How unattractive of a height is 5'6 for a male? Asking for a friend :^)

How unattractive of a height is 5'6 for a male? Asking for a friend :^)

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Asian men are not that popular in the west, but it doesn't mean they can't find happiness.

Might as well wear a skirt.

Asian men are lower on the fuck scale than neckbeards, that doesn’t seem right to me. But the little penis stereotype is so widely known that Asian men are fucked. I feel sorry for them.

If your face and body are good you will be slaying pussy like mad.

Please do this, ahhhhhh

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Profoundly unattractive. 5'6" pushes you into sexual unviability in the eyes of most women.

Says the 6'3" kissless virgin.

You're taller than Tom Cruise, Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill.

Not all girls are into it but some are, usually the shorter girls like shorter men. You will find happiness

Fucking kek mate I'm 5'7 and slay like it's nobody's business. My 500 pound steel balls slam into the bed every time I ram your girl. Gtfo fag

If you pay for the plane ticket, height doesn't matter :^D

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did shaggy and scobby died

5'7" here and also get girls easily, I even get hit on a lot. This is the ideal height for looksmaxing. Girls find it hard to resist a goodlooking fit guy, something tall guys have a very hard time achieving.

Stop posting this stupid meme

It's the height that's an issue but the inevitable insecurity the guy has due to it. That alone would turn me off from him whereas the height wouldn't at all.

Pfffttt hahaha I bet it took a lot for you to write that didn't it you little whore

Expand user what's looksmaxing?

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Having a good looking clean face, fit body, good clothes.

Bruh, i am 5'9 and average girls is tall as me

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The Netherlands? Anyway their height don't matter when they're on their knees

It's only 2" below the most attractive height that is 5'8.

Just wear some thick shoes.

>most attractive height
For men??? Source.

Balkan country, average male hight here is 5'11 1/2

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Do you just assume all short guys are gonna be insecure about their height? OP by the way.

>t. roastie

Average girl height is 5’6-7 not 5’9”..

I’ve been to the Balkans and the average male height is 5’10, not 11 1/2. Average female height there is 5’8”

He isn't.
Tom Cruise and MLK are 5'7", Churchill was 5'6".

It's not a big deal.

You two are living in lala land

Tell that to my 9 inch cock dripping with your moms pussy juice

Nothing in the world is more unattractive than complexes. Stop having a fucking height complex.

Most women just want their man to be taller than them, so date people shorter than you and it may never be an issue

head in the clouds

the complex doesnt come out of nowhere. it comes out of a result of people especially women treating you like shit for being short.

The solution is to realize they treat everyone like shit except the select few they arbitrarily gauge to be acceptable parameters.
The point is you really can't need others' approval this badly.

>The point is you really can't need others' approval this badly.
people say this a lot but at the end of the day humans are social creatures nad live for the validation of others. this is innate you cant really take it out oof the human equation

im 5'9 in serbia,one of the tallest countries in the fucking world,and to make it worse my dad is 6'1
i have 10/10 facial genetics but am kind of a framelet and a manlet,so im still geting picked on,even though im in senior year of hs.i mean its nothing serious but people make daily remarks on my height,mostly girls. it feels retarted

You guys always fall back on that but ignore the fact that you're crippling yourselves
Like shit dude I never said go hermetic, I said your need for validation is crippling you immensely and killing opportunities.
You want the foundation of being social, you gotta add something to the mix first. You know?

I know bro, i am from bosnia and people there are fucking titans

when you've never in your life been validated it makes sense that our need for validation becomes crippling. like a man who is drowning has a crippling need for oxygen, while a man on land has never even thought about how much he needs oxygen because he gets it.

fucking god help me

more like the fog, he's too short for clouds lel

"tall = attractive" is jewish reddit propoganda.

Le reddit, where your height and your personality are all that matters.

In reality it's 90% your face.

I'm 5'4" and I'm good with girls.

Height is just one of many tools used to seduce a girl. Having a decent face, being smart, social and funny is more important to the eyes of a lot more girls.

This. The Jews are a race of paedophiles so they're obsessed with their women being small and childlike while they tower over them with their FILTHY hairy bodies covered in slimey grease and inertia. And the only women who want tall boyfriends are brainwashed Jewish women whose brains has shrunken due to diabolical evil Jewish mindcontrol. If you were to date one, you'd be easily swayed into their mindcontrol to serve the Jews as well. Don't do it, OP.

>attending uni
>go for ottermode/ cute look

You'd be surprised how many girls want to date a cute boy shorter than them.
It fucking works and I love it.

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Manlet detected

Is not, your face is more like 60% percent