Talking to a girl in my class for a while now, she shows signs that she's interested, I'm also interested

>talking to a girl in my class for a while now, she shows signs that she's interested, I'm also interested
>but she has a bf 3 countries away that she never met
>talk to her until 3-4 am last night telling her why she should give me a shot, telling her it won't last with him
>she keeps saying she's afraid and that she has fear of intimacy
>eventually starts to cut on her arms and legs (see picrelated)
>says it's my fault
>agree to give up on trying to have a relationship if she stops, she doesn't
>eventually fall asleep

What the fuck should I do? I think she's gonna kill herself soon if I don't do anything.

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Drop it bro, FORGET HER.

Trust me it will end badly, for you either way.
It's not your fault what she does to herself.

Drop it. For real nigga

Forward the information to a counselor / student aid on campus, sharing the pics/texts. It doesn't matter what she thinks of you afterwards, whether she loves you or hates you, its the most morally good thing to hand the information to the proper channels that can best deal with her situation. How is this not common sense?

But I'm afraid that she's really gonna kill herself if I do. I don't think she has anyone else that supports her emotionally (well, tries at least). If she does it I'm gonna feel like hell knowing I could have maybe done something about it.

She goes to a psychologist, and says she trusts and likes her. But then again, that's only once a week and I fear it's not enough.

She’s an attention whore. She wants you to see her cut herself. She also knows that her “bf” from another country won’t last. Don’t date her. She’s an attention whore


But it just feels like the right thing to do, trying to help her.

OP doesn't want to listen. When she kills herself and you sat waiting hand and foot on her to magically become better, come back here and let us know.

Fuck man, it's just hard for me to let this thing go. I never had any success with girls and spending time with her felt like a genuine relationship was forming.

>but she has a bf 3 countries away that she never met

What the FUCK?

Yeah, they're fucking randoms on league too. This is her excuse for it.

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Nigga you're so desperate as fuck that you're begging this girl with problems to be with you. Have some self respect man, you can do better than this, I know you can. Don't be a homewrecker and stop being desperate for girls who are crazy.

I guess you're right user, thanks. Guess I'll let her keep her current "relationship", however long that's gonna last.

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tried killing myself with my grunge girlfriend a while back we both dident want to live. Anyways didn't work girl dragged me into her drug habits and I was making by by stealing shit online through my online skills as a computer programmer. Were still friends and I still do drugs but never fucking again

Dude just leave her be, don't wait for her, try to find other cute and SANE girls. Ask yourself why are you this desperate for this girl? Do you need to put pussy in such a high pedestal even if it's crazy women?

>Do you need to put pussy in such a high pedestal even if it's crazy women?
Nah, you're right. There'll be another girl for me, I can wait.

She won’t kill her self. I’ve seen this before. She wants people to see her wrists and cuts. She wants someone to give her attention

I'm proud of you chief, now what I recommend is to write down a list of things you want and don't want in a girl. After that, circle the top 10 of each, rank them, and read it everyday so you don't settle with any girl.

I'll try doing that. I gotta improve on my looks tho if I want to end up with someone good. Guess it's time to hit up Jow Forums lmao.

Update on the whole thing, she'a pinning it all on me. It's for the best I move on.

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Why are you still talking to this retard? Just ignore her.



Write "Sorry for making you depressed." Then block her on everything.

If I were you, I would just block her
Get rid of the garbage, it's clear that she isn't sane and she doesn't deserve someone if she prefers any unknown boy instead of you

Just swerve
Fucksakes guy you're a shitty undergrad and she needs a, possibly multiple, licensed professional(s).

lmao I love it. Thanks anons, I fucking love you.

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I meant I love how she's doing all this shit as if it's my fault.