How common is it for girls not to wear underwear? I've heard a lot of mixed views on this...

How common is it for girls not to wear underwear? I've heard a lot of mixed views on this. In my school a few girls didn't and I suspect my sister who was popular was the same. I used to think it was like 10% or so girls, when I was a teen. As I got older I started to think it is a lot less common. Someone on here once said he never heard of girls not wearing anything outside of porn. Obviously girls have that time of the month and stuff, but in general, is it that uncommon? Has anyone else known girls that didn't wear panties or seen it?
I'm trying to figure out if this is actually just something that happened at my high school, and in reality isn't that common, or if it depends where you live or whatever. It happens in anime and some celebrities have gone without panties but don't girls normally do it too?

pic related I guess

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"Going commando" isn't a common thing and i know less than a hand full of women who'd do it just for the sake of not having panty lines or being extra kinky. Their crotch is still wet and having a panty to soak it up every once in a while instead of having it drip

I'm constantly aroused so I constantly drip. Don't know about other women but I'd assume they wouldn't want to go around without it too in case they accidentally spot (which can happen when they're not on their period. It once happened to me and freaked me out :(

Imagine you have an organ that is warm and wet and by its very nature subject to yeast and other infections. So you wrap it tightly in non-breathing non-absorbant polyester material.

Only a gender as barbaric as women would think it's justifiable to go without a basic clothing article.
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How about you wash yourself, you filthy whore?
I can't imagine being given a free pass for literally everything just because the whole of my gender is literally too incompetent to know better.

Yeast is often made worse by washing your pussy.

Well then, don't wash yourself. Is there no anti-yeast salve you can use? Is it's ability to kill yeast destroyed by wearing underwear?

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Imagine that: a people who get dirtier the more they clean themselves.

Why are you constantly aroused, femanon?

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My gf doesn't wear anything if she's wearing skirts or dresses. Makes windy days very interesting. Always wear panties with pants, it's too uncomfortable otherwise. And those those shorts that kind are like skirts except there not completely open she doesn't wear anything either

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Agreed. I am always this way

20/F here

i’ve never really met a girl who does this before. one time in 8th grade my friend did it but only because at the time she was wearing leggings and her mom wouldn’t let her buy a thong

if girls don’t like the feel of regular underwear they just wear thongs... never really heard of anyone going commando

I'm a walking ball of fiery rage with sadistic desires and it excites me how much misery is in this world. I don't masturbate (when you lose your bodily fluids, you lose some of your lifeforce) or have sex either so it just gets pent up and never goes away. It's the secret to longevity.

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How old are you?

21 and I'm a bouncing ball of energy. It works. People assume I'm a 14 year old IRL and online but I can assure you I have a vivid memory of those gusher commercials where people turned into giant heads of fruit. I am the most energetic person you could ever meet. I'm just so fucking excited all the time, woo hoo!!!


>when you lose your bodily fluids, you lose some of your lifeforce

Wtf. Explain yourself.

This. "Constantly" does not apply for me but I produce a lot of discharge and usually get at least a little turned on at least daily. I personally never understood how women can go commando given the whole discharge thing.

I know it does happen, some are intense about panty lines and apparently it feels freeing (if you're not afraid of leaving snail traces). I wouldn't dare to give an estimate for how many people do this though. I have never had a friend tell me anything like this and not for prudishness, they know I wouldn't care/judge.

>By controlling the loss of jing (bodily fluids), Taoists believe that they are preserving the very life essence of their bodies - and as such when there is excessive ejaculation there will be premature aging, fatigue and increased likelihood of disease and illnesses.
>Women were believed to hold more power during sex because they did not ejaculate and as such, since loss of bodily fluids decreases the life force, women were able to walk away undiminished in comparison to men.
It's common knowledge.

Based as fuck. You remind me of a female version of my other friend who's weird as shit. Wish i knew you in real, would be kino.

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