Ruined my life

I was gonna kill my self and made a plan to do it I was gonna jump from the top of the car park in town. I started walking up and for some reason some fucking boomer started following me cause he thought i was suspicious. He clocked on i was going to the top to jump and started running after me. He wouldnt let me past and i tried to run but he pinned me down and kept screaming at me "dont do it son". He got some woman to call the police and thats when i started going crazy. I tried fighting him off me and hit him in the head three times so he punched me and gave me a black eye, then when the police came i was arrested for assault. He decided to press charges.

Any advice lads? Why am i not even allowed to die?

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Fucking dumb boomers, ruin our societies and won't even let us end our misery

Fuck that faggot boomer, find where he lives and fuck his ass up

Yeah like a girly armed tranny like you could even beat up a 90 year old woman. Rage all you want kiddo but you can't do shit even if you had the balls which you dont

Make a plan to kill him and then kill yourself

Lmao cringey boomer, I am 6'1 180 lbs and a male. I could snap your wrinkly old neck easily.

You fucked our society up, invited hordes of niggers and muslims who hate your children and now you wonder why they want to commit suicide.

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Also if I was a tranny why would I hate boomers?

You are the generation of hippy faggots who love Hilary Clinton and marxism.

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Technically he assaulted you first. He tackled you to the ground and tried to restrain you, THATS ASSAULT

Get a good lawyer and fuck him over in court


get an excellent defense attorney. explain that you were having a mental health crisis and that the man attacked you first

I already admitted to the offense and case is closed. I have conviction now for "assault by beating" and a criminal record. Fucked now and will never get a job

welp time to find him and kill him

>6'1 180 lbs and a male.

If you are going to LARP little boy at least say you are a man. Anywho cry all you want because you learned how to hate your dad in Junior high from Shlomo silverbergstein

Or make them paralyzed to make them reconsider the fucking audacity of believing they have the power to control someone's existence

There must be a way to reopen the case on the premise that you were not mentally sound at the time and he assaulted you. You can even say that you hit your head when he tackled you to the ground and that you were disoriented because of a concussion or something.

Talk to a good lawyer about the situation and they will be able to figure something out

All else fails kill him and kill yourself

I would but I just got a manicure and I don't want to damage it it costed $14

No, I left out a lot of details which would make me look bad and I'm afraid if he sees me I will get my ass beat again and have grills laugh at me

Dude fuck off, why are you impersonating me?

This. You have every right to end your life or generally do anything that you can do. You failed to kill yourself once, but if you can successfully do it, that's your right. Same for killing him. At this point, I'd say he deserves it. Not only has he prolonged your suffering, he has made it worse. There is no reason to not end his precious existence as well

You are starting to sound bi polar look out the window and see if the boomers are waiting for you outside

I have a hangnail so I'm not going to risk it until that heals but yeah he's going to feel my wrath

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Normies are subhuman. It really makes sense and is why society is so fucking shit. If they didn't make up the majority of the population, we'd be far into the transcendental realms by now. Fuck this gay earth

>Pretending to be the choad that pretended he got beat up by an elderly man while failing at kys

he pinned u down first so ur just defending urself

Ok I decided to get my nails redone before I kill him. Might as well treat myself to a final mani-pedi and look good while murdering him.

A normie judge would say it's justified because op was going to kill himself. Can't have anyone running off the plantation, could we?

Lol my dad was another faggot boomer like you, just drank all day and cried about his job. No parenting at all. A complete failure of a father like most boomers. (Like you)

No LARPing going on here you stupid old man. I would knock you to the ground and pound your head into the pavement no problem.

Average millennial fag; what happened, you didn't get the number of matches or likes you wanted in snapstagram?

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This is why they need to make assisted suicide legal. Theres literally no reason for a person who has given up to continue suffering, especially when society is already crumbling and collapsing.

People in the 60s 70s and 80s used to dream about the future and how great it would be, but now all kids wanna do is fucking die.

If you don't like working a classical job you find other things, which may be more dangerous, more phisically demanding or less well paid.

Or how about you just let him die? Not everyone's interested in the rat race or maintaining existence.

And what have you ever done except failing to kys and get beat up by an old man? Nothing. No suicide for you you need to pay my and your ashamed dad's social security

>the victims of school shootings are the people shot!
People like you are why I laud Elliot Roger and every other lone wolf killer

You're talking to wrong person faggot

Our lifes don't belong to us but to Him.

So do I but you are no Elliot Rogers, if I recall correctly he managed to Kill a roastie and himself. You got beat up by an old man and are still here crying like a bitch

So working as a slave is living for Yahweh? Sounds about right. No jew is my god. Sorry chayim

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