Male balding

I've had an incredibly stressful year and my hairline started receding and thinning out just like that. Within a year I went from lush perfect hair to having a significant widow's peak.

I don't understand how it can happen so fast. I still think it's hereditary male pattern baldness as opposed to stress-induced hair loss, but it's like stress triggered it or something.
Shouldn't you go bald gradually? I'm 29. When I was 28 I still had the thickest hair you could imagine. Then some switch got flicked and my hair is falling out.
I've been rubbing magnesium oil on the thinning areas with no effect. Does microneedling actually work?

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This is normal. A lot of guys start balding in their late 20’s.

Tell me, does your mother’s father have hair?

>Tell me, does your mother’s father have hair?

Yes. No one in the family tree is bald.

>This is normal. A lot of guys start balding in their late 20’s.

Yeah I've noticed. Almost all of my 30-ish friends are balding. Was it always like this or is this a modern thing? Did guys bald this young in the 50's or is there something about the modern way of life that's unhealthy?
My friends don't really care about their hair but this hit my self image pretty hard.

90% of balding is genetic. Even if your father wasn't bald, the gene is somewhere in your inheritance.

Next time choose your great-grandparents more wisely

Gotta love the life of a male.

>your brain isn't fully developed until 25, so technically you reach your peak at 25

>you start balding at 28

>your physical prime lasted 1-3 years

Am I going to be old for the most part of my life?
Fucking hell.

I'm an ex-hikky and started balding the exact same time I got a job and stressed myself out.

This can't be a coincidence.

I turned 27 this year and it started coming out in handfuls when I got a new job.

Been massaging 5% minoxidil into my scalp twice a day for 2 months, but all it seems to be doing is exacerbating the hair loss (shedding is normal but not hundreds of hairs a day). I'm debating saying "fuck it" and rubbing it into my chin instead so I can at least finally grow a beard. This shit is expensive though, like $100 for a 2 month supply.

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Even better, I started loosing hair at 25

>I turned 27 this year and it started coming out in handfuls when I got a new job.
>when I got a new job

Gotta love life. It wants things from you, fucks you up and gives nothing back.

I never even got to find a girlfriend before balding. Now my chances at a 5/5 cutie are reaching zero.
Women can't get bald so once again life favors the female.

No idea if any of this shit works but might as well consider trying.

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>Women can't get bald
Yes they can. It's far more rare but my mother has female pattern baldness, and I work with a lady that has the same condition.
It's not like male baldness, where you (usually) start receding from the temples and thin at the crown until you turn into Mr Burns; it's more like a pervasive thinning that continues until the scalp becomes visible.

Your point stands though. If you or I want a girl, the best we can do is get buff and go for a Jason Statham look. With or without a beard.
And being an autist, I was building from a very weak foundation even before the balding started.

Or you could just get a finasteride prescription.

At least you have high test. Balding is a sign of high test. It’s better than low test like me. I’m pretty (nice skin, in tact hair, good face) but short, anxious and small dicked.

>but short, anxious and small dicked.
I'm all of those things.
While also having shit-awful skin, mediocre physiognomy, and progressive baldness.

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>I’m pretty (nice skin, in tact hair, good face) but short, anxious and small dicked.

Wear what you got proudly, that's the best thing you can do.
So you're a short, cute guy. Make that your thing. I once met a girl online who had a fetish for guys shorter than her. She actually dumped me for being average height. Felt bad man. I almost wanted to be short at that point.
Anyway, most guys want to have a bigger dick and be an inch taller. That's just how it is. And if someone has maxed out on both of those qualities, there's something else they want: a better face or a better job for more money. Nobody is ever fully content. We all go out there and think we're the only ones lacking, thinking others are better off. Weird, huh?

So she basically said that 'I like short boys, that's why I gonna dump u'? Or is it purely your assumption?

Are you just buying rogaine?
You can honestly get a 3 month supply from Walmart for half the price of one rogaine.
They are genuinely the same formula, you just pay for the brand.
Costco/Kirkland brand is good too, but I've heard about problems with the foam version dispensers and last I checked all they had in-store is a 6 month supply of foam.

It sucks really.
Noticing that your hair is thinning and you can see your scalp under certain light.
Just start putting minoxodil as early as possible once you notice, don't buy brand names, and treat it like brushing your teeth every day.
Also put it on after you shower, not before, otherwise it can drip to other parts of your body and you'll grow hair in weird places.

Six months at most for full results is usually the timeframe.
If you aren't seeing any results you are happy with after that, then just let it go and start shaving until an actual cure is found in your lifetime.
People will try to cheer you up with the whole "test" thing or say that some girls prefer it, but you really are losing a part of yourself, a part of your self.
All that being said, you really can make up for it by being the best you that you can be, so if you aren't, start working out and trying to improve yourself so that people will not be bothered by it due to how great a man you'll be.

I've been emasculated in my life in so many ways, like doxxed online for being a "pedo", being hated by everyone who knew me on Facebook etc.
Losing my hair was the last straw.
I literally have nothing left. No pride. No ego. No self.

lol fuck off eevee.
maybe don't be a paedo

Nice victim blaming. Fuck off.

I'll gladly fuck off back to my life of having a good assortment of friends and being respected by my peers. :^)

Whenever someone has to make a display that they're happy, they're not.

All that stuff is outside of you.
You need to make that inward change or else you'll never get out of that hole.
If I were you, I'd go for a walk right now, think of something you can do when you get back, then do it.
If it's computer/internet related, stay off Jow Forums or any social media until you are done, because all of that is designed to take your time, and it can really suck away your life if you'll let it.

Pedos aren’t victims. You already said yourself you have nothing left so at least do one thing right and fucking kill yourself already.

>Pedos aren’t victims.

They literally are the modern day homosexuals. You could get a smaller sentence for murder than the possession of a digital photo of a 17-year-old in a bikini. That's the definition of a witch hunt.
I say this not as a pedo but an intelligent, objective thinker. And it's my honest belief that anyone with half a brain understands what I'm saying without going on an emotional "durrr kill the pedos" tantrum.
I've had so many debates on this topic on the Internet that it's not even funny, and I don't want to go there anymore.
If nobody has the IQ I do, it's useless.

If you're insecure or have issues, Jow Forums makes it worse. You could spend hours a day here just listening to insults and anonymous people enforcing your fears.
It doesn't help.

Lol stfu pedo faggot, nobody believes what you say

Take finasteride.