Still wondering if it’s possible to get a boyfriend if you look like this

Last thread got deleted hi, I’m at the advice board for advice about getting boyfriend

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Wrong board, ask

If you're coming here fishing for compliments you came to the wrong place girlfriend. Maybe wash your face, brush your hair, and dont make that weird ass face anymore.

That's a man, he will never be able to look like a girl.

I’m not, I know I’m ugly that’s why I’m asking for advice on how to get a boyfriend

Not them but >>/lgbt/ is worse than

You're ugly as fuck. Go away.

I am the op and yeah it really is a hellscape, as expected of the homos

not op
i can tell ur a rlly insecure girl stop dragging other women down anonymously ur not helping anyone

kys ugly faggot

Literally just exist. Unless you're a tranny. Then don't.

Exactly, that's where you belong.

Never said anything about anyone being ugly or unlovable. It's just not a flattering look. But yes, I am definitely the insecure one here. My advice was apparently wanted, and it was given. You're fucking welcome

Annnnnnnd you're officially spamming.
Have fun, I guess.

It is. Don't let these fuckers take you down.
Live your life, find your hapiness. You deserve it as much as any of us does.

Do you have bobs an vagene?
If so, yes, it is entirely possible. Only things that are holding you back if you are a female is your own pickiness and willingness to make yourself available.

Go to a bar or get a tinder, then just talk to guys. You'll be choking on a frankfurter in no time.... Or spam Jow Forums, I'm sure spamming an anonymous imageboard will help you get a boyfriend.

You're dateable like that. Just come over by me and say "hey, I'm so-and-so from the advice board." And I'll be like "nice. cool. you wrote that thread about the thing. eat some sushi with me?" If we gel really well, I guess we'd get to the point where we have sex repeatedly and go to other places to do things. That's only how it works for getting me as a boyfriend, though. I dunno about the other guys. It depends, but I can't give you specifics because I am not them.


Boy this is the third day in the row you’ve posted here fuck off


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You took my advice and fixed your eyeliner

If you muck up this board, at least you're actually taking the advice people give you

Of course I’m taking the goddamn advice, it’s one level of stupid to post here it’s a whole other to ignore obvious tips

You look fine, it just looks like you're not doing much to look feminine. Maybe grow your hair out a bit, wear something brighter, use a bit more makeup? Probably a relative or female friends can help you with that. Yeah you're really putting in like zero effort to look feminine in this picture. Anything you try is gonna have a big effect because you're starting from zero.

mightve been a bit too harsh, but my point is that increasing your femininity will help you get a boyfriend.

You look like a girl I know. Date me

Bullshit, Jow Forums has caused the most damage to Jow Forums. In fact Jow Forums is swarming with the cancer of pepe and wojack, is directly their fault.

Uh oh. Dumb transgender alert!

Why are you making another thread? I can't tell if you're so stupid that you think fishing for compliments will help you in anyway or not.

Last thread was up for quite a while with a lot of valuable advice, so if your goal was to truly learn if you could get a boyfriend, you wouldn't make a new attention-whoring post.

Get a life and stop being annoying. Nobody here is going to give you free feel-good points, except for losers. By definition, if you accept these compliments you are guilty through association.

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Post timestamp

Still saging until you do.

Day 31: Dear dairy, that tranny is still posting on Jow Forums and every time he manges to make a creeper smile, i am losing hope in humanity.

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Dude you literally larped as a trans person, if anyone makes you lose hope it should be you.

>no friends
>no future
>probably getting catfished on kik
>come on Jow Forums
>this tranny is still posting
can my heart just stop already


Not if you have a set of nuts if you ask me but i guess that you came to the right place. I posted a jesus quote in your defense the last time to make bible thumpers fuck off but am afraid i looked like a fan of the comic book myself. I'm like forty and do not understand the fuck out of this situation and am afraid that many my age are in the same boat. I understand gay and straight but this is new. I think that a fully educated collective will perpetuate things in the right direction.

weren't you larping as some astolfo fag the adv server?

are you a tranny? anyways, if you didn't make that fucking creepy face you'd look decent.

This post is fake, the same thing gets posted to r9k lol

What? probably some retard posting my cosplay that i did for fun, not a larp thats how i look.

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Wow you really are a retard holy shit. We've all seen your real photos man

Ehh what are you talking about? Is just a picture of me in a cosplay i dont post my face here is losers like you that spam it here.

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Married manon speaking.

See a man you want, just ask him out for coffee, see if things click.

Dont whore, and you wont be cheapened. One new sex partner per year is a very reasonable margin.

A man wants sex or else gets angry before 6-8 months, he might be trying to add you to his killcount.

To KEEP a man, give respect. Not respect his bullshit, respect HIM, even when you call out bullshit.

Also, men look for character too. An 8/10 gets attention, but lack of respect has a 2pt penalty, cuntishness 2, entitlement 2.

If you want to have your looks graded, go to /soc/

Since I'm never going to get what I'm asking for here's what's wrong with your threads OP

The human brain can spot fake real good, even when we don't know we're doing it

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Nigger we all know how you look like Ted Cruz you aren't fooling anyone. Half the board has you filtered out

He's been spamming /soc/ for months now.

Are you straight op?

I'm not /soc/, didnt know.

If true, OP is maxinigger for trolling the samaritan board.

fellow tranny here and t-b-h this is just getting annoying now. at this point it just seems like you're fishing for compliments, and this isn't I'm still sorry you have to deal with all these transphobic bullshit responses, but let's be real. this is Jow Forums, you should know what to expect.

fuck you and all the rest of you for not saging. It's not OP's fault this cancer remains on top of the catalog

You're ugly as fuck and mentally ill. If I were you I'd be thinking about suicide instead.



How does it feel knowing that you'll kill yourself before your 40s?

Are you stupid? This is me.

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This face is really unflattering and gives away ur masculine structure. Try a smaller smile, a polite one, to soften your features. Use a new pic for the next thread.

Its the same tranny everytime. He always does this

based cranky femanon. op would benefit from bb cream, there’s thousands of youtube tutorials on how to not look ugly and therefore no reason to come here with this bullshit

Did you invent a radio telescope algorithm to image black holes?


I think you look really cute. I date both women and trans girls and I'd have no problem asking you out. But that's just me.

You don't look bad so get the fuck outta the board.

Wouldn't be surprised but we all know how you look.
The guy on that picture doesn't have dead fish eyes you faggot.

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Nice trips

No, my eyes are not dead, where did you even get that idea? On some old picture i did have a lazy eys but i am fine now, you just have to not be close to monitor or tv.

Disgusing. Also sage this retarded thread you annoying tripfag

Hahahahha stfu fatty, show yourself before you try to shit talk.

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>40% of trans people consider suicide at some point in their lives
>this means all trans people are more likely to kill themselves than not

how does it feel being too retarded to understand how statistics work?

Prve it faggot

I think you're cute btw, I don't agree with the other guy.

Choke on it redditor.
Choke on it and die.

>B-b-b-but wojack
Jow Forums stole it from krautchan and then after moot nuked the board, they spammed it everyone. Jow Forums never recovered from the fall out of that, but it came back along with the pepe cancer because of Jow Forums in 2015.

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easy, go on tinder and date a guy in your range of attractiveness

or a bit lower

A reminder to ignore this faggot!

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