomach - kind of like uncovering the world's greatest and most twisted lie.

I'd have no problem doing it, but I'd have to be absolutely sure I never want to talk to them again - you don't really walk back from something like this, and it would probably last a lifetime. Sure, they get found out that they said all these horrible things about me, but I'm no better because I also consistently snooped through their private messages.

I don’t deserve this...

I 100% believe that you had more reason for receiving the golden depression diagnosis than many of your professionally diagnosed peers. You have to realize the fallibility in such a system, not fundamentally, but simply in the medical system’s current implementation. There needs to be more cohesion, transparency, in-depth understanding and knowledge rather than the current legal circus, corperate lobbying and gerrymandering. And practical medicine in application is far from an exact science when it comes to diagnostics simply due to how little we can see. Doctors’ opinions vary, people don’t see shit some times, it’s far from perfect. Basically you were right dude, you and only you can truly feel if you are depressed (unless you have utterly abysmal expectations)

There's always that typical remark that "kids nowadays label themselves as depressed when they just have a shitty day or feel really down, which is something that happens to everyone" and I get the feeling that was me - I overestimated and over exaggerated my own emotions to myself and internalised it as depression to myself.

But I hate the idea of having it - not so much the effect it has on you, as the label and stigma that it has. Once you've had it at some point, you then carry this mental illness label with you for the rest of your life that you were depressed. It's been overused so much to the point where it feels like a cringy buzzword. I don't want to be attributed to having difficulties because of poor mental health - I just want to be a regular person that goes through hardship and doesn't feel like they have a mental illness.

Does your heart beat faster when you see me?

I cant' fucking stop thinking about my first gf, it's been over a year and the relationship was terrible on both sides and my brain keeps bringing her up in my dreams. I don't even think about her during the day at all but get reminded when I sleep. Its so fucking annoying at this point and I don't know what to do about it.

It’s not so black and white. Clinical psychology is a bit of a meme depending on what each individual thinks.
Maybe it’s good that you don’t have such a lable, it’d weigh you down like a burden. Your feelings are real, it might take courage to bring your life towards a state where such mindsets are minimized. I feel you bro, i know that feel.
I was bored and watched some Dr. Peterson youtube videos and he has a solid understanding of what psychology should entail (rather than this label stuff)
It might pique your interests idk I personally really like his talks.

please message me

God living in user's head rent free

How long were you both together for?
It could just be you haven't gotten over her yet, and you still need time to process it - there's no magical time limit or set rule for this.

My first girlfriend and I were officially together for just under 3 months, and it took me over 6 months to get over her for the most part. I "fully" got over her a year later, but I still occasionally think about her - I don't think you ever truly get over your first love.

Considering that it only happens at night, it could be indicating that you're currently dealing with a lack of intimacy or warmth in your life, so you think back to your girlfriend because she's someone that used to provide that for you. It sucks, but it's normal.

Don't beat yourself up for thinking about her, let time pass and acknowledge that she's there - it's natural. I still dream about my first girlfriend sometimes, but that's rare. Give yourself time.

I'm so fucking sad right now.

Everything is all my fault as usual. I can't do anything right. Even just existing and not trying, I still fuck up.

Thankfully, it doesn't bother me anywhere near as much compared to when I was in high school. I'll rarely get a few bouts of feeling empty and lifeless at night (typing this at 3am with no feeling of living), but I think that's just mostly due to loneliness. A few people have recommended Peterson's work - I'll take a look sometime.

>I know that feel
What's your story?


I was with her all of sophomore year and junior year, but she broke up with me several times during junior year and we still hung around senior year. We basically had sex the last week of school and after that I got ghosted completely which really fucked me up. I chalk it up to her just wanting me whenever she felt like it.

It's not what you think.

I've never felt so raw. I need you.

The meaningless sex did a number on your recovery period - I take it that fucked with your emotions. You're right in saying that she might've just done it because she picked and chose whenever she wanted you, because it leads you to doubt your own self-worth - are you actually appealing and attractive to someone, or just being used for their own gain and that's it? It could also be why you still think about her. Had there been just a clean break and no sex, it would be more clear-cut about how you both feel each other, and that way there's no emotional ambiguity.

Best cure is to start seeing other people and getting out there - you'll eventually move on and become distracted by someone else that you won't be reminded by her anymore. Just don't do anything if you think it might be a rebound - you're not doing yourself or them a favour at all by doing that.

Thank you so much, I needed to hear this.

You're welcome, I'm glad I could help somehow - I don't know how good I am at things like these.

