Should I do leg lengthening surgery?

I'm 5'11" male 70kg.

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No, you are just little below average hight, is not worth it

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You might end up with weirdly long legs and a torso that looks comically too small, dont do it

I'm 5'10'' and I've dated beautiful women between 5'3'' and 6' no problems. The women I've been in LTRs with have only been a couple of cm shorter than me. I've spent 11 years of my adult life in relationships. I've fucked 18 women. I've never been worried about my height, as I accepted my limitations when I was a literal child. Learn how to hold a conversation as a man.

You’ll be left with scars. You’re not short...

it is short, todays standard for white male is at 6'1".

Yeah, okay, but you're not white.

Are you retarded? For what reason?

That is above average height.. avg height is 5’8-9

??? im

I'm insecure and I want to min/max myself. I feel like a kid with my height.

Shut the fuck up. You’re already above average height and still bitching. I would kill to be your height. You sound like a whiny bitch frankly.

t. 5’6” Manley

have you had success with girls?
one of the guys in my friend group is a 5’4” chad and it seems like he’s got a new womanlet every week.

>That is above average height.. avg height is 5’8-9
Hahahhahaha it's 5'11 1/2 here :)

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My boyfriend is 5’10” and I always felt like he was tall. 6’1” is not the standard, stop taking ironic shitposting so seriously

It's u OP.

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this pic is so shit, he would be worse off without the height, if he stayed manlet he wouldnt even have a chance.

>thinking he needs leg lengthening surgery
oh you poor baby...

It makes no difference.

He'd get no matches on Tinder with or without the height.

thats not true at all, he increases his chance by being taller.

Nope, women won't even read your bio if you're not decent looking.

Fucking brutal dude, thats me.

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You have serious mental problems if you think you're too short.

My friend did it. Unlike you, she was an actual diagnosed dwarf.
Her bones snapped in the process.

Good luck fucking up your health for the rest of your life because of a retarded insecurity.

I'm 5'9 and I'm way taller than you.
Let that sink in.

I woudn't change your proportions you would probably end up looking weird.

I am 5'5 and I have dated a decent number of women though I have been in a few metal and punk bands and am very good at drinking so I actually haven't been too stifled by my manlet-ism

yes do it!! (And enjoy being bedridden for 6 months, retard)

>be 5'6"
>gf is 5'10"
Last one was 5'3".
I came here to laugh that you. Seriously it's not that hard.

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Yeah dude nice larp, now fuck off reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Actually if you have a semblance of social being a manlet can be beneficial. One of my ex girlffriends was in her mid 40's and use to make me pretend I was her son in public and I would grab her ass in front of people. (she had no actual kids, twas infertile)

Well shit my homo, you caught me. My last 2 years with my gf have been a total larp.

Seriously though, if you stopped being a faggot getting a girl is actually pretty easy.
How the fuck I got one that's likely out of my league, I don't know. Actually here's the thing, act like she isn't outside your reach. My gf has been pretty much into me since day 1, and kinda feels like she's growing more and more attached.
also, inb4 money, I'm pretty much broke and she comes from wealth.

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I'm 6'1 and I'd be happy to be 5'7" if I look really handsome like Tom Cruise, RIver Phoenix or Keanu Reeves.

Dude i am ugly.... why are you guys such niggers? I cant get a girl, i tried. I dont even have a single friend i spend my whole day shitposting on Jow Forums.

If i only had a gun., i would end this shitty life my long time ago.

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What the fuck are you saying man. DO n't say those shit. You're in Jow Forums and not in Jow Forums. Keep that chin up. Who cares if you're ugly. That just means you have nothing to lose. Yes women care about looks but at the end of the day fortune favors the bold. Years ago when I approach my ex at a bus stop I didn't think what ifs and should haves I just went for it. I don't think being a 10/10 handsome will help if I didn't approach. You just go out there and take it because others won't give it to you. Anyhow regarding wasting time I just fapped to tranny porn just hours ago after quitting for 4 months now. I got depressed but said fuck it, now I'm in between sets and working out. Make life your bitch man. You're a man

Smol boi with the tol girl. I'm like a 4, maybe a 5. Short, pudgy face, small chin. Yet I try my best to spit white pills. Do my best to stay positive.

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The problem is not that you're ugly, not fully. You're also a faggy bitch about it. That turns off women like, well like you.
Go outside, walk a mile, drink some wata. Pure and free wata, that's sure pull a lassie or two. You poofter.

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Stfu i am not going to listen to you, if anyone is a fag here is you.
Oh well i cant, is not like i want to be sad, hhahaha.
Yeah thanks for advice bro, good to know there are poeple out there who are nice and honest. I dont have plans of doing suicide that was just being edgy, i am also fine with girls is just that i cant make friends.

Yeah i fap to cosplayers kissing usually males, i am such a degenerate hahaha

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Your a retard for considering this.

Only 15% of men are over 6ft.

I think working out would and aquiring big dick energy would work better.

Yes, 6'1" and above is the standard for being a virgin. Only men below 6' can get sex these days

Most women are 5'2 or 5'3. No. I wish people would stop saying this kinda shit

Short women are ugly and pretty retarded fme though.

It's true. The majority of incels are tallcels.

Manlets usually do well because they're on average better looking and have higher testosterone.

You can be happy.
I spent years depressed, on and off meds, ptsd and what not. One day I simply just stopped caring and looked at myself. Only you can change yourself. Stop being a bitch, I mean that in that nicest way. I'm still a little bit of a bitch, but I enjoy little things. A day with light traffic, the smile of a young gal coming my way. The sun as it touches my sink. The world sucks hard but being alive is something of value if at least to myself

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no you have a height complex