Hey guys i want to mindbreak my girlfriend ;) i managed to manipulate her a bit with love and attention withdrawal... but when it comes to some things she still has her own will and refuses(for example extreme degredation and humilation in public) it’s fucking annoying and i just Need a tip from you guys. Please don’t be a Moral nazi :)

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I should add that i don’t want to harm her physicaly...

To what inadequacy in yourself do you attribute your need to do this?

I have no Problems with myself. Im 194cm Tall, weigh about 90kg with a lean Body, 18cm Long shaft, decent Face and more than enough Friends. I want to do this because i enjoy to Control and have power over her. As is said i would never harm her physical...

Hang yourself by the balls,that should help you ;)

Why are you so salty?

It’s not a great feat that you aren’t physically harming her. Actually you are though because mental abuse is physically harmful.

I'm bored too buddy. Happy larping.

It’s no larping... and im not abusing her, i don’t insult her in our everyday life. I just take away my attention and affection from Time to Time so she is like a fiend for me now. I just play the cards i can to Reach my goal...

What’s your goal? Do you love her?

I just want to program her to the Point where she is completely submissive... the Girls i know that are extremely submissive are fucking ugly and fat.

Im not sure if it’s love but i never felt such a connection to a Girl. I do things for her i never did for and Girl. Like cooking her favorite meals cuddling and helping with her chores

I want you to understand what you’re doing. Someone did this to me and it ruined me. I lost who I am and now I’m so depressed. I’m so unhappy. What if you damage her so much that she loses herself? You risk losing her. Is it worth it?

i need to know this

No... you fucking do not.

Im sorry for what happened to you... May i ask what you mean by loosing yourself? or why are you now depressed? I do some things to keep her happy like make sure she has a Social Life and meets up with her girlfriends and Spends Time with her Family.


Right, you want to harm her mentally.
Suck my dick.

You could try castration :)

i just read the article and thats not how i move. She feels Safe and Calm around me and it’s like she falls to Sleep when she lays her head on me for a Minute... it’s Not always about me i make sure to Do everything i can to make her happy.
I Build her up and motivated her to study in this Fall... in terms of motivation and Energy, since we met she increased her weekly gym Sessions to better herself...i could make a pretty long List but i don’t have to prove you something...

Stop beeing so fucking salty manipulating is as normal as breathing is. Every add in the tv tries to manipulate you and every newspaper tries to manipulate you. Even our teachers manipulate US...

Please just stop telling me to eleminate my testicles

Kill yourself, degenerate.

Telling someone to kill himself and calling him a degenerate is better?

Make her read this post and tell her it's from you and she will be mind broken. And hopefully she leaves you. Kill yourself, coward.

If you have the ability to, do some serious studying on psychology.
Purposefully manipulating someone isn't something that can easily summed up in one post, since there's a lot that goes behind it.
There's some basic things you can do, but without some good understanding of the mechanics of why they work, you won't get far.

I would also suggest getting a therapist. Not only for yourself, but if you have at least a little bit of self awareness and situational awareness, you can see and pick out what your therapist is trying to do and learn from it to add what they do to your own toolkit, for better or worse.

If you ever grow out of trying to be a jerk to others, you can use your knowledge and abilities to manipulate people into better places for themselves.
Plus, studying psychology may help you better understand yourself and make psychological progress towards being more content with yourself so you won't feel the need to change others to suit your own needs.

Why are you so fucking hateful wtf

Thanks for your answer! To be honest sometimes i think about getting a therapist... but im afraid that i will find out things i don’t like or to hear that im a legitimate Monster. Because sometimes i think thats what i am :D i respect you for your answer!

your posts make you sound like a fucking retard


I have my Problems with the english Grammar

And this folks is why psychos should be kept locked away from society and sterilized for the sake of the common good.

This is like mentally raping someone. i hope you get forcefully gangbanged.


You can’t make someone into what you are talking about, someone like that is made from child abuse and years and years of dominance.

I have a small penis and I am really uncomfortable about my ass being super hairy, like so hairy I can’t even wear certain underwear. I am horribly embarrassed by this and my uncle made me sick his penis when I was 9 and I hate that I enjoyed it.

Try not to worry too much about being a monster.
All of us are monsters in our own ways. Not even in just a cute way, but we all do manipulate and use eachother to some degree, as said above. And we all do have our own issues and problems that we, in some shape or form, take out on the world around us.

It is not psychologically healthy to purposefully manipulate people for your own gain though. While it's true people manipulate eachother, we're largely unaware of it. By being aware, it gives us the ability to do better, and I think we should for the betterment of ourselves and the world around us.
If you go down that path for a long period of time, it will likely mess you and your life and psyche up far more than it might be already.

If you go to a therapist, the good ones will let you figure yourself out, instead of pointing things out themselves. If one tells you you're legitimately a monster or some kind of 'big problem', then that's a terrible therapist and you should look for another.
I do highly suggest you try to find and see one long term though. Even if you didn't have issues. They're good at bouncing ideas off of and can help you find out more about yourself so you can grow into someone that people actually want to be with and love, as well as helping keep you out of your own mind with pent up ideas about the world that might be false.
Left alone to our own minds, we can be our own worst enemy and sometimes not even know it.
And hey, if you find out you really do want to keep manipulating others, then you'd come out of therapy with more tools for it.

This reply seriously made me rethink... Thanks for the energy and Time put in! I think you are right and you got me, just one thing is incorrect. People want to be with me and i have a very active and flowering Social Life... maybe i want to have this Type of thirst for Control and power over my girlfriend because a few years ago i was completely isolated and discriminated. Maybe i want to make sure i will never be disrespected and alone again. I really have to Thank you because you made me rethink what path i travel...

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