It sounds like a cliche, but it's all gonna be okay man. Life has a way of falling into place, just never give in and lose faith

I really want my friend to act like they're actually my friend. I mean, I hope they're my friend.

Around a year and a half ago we split up over some dumb shit, and we didn't talk for several months. We eventually started talking again, and our friendship was pretty nebulous to say the least, we never really got any closer until recently.

But recently they've started talking to me less, our conversations seem forced, and they just seem generally annoyed with me.

I just want to know if I fucked this up again, but I'm too scared to ask them.

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Goodnight J. I miss you so damn much.

Life finally hit me yesterday, and I was reminded that I can only depend on myself in this world.
Idk how I'm going to manage financially. Things will be hard for a while. But if I get this position or get a second job, I think I'll survive.

If I end up homeless though, I'll probably kill myself and be done with it

I can't get ex friends out of my head. They were totally shitty to me and cut all ties years ago and bad mouthed me behind my back. I'm trying so hard to get over them, but I can't, they always come back up into my life somehow. I think the kicker is that I feel guilty for being so insistent about standing my ground over the issue that tore us apart and now knowing they're still so close to me, but they hate everything about me hurts. I feel like I can't get away from this cycle of anger and sadness

How long have you both been friends for, prior to splitting up? Were you just friends or really good friends? How strong and "valuable" (for a lack of a better word) the friendship was plays a role in how to proceed with this.

Which one of you first reached out after splitting? If it's them and the dynamic is like this, then it could be there's still something unresolved that's bothering them or on their mind, and that's what's keeping you from being as you were - if that's possible. Things don't always go back to how they were. If it was you that got in touch first, maybe they're just not that interested in being friends anymore and didn't really want to pick up. After all, it takes two to make a friendship.

There's always the case that you've just naturally grown apart as people, and you're no longer compatible as friends anymore which would explain why the conversations might seem forced. My best friend when I was 12 years old isn't really part of my life anymore and we don't talk anywhere near as much because we now have different interests, priorities, and mindsets. At some point, we both went off into our separate directions and became our own people. Our tastes changed, different things were more important to us, and we saw things differently. I became ambitious and wanted to achieve great things while spending time with like-minded people, and he never really grew up and properly matured and would rather go out every weekend while dabbling in drugs and heavy drinking. He's a decent guy, but we're just not compatible as people anymore.

Honesty is always the best policy - have a conversation in person and talk about everything you just said here. If they have any reservations or anything that's bothering them, then you can work through it if you value the friendship and if it's one that's been going for a long time. If you weren't that good friends and they don't really want to put the effort in, then it's pretty much impossible to force them.

Love me plz


I love you so much. Why does it have to be this way?

I keep telling myself the money and my amazing gf and all the shit that is supposed to make me happy isn't doing that because I'm not focusing on meditation and practice. I keep getting stuck in this delusion that because I have "everything" that it's enough to be happy without the work. It's fucking not, not even close. I have to change and put in the work. I have too much to be unhappy. I'm going to do this, for real this time

I do love you. I always have.

Grammatically, if liberals are “libtards”, republicans are “retards”.

Of course no one would believe me when I tell you that blow shit up because of things I say.

I never want to hurt anyone or anything but they insist....to punish me? I don't know.

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ knows all

I can haz cheeseburger

I thought liberals call them republigays.


I just got home. I had two alcoholic beverages. This is what loneliness feels like. Boo.


Grammatically they would be reptards. But the analogy you make fails on two levels. The equivalent of liberal would be conservative rather than republican. So really it would be contard.

See people thought I was crazy when I told them I have the ability to brainwash the human collectiveness. WRONG! I'm not crazy! I've been doing it! You're being brainwashed by me! People I've seen IRL have been wearing scene clothes, you're spouting old memes, I'm actually doing it! I've been summoning a wormhole to bring the mid to late 00s into this present time. It's actually working. I'M A GENIUS! MY BRAIN HAS NO LIMITS.

they blow things up because I say something

Is that your super power? Pretty lame.

yet you have no idea why i wrote that in the first place

Please save me avril

The Devil's Carnival was probably the absolute worst thing I ever watched in my life. Pure garbage. Nothing but trash. Autumn is a hack and her music sucks too and she can't sing.

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Once I've become powerful enough, I'll be able to bring Andrew Jackson back from the dead. Just you wait. I'll also bring back the French Revolution just for kicks.

Im not sure if shes dating someone and I'm too chickenshit to ask her out

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Why are you summoning the past when there are infinite ideas that haven’t been explored

You own me, you're supposed to save me.

