My gf is pic related

My gf is pic related

We had a fight recently and made up. One night she starts getting on me, touching my dick and all that shit while naked. She starts telling me about having a threesome. I push this and she says i might like it. I said no and she starts sucking my dick while saying

>are you sure you dont wanna see me get fucked in the ass like this?

I thought it was just dirty talk so i said yeah whatever and she started fingering my asshole. At that point im close to cumming and she spat in my mouth.

She said no backsies after i cum.

So im concerned that my gf wants me to be a cuckold. What do i do?

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Where do you live? I’ll cuck you bro

1. She's hot

2. She's crazy

3. At minimum if her being fucked while blowing you isn't a turn on, then don't do it and DON'T entertain her sexual fantasies about it.

If that idea does turn you on, then go for it

Communication is key here, failure to communicate will allow this to escalate this to a level you don't want.

Send her my way, i'd suck a dick with her


Has she ever been fucked in the ass?

She's really hot, dude. She's gonna be difficult to satisfy. I would just forget about her, unless threesomes are ok with you. If they aren't, just assume she's going to get what she wants one way or another.

Easy fix: Say yes to threesome on one condition:

>the person fucking her ass is a hot girl with a strap-on

She is disgusting looking lmao

Do women think crayon eyebrows look good? Looks like a goth cholita.

All women want a green light to fuck other men, at least yours wants you to be there when she does. Actually a pretty good tactic she has to have her way and bet you are seriously considering allowing this to happen.

So the answer to your question is yes.

Do it. It's fun. Get over your hang ups and let loose. You may not know it now, but it will be a great decision. You may even learn a few things about yourself. Find the right people to have fun with and it can be an absolute blast. And tell her you want reciprocation. Tell her you want a FFM threesome too.

You should share her and let her get fucked while you fuck her. Have some fun and don't be so uptight. You'll get turned on seeing her used, guys always do

Holy shit all the cucks in this thread

This sounds hot af op.

Where do I find a gf like this.

It's not cucking if you're there baka. It's just having fun. You sound like a virgin. Have sex and then you'll understand

My gf has an unambigious green light and still hasn't. Some people actually only want one lover, even if options are available and the risk is close to nonexistent.


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How does she know she does? Have you told her she could or that you would like her to? Sometimes it's helpful to tell them you would really like it if they would

>Be OP
>Engage in Degenerate behaviour before marriage
>girlfriend wants perverted sex due to exposure to degeneracy
>OP is too scared to confront her so he comes to Jow Forums
Happy sailing you vile degenerates

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In what world do guys consider OPs bait pic remotely attractive wtffff

I don't actively want her to, but it's more important to me that she trusts her own judgement, lives in the moment and gain what ever experience I'm not providing. I told her from the beginning that I'm not interested in anything exclusive, and that I want to be honest about it, as the reasons stated above applies to myself as well. If I want to do stuff with other women, it doesn't have anything to do with her or our relationship.

Also there's a +10 years age difference between us. I don't pretend to be able to always be available to her. If she wants to party until 8 a.m., and I want to just stay in and go to bed reasonable early, I'm not going to stay awake worrying that she might betray me. This arrangement gives me ease of mind, knowing that what ever she chooses, she does for her own pleasure, not in spite of how I'm treating her. In fact, it makes her trust me and admire me more for being sincere and realistic about relationships.

Only to the extent that she looks like she could be fun to fuck a few times. Would not date.

I wanna watch her poop

>Only virgins aren't cucks
wew k

Speak for yourself.
The girl in that pic is skinny and attractive. It's unlikely that she would even give me attention since I'm a manlet, but if I got her... man, she could cheat on me every day if she wanted to.

yeah, some of these guys are fucking nuts and clueless. I've casually fucked around and had relationships and had no problem with passing around a girl I didn't give a shit about but wouldn't with a gf.

Wait for her to start sucking your dick again, say, "You know how you wanted a threesome, I'm not just ok with it, I've already got it all planned out" Then que the 2 homeless crackheads you hired to enter the room and start fucking her. Then tell her you're breaking up with her.

Only correct answer in this entire thread.

I am speaking for myself. The women I've date are much more wholesome that OP's pic. The ones I fuck get to dress and apply makeup however they wish for all I care.

Fucking pathetic cuck

Cuck shaming isn’t healthy. Besides these days it’s totally normal. Most of my friends share their girls with others

Normal doesn't equate to good, and no it is not. You're just hanging around degenerates and it's being pushed much to the ire of everyone else

So I did this, I asked my man for a threesome even though he REALLY didnt want to, and afterward I was fine and he was pretty fucked up from watching me fuck another girl. To him, I've always been his wife, a mother, his sweetheart. And even though he was into that kind of shit, he didnt like seeing me do shit he watches in porn because he has no respect for those women. It took a lot of communication to get past it. If you have reservations about it before, even if you enjoy it in the moment, you'll have issues after. Swear.

When did this wholesome board get filled with cucks?

OP, if you're uncomfortable with the idea of an escapadè that would potentially leave you jealous or concerned for your relationship then you should mention it. You're gaining nothing from silence in this scenario.

And you should be prepared that if you're unable to proceed without a mutual agreement to the scenario then drop the relationship.

Can't the fantasy be resolved with anything else like sex toys?