Am i feminine and homosexual for wanting pic related?

Am i feminine and homosexual for wanting pic related?

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Wanting it is fine. Needing it makes you weak

Yes you need to be strong alone and not care about feelings

about sums it up rly

It’s normal...

Jumpin over cars while I shoot

There's no difference between need and want in this context, cos let's be real, no one will die if they don't get it and we'll all feel better if we do, even if we don't ask for it.

babies literally die if they are not touched

Just dont date a baby how hard is this lmao

Im baby

Yes, grow a pair you faggot.

Pic related basically describes my childhood in fast-forward, literally never felt anything nothing.
I had "friends" but they were really more like acquaintances or people the teacher forced to play with me.

I'm not dead and I don't want to die.
I"m not even a serial killer or a pedophile or anything.
Basically what I'm saying is those babies are wimps.

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n.b. I hope you realize my last line was a joke.

But I want to snuggle my boys, even if I have to tie them up.

Almost cried once when a hairdresser washed my hair...

>OP is a fag
Nothing new around these parts.


Thinking its an interesting post means you’re an unlovable piece of shit.

thats not a girl user

I'm going to slit your throats, get off my board

what is xir? a trap?

this reminds me
chicks in the maternity ward are easy, you know they put out.

No, a trap would pass. Its an ugly dude that wants to be the little girl.

What the hell tell us more


never gonna make it to manhood

Because there's a lot of closeted female paedophiles on tumblr.

I'm one of the least feminine people on this board and that'd be nice

pretty much this
deep down all men want mommy to cuddle them but surrendering to the desire is laughable at best, and being unable to properly function without these things is beyond miserable

This type of shit feels great, but honestly I think my desire to give this type of attention to a girl is stronger. It feels amazing to wrap a girl up in in your arms and feel her relax into you. It's so much better better when it's mutual and a woman starts melting at how good you make her feel.

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Thanks user for the PSA

I do this to all guys I've been in a relationship with, it's a way I show affection. I love to pet them and rub their shoulders, their reaction amazes me. It surprising how few females actually do this, it comes so natural to me, to nurture.

All of my want.

I thought michael jackson was dead and his spirit reincarnated into EL AYUWOKI

Why would I withhold specific forms of affection from the man I'm dating? Why would he deny himself something he wants? I don't understand this line of thinking. Seems pretty pointless to get defensive over cuddling positions.

Wait do people not do these things in a relationship? I thought this was basic shit people did for each other or has dating really gotten this bad?

It hasn't, teenagers just wax dramatic on the internet and Jow Forums eats it up because it's also teenagers.

Cuddling is nice, but if it makes you cry and you want it like a little baby does, you're not a grown man.

this is why you're femcel

Everyone who is in a relationship should shower their loved one with affection. The feeling of touch, gentle warmth of physical contact is the best feeling there is, and all mammals instinctively crave this feeling. Also never shout at your partner or speak in an annoying voice. Also try to be clean and smell good.

>tfw no subby gentle femdom bf

Because its not manly.
Not after high school.

this is your brain on pop culture and corn syrup, god help us all

Sounds like you have never been in a good relationship

Yeah, dating is that bad.
Enjoy the gen Z-ism of accepting more emotional range in men. Millenials still suck about this.

What's wrong with that way of thinking?Never had one. Learned when I was younger being affectionate, or wanting affection is creepy. Even if I'm thirty now too old for that Disney shit.

>Learned when I was younger being affectionate, or wanting affection is creepy.
case in point

>Because its not manly.
And? Who gives a shit? Do you really govern your entire existence on what everyone tells you you're supposed to do like a pre-programmed NPC?

No. that sounds very nice and I wish I had that too

Why do women not actively do this themselves though? I enjoy it so fucking much. But women never do it out of their own volition, and if i have to ask it means nothing. Its like women expect men to just be success objects that spew money and require no affection or maintenance.

>tfw used to date a smol curvy qt with massive tits who used to just lie with them pressed up against me while displaying her fingers around in the crevices of my back until we’d fall asleep

Yep, totally gay, I don’t miss it one bit

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