You have to save yourself or else you’ll just fall into the same patterns

Please stop

I know I'm just your slave. I have to do what you say or you punish me.

I was gonna post this on /v/ but the thread was deleted.

One time in elementary school, my crush and her friend came up to me telling me that they knew I liked her. I just told them "No I don't." They did that sort of side eye look at each other and then look back at me thing while remaining silent. At this point I figured they were just looking to fuck with me and make me mad or something because, well, why else were they talking to me about it? If they know, they know. What's the point of talking to me about it? I know she didn't like me back. That didn't bother me. What bothered me was them using it like some sort of leverage. I just shook my head and walked away. I didn't think about it at all as a kid. It actually could not have gone better; I was such a fucking sperg, but I knew I was, and played around it. I knew who Chris-chan was back then, and I knew damn well to not be him or anything like him. I didn't need to inflict myself on others, not until I learned how to grow up.
I just wanted to show off a scar, I guess. A small scar on soft, untouched skin of a life still unlived, but it's what I got.

You’re the sort of hero we need dude, you can do it!

Stop trying to find me by starting those threads, Lucas
I can't talk.

I'm pretty stupid but you know that already.

It's all just so weird. I have no useful skills that will make any money yet I've acquired a run down victorian house that I'm renovating with my 82 year old father who has recently come down with heart failure. No idea what to do once it's in shape or if, God forbid he dies on the job. House is in a town that is new to me and no friends here yet. Too busy working on it and making sure my Dad hasn't collapsed. Many people including myself have tried to tell him to stop but he won't. Estimated to take until the end of this year to get it all up and running. A long and surreal limbo.

But look at those trips , the devils trips

Trying to also summon teleportation technology and this beams that can pull and push matter like the ones that the Borg use to grab starships in Voyager but it's harder when there's not enough previous information for me to work on it with.
I'll stop when Justice has been served.


Correct me if I’m wrong but teleportation would kill the user and merely create a clone. Yes ?

What Justice are looking for?

Dementia patients freak me out and I keep having to deal with them in life. I'm guessing that's because my mom will get it.

No it’s having the atoms’ position in space changed instantaneously

Why do you expect me to do this?

What if I am doing the wrong thing? I can't live with bad mistakes.

Yeah, it's like CTRL+X CTRL+V. I'd prefer something less risky like using worm holes to suck in matter and spit it out somewhere else, like in portal, or breaking matter down until it can slide through space faster with a destination similar to melting an ice cube suspended on a string to the bottom of a cup and then refreezing it.
Man, that would be cool.
I'll try to see if I can see far enough into the future if any scientists can do it so we can form a mental bond and bring that technology down here quicker.

Will I catch less hell from democrats if I switch from republican to libertarian? Im not trying to ask a Jow Forums question. This is more of a light social question. Democrats: Yes or no?

I feel like shit.

I just failed an important test for a job because I could not be bothered to study for it because I'm trash.

My parents probably hate me because I'm a failure while my brother is amazing and in a great job.

All my friends are leaving and getting into stable relationships and making plans for the future.

Is this possible?

Breaking down would kill a living thing though, would it not ?

It'd be a start at least.
Imagine it. A hot dog but it's out of arm's reach. Breaking it down and having it slipstreamed into particles of energy, beamed into a mass of hot dog matter right into your lap without you needing to stand up.

I’m not ready to be the fool. I’m still so comfortable in my shell. It’s so safe. When will I break out?

i'm already tortured, my life has been torture

Sounds greasy

Answer this.
I'm in a hurry. Yes or no.

You don't have to be the fool

Obligatory not a Democrat, but you don't need to conform to anyone else's viewpoints. It's fine to believe what you believe, but you don't need to always wear it on your sleeve. There's a reason that politics is one of the three things you shouldn't bring up in polite conversation

I don’t consider myself 100% to one party nor do I expect anyone else.

depends on which ones but I would say no

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were cuddling right now instead of whatever this is?

It's so weird how my mom seems to believe what I say but doesn't care. She probably thinks I'm insane.

I want that.

Okay, I will leave then.

just broke up with my gf of 4 years because I didn't want mixed race kids that look nothing like me. told her I just didn't want to get married. been holding in that first part for two years.

Why does Brian love me

I think I'm going to kill myself. I'm so tired of this.

I know whats what. I need social advice. Not politics or philosophy or how to conduct myself. Will a democrat hate me more if i am a republican or a libertarian? Who do they hate the most? I know that it is all really just coke and pepsi.

Nothing you say or do will change my mind about him.